>Well, in any case, being able to make adjustments was one of the advantages of online gaming.

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There was no way to fix games back in the old days.
But since most games were online now, they could be fixed later.

However…while people would be happy if it was just bug fixes, they were less happy when they were nerfed.
While there were various reasons for it, the overall effect was to lower the value of what they acquired.
But there didn’t seem to be any backlash this time.
Which was surprising, since it happened so easily.

I suppose that meant that the adjustments were minimal.
I myself didn’t have anything really out there, and so I was unlikely to be affected.
But I decided to look just in case.

◆ Status
Name: Kyuji
Job: Archer
HP: 105/105(+30)
MP: 145/145(+70)
Attack: 180(+185)
Defense: 131(+100)
Magic Attack: 20
Magic Defense: 147(+135)
Speed: 102(+80)
Range: 400(+180)

◆ Equipment
Head: Windstream Scarf
Right Hand: Windcloud Bow
Left Hand: (Windcloud Bow)
Arms: Cloudbore Archery Gloves
Body: Windcloud Haori
Legs: Windguard Hakama
Feet: Cloudcrossing Tabi
Accessories: None

While you gained skills during events, you didn’t get experience.
And so I didn’t level up.

As for differences in my equipment, I just changed the gorilla fists, which had served me well, with the Cloudbore Archer Gloves.
If I was going to be traveling through the field, it would be better to dress lightly.

I also checked my weapon skills and charge attacks.

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The Windcloud Bow’s ‘Bow Shower.’
Wincloud Haori’s ‘Windcloud Blast.’
Windguard Hakama’s ‘Whirlwind.’
Cloudcrossing Tabi’s ‘Floating Cloud.’

There were also a few other things that weren’t equipped.
Fists of the Forest Sage’s ‘Black Smog.’
Spider Shooter’s ‘Web Arrow.’

I didn’t see any differences after the update.
Perhaps they were slower if you counted the frames, but I wouldn’t notice such a thing.
In any case, there seemed to be no visible nerfing.
I was relieved.
To be honest, I had been a little worried about Black Smog.

Now there was just the skills and charge attacks.
My weapon skills were stronger, so if those were fine, these should be as well.

[Bow Arts V]
[Satisfying Shot]
[In Fight Arrow]
[Bound Arrow]
[Clear Arrow]
[Burning Arrow]
[Indomitable Sniper Stance]
[Sniper’s Eye]

Charge Attacks:
[Sky Tear]
[Warp Arrow]

Good, good.
Nothing had been removed.
And the skill effects seemed to be the same.
As for the charge attacks…

“Oh, what?”

That was strange.
One of the skills was now in the charge attacks.
Strange… Strange…

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Or maybe it’s not that strange…
After all, Warp Arrow was very strong.

[Warp Arrow]
Warps the player to the spot where the arrow lands.
Cooldown: 3 minutes.

While the effect was the same, there was now cooldown time.
You used to be able to use it in quick succession, but now I could make instant noodles between shots.
It didn’t change the fact that it was incredibly useful, but I could no longer use multiple shots for emergency escape.
It would now be a trump card that I would have to save…

But I had been expecting something like this, so it wasn’t much of a shock.
Especially since it was still powerful.
You might even say that it sounded more powerful now.
It was like they acknowledged how great one of my favorite skills was.

“Now, I’m finished with that.
Perhaps I can go out on an adventure now.”

I had decided what I wanted to do.
And that was, of course, to enjoy the new features.
But since the Grow Card, Scramble, and Unison were all quite random, it wasn’t something you walked around for the express purpose of trying to find them.
And so I would do something else at the same time.

And that is…to fill in the map.

In this game, only the area around the first town was filled in.
If you wanted to see the rest, you had to explore the area and fulfil different requirements.
Aside from the first town, the only area I had filled in was the Windcloud Mountain region.
And so the map was nearly all white.

In this game, it was possible to fast travel between towns.
However, you needed to visit each of those towns at least once in order to unlock that feature.
So I could currently only warp between the first town and the hidden Windcloud town.
That made my world quite small.

First, I would fill in the south side.
The reason was because of the sea.
I had gone to the forests and mountains, so the sea should be next…was my carefree excuse.

“I hope that I’m lucky enough to encounter these new features.”

And so on light feet, I rushed out of the town.

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