Data.36 – Old Bowman, Hit by the Waves

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When I woke up, I was lying down on the sandy beach.
It was the very thing I had hoped to avoid.
Well, I suppose it was just like me…

But the southern country sun felt nice over my chilled body.
And there was a pleasant sense of unity, lying there with all of the others.
It wasn’t bad.
…No, nevermind that.

I got up and returned to the port town.
While there was nothing that I could do about the dragon now, I had to find some way to fight decently in the water.
Besides, there were also the requirements to fill in the map.
My guess was that just like with the Windcloud Mountain, one of the NPCs would have the answer.

“Hey, you.”


I approached an old man with strikingly long, white hair and beard.
He looked like some sage.

“You are soaking wet… Were you wrecked by the sea?”

“Uh, yes… A dragon.”

“A dragon! So you have already encountered the Bluesea Dragon!? That would be a very difficult fight if you haven’t taken the proper steps first…”

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“Well, I was just swimming and minding my own business…”

“Well, if it is in a foul mood…it will attack anything in the area.
Surely there are times when you act the same?”

“Uh, I’m never quite that moody.”

In fact, people say that I’m the quiet type.
Of course, that often meant that they thought I was a push-over…
But more importantly, this man seemed to know about the dragon.
I should ask him some questions.

“Does each dragon have a unique personality?”

“They are just like humans.
They are individuals.
And while the Bluesea Dragon is known to be skittish, the Greenforest Dragon and the Windcloud Dragon are relatively calm.
The Ragefire Dragon and the Thundercloud Dragons are violent in temper…and so on.”

So there are many types of dragons…
Well, this is a fantasy world, so it wasn’t really surprising.
That being said, if the Windcloud Dragon is considered to be one of the quieter ones…

“But wait a minute… Are you not wearing the legendary Windcloud Dragon armor?”

“Uh, yes.
I am.”

“Truly! So you have already finished one of the dragon trials!? How did you do it?!”

“H-how? Uh, I used my skill to ride on a cloud.
And then I just happened to see the dragon, so I challenged it…I suppose.”

It sounded rather stupid when put into words like that.

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But I did get my best set of equipment from it, so the results were alright.

Unlike the Bluesea Dragon, it is actually more difficult to battle the Windcloud Dragon, if you take the standard steps.
But in your case, you were brave enough to go up into the clouds on your own.”

“I’ve been wondering, what are these ‘standard steps’ you’ve been talking about…?”

“I don’t really know what they are myself.
However, if you do them, the dragons will fight you in a place that is more to your advantage.
So in your case, the dragon would have likely come down to the mountain to fight you.”

“That would have definitely been easier… No doubt about it.”

“But their attacks will also be more aggressive, and their health will likely be higher.
The Windcloud Dragon requires ‘courage’ from its challengers.
And so if someone challenges it in the sky, where they will have a disadvantage, the dragon accepts that they have courage and goes a little easier on them.”

“Is that right…”

Having steady ground under your feet would make it easier to fight, but the dragon will have more HP and do more damage.
But if you fought in the sky with unstable footing, then it would hold back a little.
So that was why I was able to win against such a powerful looking dragon.

“Still, it is hard to believe! Because fighting in the air would still be harder than fighting on land, wouldn’t it!? To think that you were able to finish that trial…”

“Well, it was a combination of luck, ability and range.
So, if I take the necessary steps, will I be able to fight the Bluesea Dragon on land?”

You would still need to fight it in the water.
What the Bluesea Dragon demands from challengers is ‘sincerity.’ But all that means is that if it sees that you are sincere, it will stop being angry and go back to its usual strength.
And that is not something you can beat in your current state.”

I had been able to beat the Windcloud Dragon because my arrows did extra damage to flying creatures.
But in my current state, my attacks were going to do significantly less damage instead.
It was a joke.

“Oh, I seem to have gone off track there.
Back to the main subject.”

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The conversation we had just had was only for players who had killed a dragon in the past.
NSO had a lot of detail put into such things.

“You… Don’t you want to learn ‘Bow Arts’ that will work underwater?”

“Can I?”

“Yes! However, you will need to overcome many trials first! Now, I will give you this card!”

“It’s…a Grow Card!”

It read (Sea Bow Art – Form Zero)…!
I did not expect to get one so quickly…!

“There are 7 forms for Sea Bow Arts! Just like the seven seas! Seven forms that are the power of life in the sea!”


When it came to special attacks with a bow, I thought there were just fast arrows, rapid fire arrows, and shooting like rain.
But there were seven when based on creatures of the sea…
I was very interested in this.
How did they come up with them?
What if they were all similar, with just slight differences?

“Yes, I would very much like to acquire these Sea Bow Arts.”

“Of course, you do! Of course, you do! First, you must equip that card.”

And so I set the card in my equipment slot.

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It didn’t change my appearance at all.

“Good! Every time you complete a trial, you will gain a new form, and the card will be overwritten.

“Hunt down a monster?”

“No, you won’t be able to do it.
Your body is too weak right now.”


That’s right, there is the penalty for dying after being killed by the Bluesea Dragon.
My status had decreased by nearly 70%.
It would slowly return to normal, but take a whole day to go back completely.
I couldn’t fight like this…

“Don’t worry.
The first trial will be easy, even for someone in your state.
Even someone weaker than you could do it.”

And then the sage pulled out a fishing rod from nowhere and handed it to me.
The sea and a fishing rod…well, it was obvious what I would be doing.

“Fishing! You will fish! You must catch a fish that is larger than the size that I decide, and you will pass! And you will acquire Sea Bow Art – Form One!”

So there it was.
A mini game.
It was one of the most common types of mini games.
Usually, they were quite simple.
You just had to push a button at the right time.
But in some games, there were a large variety of fish, or they sold for a high price, and you could end up spending a lot of time on it.

However, this was NSO.
What kind of ‘fishing’ would await me here…?

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