Data.40 – Old Bowman, Unison Check

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Now, the first thing that I wanted to know about the Ravengar was…whether or not it could go up on land.
Like a certain famous monster game, the Unisons in this game could be taken out or put away at will by the player.
What would happen if I took it out now…

“Go! Ravengar!”

Particles of light gathered together and formed the shape of the Ravengar.
Yes, it worked on dry land as well.
The most typical way to make a fish monster appear on dry land, was to make them hover in the air…!
And this game was no exception.

However, its movements were considerably slower than in the water.
Like a certain well-known robot game, these monsters had ‘terrain adaptation.’
As Ravengar was a fish, its water adaptation would be an ‘S.’
But it would likely get a ‘B’ on dry land or in the air.

“Well, I’m just relieved that it can come out at all…”

I had tamed it on a whim, and so it would have been terrible if it could only fight in the water.
While the sea appeared in many games, they were rarely the main area of exploration.
Unless the sea was the main theme of the game.

“I’ll look at the status next.”

And so I changed the status window to the Unison page.

◆ Unison Status
Name: Ravengar
Race: Fish/Machine
Lv: 30/100
HP: 120/120

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MP: 80/80
Attack: 160
Defense: 90
Magic Attack: 55
Magic Defense: 65
Speed: 130

The biggest difference from players was the existence of ‘race.’
The Ravengar was both a fish and a machine.
Apparently, this affected which kind of equipment and skills could be acquired.

In most cases, the Unisons wore armor that was specific to their type, and there were not many items that they could share with the player.
They could be equipped with 5 items, and they weren’t separated into categories like ‘Head’ and ‘Hands.’
After all, there were some monsters that didn’t have the same parts as humans.
Slimes didn’t have arms or feet, for instance.

The next thing I focused on was that it didn’t have any unique statuses.
Warriors had ‘Spirit,’ Sorcerers had ‘Miracle,’ and Archers had ‘Range.’
I was the player I am now thanks to my unique skill.

But Unisons didn’t have one.
Well, there were so many different kinds of Unison Monsters, and it would be too much trouble to give them all their own unique status.
And they would probably end up being similar anyway.
On the other hand, they were supposed to be able to learn new skills and special attacks, so I would have to look into it later.

Their level could go up to 100, and with each level, they could earn 10 strengthening points.
The Ravengar was currently at level 30, so that meant it had 300 strengthening points.

Speaking of which, the Unison’s strengthening points were distributed automatically.
So in the end, monsters of the same type would all have the same status.
There were no differences in personality or size.
If you wanted them to have any individuality, it would have to be through equipment and skills.

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Personally…I was all for it.
If there were differences in strength between the same types of monsters, then you would have to pick them very carefully.
It would be one thing if it was a game where you were just looking at them through your screen, but it didn’t really fit VR games, where there was the illusion that you and the monster were in the same world.

In any case, the status numbers seemed a little high?
Together, its HP and MP was 200.
I only had 150.
And the total of Attack, Defense, Magic Attack, Magic Defense, and Speed was 500.
Even if you took the 300 strengthening points out, that was still 200.
The total of Archer was just 100.

Apparently, these Ravengars just had really high stats.
It’s stats were currently above my own.
Unisons were better versions of players…no, not really.

Unison monsters were only given 10 strengthening points until they reached level 100.
2nds also received 10 points, but there were also 3rds.
And so the amount of strengthening points you would receive would likely increase as well.

Besides, players could also equip more armor.
There were 10 equipment slots in all, which was twice as much as the Unisons.
This was a big deal, as equipment was very important in NSO.

Also, the monsters were controlled by AI, which made their movements a little awkward.
Well, I wouldn’t know until I tested it out.

“Now I’ll just check its skills and learn the rest in actual combat.”

◆ Skill
Direct Dart
Charge into the enemy.

Poison Resistance V

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Has a 50% chance of nullifying poison.
Reduces damage by 50% if poisoned.

Machine Body
Reduces physical damage by 10%

◆ Special Attack
Red Meteor
Repeatedly charges at high speed like a meteor.
Cooldown time: 10 minutes.

Ocean Sphere
Creates a sphere of water around itself.
Effective for 3 minutes.
Cooldown time: 10 minutes.

“Some of them are simple to understand, and some aren’t.”

Straight Dart was simple.
It just charged.
And Red Meteor as well.
It repeatedly charges really hard.
Machine Body is also easy to understand.
Its physical attacks become stronger.

Poison Resistance V meant that if the Ravengar was poisoned, it had a 50% chance of nullifying it.
So if it was unlucky, it would just get poisoned.
But if that happened, then there was an extra insurance-like effect that halves the damage.

As for Ocean Sphere…I wasn’t really sure.
I would have to test it out.

Ocean Sphere!”

Water started to appear all around Gar.
And then Gar was locked in a nice sphere of water that looked like a capsule.

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It was 2 meters in diameter.
I touched it and saw that it was seawater.

However, this has a cooldown time of 10 minutes, just like Red Meteor?
It’s not as if this water would affect attacks, and it didn’t need the water to breathe.
Well, perhaps it could act as a shield against fire attacks.

“Gar! Gar!”

Gar suddenly started to cry and then swim around in the air.
Not only that, but the seawater capsule was moving with Gar in the center of it.

“I see.
So with this, it is able to move just as it does in the water for 3 minutes.”

Now the 10 minute cooldown made sense.
While it was activated, the Ravengar was a fish in water.
It had decent defense against physical attacks and its movements were fast.
And so even if an enemy attacked at a close range, it would not die easily.

However, it would be reckless to have the usual Gar fight on the surface at close range.
Its movement was too slow, and it would be an easy target.
But all of its skills seem suited for close range combat…

I would like to use equipment and new skills to make it so that it can attack enemies from far away.
Regardless, it would be best to see it in action first.
Then I’ll know what is needed.

“Let’s go to the Dragon King’s Underwater Shrine.”

“Gar! Gar!’

It was there that I would be able to acquire the Dragon Palace Stone that I needed to fill out the map.
Getting through this dungeon would be a good way to finally end this southern sea adventure…!

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