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[VRMMO] Next Stage Online General Thread part1854

1: Anonymous Runner
A general thread to discuss ‘Next Stage Online.’
While most subjects are allowed, party requests, complaints, trolling and bragging have their own threads.
The next thread will be created automatically.

2: Anonymous Runner
Burn! Burn! Burn it!
Hey! Hey! Hey!

3: Anonymous Runner
The threads aren’t losing any momentum!

4: Anonymous Runner
Even those who aren’t playing are attracted by the fire.

5: Anonymous Runner
Is it really such a big deal?
The event’s balance was a little off.
That’s all, right?

6: Anonymous Runner
I wouldn’t say it was just ‘a little off.’

7: Anonymous Runner
Shut up if you haven’t played it yourself.

8: Anonymous Runner
It’s those people who are making the biggest fuss.

9: Anonymous Runner
It’s too boring an issue to be the cause of such an uproar.
You can freak out when there is money trouble, or sudden shutdowns, numerous bugs or when it’s impossible to log in.

10: Anonymous Runner
The VR gaming world is a frightening place…

11: Anonymous Runner
The battle in the center and the final battle were actually quite great.

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But there just wasn’t enough polish.
That being said, most of those problems would be hard to find prior to the event.

12: Anonymous Runner
I don’t like the emphasis on points.
That being said, relying too much on player abilities would result in inequality as well.

13: Anonymous Runner
The map is too big.

14: Anonymous Runner
In the first place, it’s ridiculous to have turf wars and strategy in a VRMMO!

15: Anonymous Runner
But ridiculous events made on impulse are what’s so interesting about this great age of VR.

16: Anonymous Runner
You can’t maintain balance when players of every class are mixed together.
Tens of thousands participated in the event.

17: Anonymous Runner
Maybe they should split them up like an FPS.
Though, I suppose it would be a different game then.

18: Anonymous Runner
This will likely be a one off event.

19: Anonymous Runner
Is the balance really that bad?
Aren’t they usually like this?

20: Anonymous Runner
It’s true that balancing a game with that many players is difficult.
But just how these 2nds were able to take MVP and other titles…

21: Anonymous Runner
People complain if only 3rds can accomplish anything.
But they complain when 2nds do well.
You can’t please everyone!

22: Anonymous Runner
I won’t complain if I do well.

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23: Anonymous Runner
You’re terrible.

24: Anonymous Runner
Yeah, there would have been backlash if only 3rds could do well.
So I don’t see why it’s a problem that some 2nds excelled.
In the first place, those two did great in the previous event as well.

25: Anonymous Runner
The winner of the battle royale, and the player with the most kills.
Not too many people talked about it, though.

26: Anonymous Runner
Yeah, people were more focused on the confident pro gamers, and not so much the results of the event.

27: Anonymous Runner
It was a pro team called Mad Slime, right?
They didn’t do much this time either.

28: Anonymous Runner
Isn’t this Nekoko Strange a pro gamer too?
A real veteran.

29: Anonymous Runner
You’re probably thinking of a different ‘Strange.’
Though, they are apparently related somehow, but not much is known.

30: Anonymous Runner
Nekoko is a rookie.
A new star that has recently appeared in the game world.

31: Anonymous Runner
She has reflexes like a wild animal.
Must be pretty young.

32: Anonymous Runner
So the pros are getting beaten by kids and old men now.

33: Anonymous Runner
I like that old bowman.

34: Anonymous Runner

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Me too.

35: Anonymous Runner
I teamed up with that old bowman once.
It was a while ago.
His reflexes seemed slow and I thought he would quit soon enough.
And now look how far he’s gone! Hahaha.
By the way, I’m the one who told him to use the bow.

36: Anonymous Runner

37: Anonymous Runner
I was with him during the last battle, and he was amazing.
He was constantly hitting his targets with precise movements.
But I don’t think he’s very good with running.

38: Anonymous Runner
So the old guy isn’t a pro, right?
There’s like no info about him.

39: Anonymous Runner
I asked him, and he said he was working at a company until recently.

40: Anonymous Runner
He just shares that, huh…

41: Anonymous Runner
Well, he didn’t say which company, so he’s safe!

42: Anonymous Runner
He got the MVP, so he must have contributed a lot to his team.

43: Anonymous Runner
He basically destroyed a 3rd on his own, and then took down their base.
No one contributed more imo.

44: Anonymous Runner

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Yeah, the difference with other players was overwhelming.

45: Anonymous Runner
Yeah, he did really well.
And yet people are posting his screenshot everywhere as if it’s his fault the event was bad.
Well, it’s not really a laughing matter.

46: Anonymous Runner
That old guy is undoubtedly the MVP, but the pictures are too good to share.

47: Anonymous Runner
There’s something very nonchalant about his expression.
Why does he look like that?

48: Anonymous Runner
He usually looks a little more serious.
I wonder why they used that picture…

49: Anonymous Runner
Well, he’s the new face of NSO, so the event had some meaning after all.

50: Anonymous Runner

51: Anonymous Runner
It was a success in terms of getting people to talk.
And I was able to run wild beginning to end.

52: Anonymous Runner
Now it’s up to management to see if the people who came to look will end up staying.
We’ve been hearing about new features for a while that have yet to be implemented, so they must be taking their time with it.

53: Anonymous Runner
Grow cards, scramble, unison…
I like that there will be three new features at once.

54: Anonymous Runner
Apparently, it’s going to make exploring the field a lot more fun.
You couldn’t ask for more as a solo player.
Events aren’t the only thing in MMOs!

◆ ◆ ◆

And so without his consent, Kyuji had been declared the new face of NSO.

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