Data.39 – Old Bowman, Red Meteor

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The sage had said that the enemies down here would be weak.
And I doubted that he would trick or lie to me at this point.
This enemy…must be a monster that isn’t usually here.

While my three party members had already been killed, I recalled something we had talked about before coming down here.
Now that Unison had been added, unique monsters would start appearing in different places.
These monsters were special and strong.
They would be great if you could befriend them, but otherwise, they would be very dangerous enemies.
Now that there were new elements to field exploration, you could also say that things were more dangerous…

“So this is a Unison monster…?”

The red meteor passed by my feet.
At the same time, all sensation in my left leg vanished.
It was the status effect ‘Loss’ …The last time I experienced it was against the Windcloud Dragon.
This was clearly no ordinary monster.

However, I was starting to understand what it was.
After Unison had been implemented, I thought about what kind of monster I wanted to befriend.
I searched online and looked at various animals.
This was because most of the monsters were based on real animals.

At first, I looked for large carnivores that could be an advance guard, but then I started to wonder if there wasn’t a creature that was like an ‘arrow.’
And while I wasn’t particularly hopeful, I kept searching…and there was one.
A fish that lived in the sea, which stabbed people and sometimes even killed them…

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It reacted to light and charged at me.
As I could still move my right leg, I kicked the glowing jellyfish that was swimming close to me.
The jellyfish drifted away, while still glowing.
And then the red meteor shot after it.

Yes, it was reacting to the light.
The glowing jellyfish seemed like they were helping us at first, but they were actually guiding the enemy.
If I had to guess, they lured the enemy so that it could kill their prey, and they would eat the leftovers.
That was how they coexisted.
Well, dead players disappeared, so it was more of a ‘setting.’

“I better fight back then… Form Six – Sardine!”

It was a skill that caused countless arrows to appear around one arrow.
Compared to Bow Shower, it was easier to aim.
But the area of effect and duration were inferior.
Just as the red meteor got close to the jellyfish…I shot it!

As there was no sound, it was difficult to tell if I had hit anything.
But for just one second, I saw the red light blink.
Hoping that I had actually hit it, I used ‘Shark’ to home in on it.
And just like that, ‘Shark’ disappeared into the darkness as if being pulled by something.
Alright, so it is working…

I unleashed Shark before the 30 seconds was up, and waited to see what would happen.
The red light disappeared.
If it was a Unison monster, then it would appear in front of the player after being defeated.

“…Here it is!”

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The red light floated towards me.
It no longer had the speed of a meteor.
So I succeeded in defeating it.

As the jellyfish were following it, I was able to get a good look this time.
The long body and sharp, jutting mouth…it was clearly based on a garfish.
However, it was a monster.
So there was one thing that differentiated it from the real thing.

“It’s a machine…”

The black body had that sheen that could only come from metal.
And there were red lines that ran through it.
This color combination always looked cool.
While people generally thought of fish as being weak, this one was covered in armor and looked quite solid.
And the way that its black fins moved in the water reminded me of a crow.

‘Do you want to register the Ravengar as a Unison?’

I immediately clicked ‘yes.’
Currently, you could only take one of them with you, but you could register multiple ones.
But even if I could only register one, I would probably still take this guy.
It felt like fate.

Still, a black monster fish that is attracted by light…
The childish side of me was very excited.

“Oh, this is no time for that.”

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I could check the details about the Ravengar later.
My comrades who had been killed were now waiting for their Sea God Stones.
I had to hurry up and take them so I could return.

It was comforting to have the Ravengar with me now.
It hunted down any monster that came nearby.
Well, that just showed how weak the other monsters here were.
So the sage hadn’t been lying.

“Alright, I picked up 4.
Now it’s back to the surface!”

In this game, the water pressure was the same no matter where you were.
And so I didn’t have to think about anything while going back up.
Once I was back up, I immediately moved to the town and brought my party members back to life.
They were truly happy when I handed the Sea God Stones to them.

And while they invited me to continue questing with them in order to fill out the map, there was someone that I had to show this stone to.
And so I said goodbye to them and rushed back to the sage at the beach.

“You finally…finished the trials! There is no more that I can teach you! You did very well!’

I looked at the ‘Sea Bow Arts – Form 7’ Grow Card that was completed.
The card depicted the sea and a lot of fish on it.

“But it would be reckless to challenge the Bluesea Dragon just like this.
You need to become stronger in a more general sense.”

“I see.
Still, you know a lot about dragons.
Could it be that…”

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“As if! I’m just a curious old man… There are people like me all over the place.
So if you ever need to challenge a dragon, you should go and talk to them.

The sage laughed as he walked away.
In any case, I had acquired the Sea Bow Arts and the item that would fill out my map.
Now my adventure at sea is finished…
I was a little sad…

◆ ◆ ◆

“In order to rewrite that special map that you have, you’ll need the Sea God Stone and the Dragon Palace Stone.”


The young man looked like some kind of muscular surfer, not someone who would draw maps.
But this revelation was what truly surprised me.
I had to acquire two stones…!

So that was why the people I had been in a party with had wanted us to finish the quest together…
I had assumed that it was finished.
And there wasn’t really any reason to go with them just to make a report…

While I felt a little bad, there was no point in thinking about it now.
Apparently, this Dragon King Stone lay in the depths of the ‘Dragon King’s Underwater Shrine,’ which was a dungeon.
But if I was going solo, there was no rush, as I didn’t have to move at the same pace as the others.
That meant it was time to look into this new friend, the Ravengar.

“Gaar! Gaar!”

As for the first thing that I learned.
The way that it cried was so typical…!

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