p>After being hit by this barrage of unique skills, the great wave could do nothing but fade away..
So there really were a lot of them…these strong players.
I couldn’t allow myself to be left behind.

That being said, I did have an advantage when it came to attacking the tentacles, which were still very far away.
The other players either had to wait for it to come closer, or adventure out into danger in order to get close.

Or that’s what I thought.
But the situation changed rapidly.

The Kraken started to attack the beach with the tridents that it was holding.
That meant the tentacle holding the trident would come close.

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And that gave them time to attack.
And so the other players launched a counter attack all at once.

But some brave players who could not wait for the enemy to attack, stepped forward and did something shocking.

“Glace Terre!”
“Rise Grand!!”

The sea began to freeze, creating platforms to step on.
And like that, they were able to get as close as they dared and attack the enemy.
While the tentacles were big, they could not maneuver very effectively, and seemed to have trouble dealing with players that were close by.

I was very impressed by their work, but would continue with my own style.
As I had range, I targeted and shot at the enemy from the beach.
Quietly, I racked up damage.

While we seemed scattered, we were all working together.
Adhering to your own style helped everyone.
And in no time at all, we destroyed 4 of the 8 tentacles.

Amidst the raging storm, there was an atmosphere of hope.
We could do this.
It would be easy.
Even I thought the same thing.
That is, until the Poseidon Kraken’s head came out of the water.

It’s head was…like an octopus with a crown.
To be honest, it was almost cute.
Not exactly mascot material, but a monster that could potentially be quite popular.

And amidst this slackened atmosphere, the Kraken fired off black lasers.

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Actually, it was ultra high-pressure ink.
It targeted specific players, and if those players didn’t move, then the attack would only hit a small area.

However, it was so powerful that it could kill you instantly if you didn’t move.
So, of course, they ran.
And then the ink lasers would follow them, meaning that other players got caught up in the attack.
They would die if they stopped.
But they might hurt others if they moved.
It was a terrible attack indeed.
And it chipped away at our fighting force.
Things were especially bad for the people on the sea, as the platforms they stood on were very small.

And obviously, there was a penalty for players that died during these large-scale Scrambles.
Your status was reduced to nearly 70%, and you would not be able to challenge the Kraken again.
You could act as support or healers, but there were limitations.

Some players would have just run away.
In that case, what happened to the difficulty?
The Scramble difficulty depended on the number of participating players.
But if the difficulty was decided at the beginning, then it would put them at a great disadvantage if a lot of players ran away without doing anything.

Has management done something about this?
Prepared something to help us…perhaps not.
This was NSO…


There was a deafening roar, as if to deny my thoughts, and then it appeared.
From the sea…!

“The Blue Sea Dragon!?”

Now there was an unexpected helper…!
The Blue Sea Dragon turned its back to us and faced the Kraken.
Then the dragon bared its fangs at the god of the sea…!

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