It had the holy power of the sea within, and was effective against water and fish type monsters.

Acquiring something that was effective against the thing you just killed…
It was rather typical.

I didn’t know how rare this reward was, but I was pretty sure that I wasn’t the person who had contributed the most.
The players who had continued to fight on the sea had been doing amazing things.
And so I was satisfied as long as they received good rewards.

People should be rewarded for their hard work.
I wanted it to be like that in real life, as well as in games.
And then you could get a good cycle going.

“Gar! Gar!”

Could it be…that you got a reward too?

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I checked its status and saw that I had guessed correctly.
The Ravengar had also acquired a skill…!

◆ Red Flash
Fires a red laser from its mouth.
Has long range and great piercing ability.

This was the long-range attack skill that I was searching for!
Ah, what a great surprise.
I am more than satisfied now.

I had assumed that my sea adventure had ended after the underwater temple, but then a crazy last boss slid in.
But the results were great.
Not only because of the rewards, but it was interesting being able to see the other players’ fighting style, and how they all worked together.

The person who used ice magic was especially memorable.
They had light blue equipment, which made it easier to tell what kind of player they were.
But there was also something icy, that would keep most people away.
Yes, like ice.
Was it a part of their role-playing, or were they just like that…
There really were a lot of interesting people in online games.

In any case, if they were enjoying the game, that’s all that mattered.

And with this sense of satisfaction, I should return…no, not yet.
I had almost forgotten something.
Something that was the most important.
I had to fill in the southern map.

◆ ◆ ◆

The Dragon Palace Stone and the Sea God Stone… Very well.
I will crush and mix them with a special liquid, and then draw the map! The map of the blue sea!”

My map only had the area around the first town, near the center of the continent, as well as the area around the Windcloud Mountains.
But now, the south part has been filled in.

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Not just the land, but also the blue sea.
It was a blue sea map!

I had started this very light-heartedly, and yet it felt so rewarding.
I was overtaken by the urge to fill in the rest of the map.

“Now, where should I go next? No, first I have to think of what I’m going to do with these.”

The NSO medals…
You acquired them during large events, and they were on the rare side.
But as I was frugal, I only used a little at first, and saved the rest.

Apparently, the update had added some items that you could trade the NSO medals in for.
They were…equipment and skills for the Unisons.
The Unison’s equipment and skills could be acquired through monster drops and actions during combat as well, but it was apparently more difficult than it was for players.

However, using the NSO medals meant you were guaranteed to get them, so they were in high demand now.
And so even though I liked to save things, I could not ignore the opportunity.
The Ravengar was already strong, and so giving it proper equipment would be like giving a club to an ogre.

First, I would find out what I could trade the medals for, and acquire it.
Then I would decide on my future direction.
There wasn’t likely to be another event for a while.
So there was no rush.
I could take my time and strengthen both myself and Gar.

It would be nice to return to the first town, with its lively air.
And so I decided that I would trade in the medals there.
But before fast traveling, I gazed at the sea one last time.
It wasn’t that I felt sentimental.
I could return to this port town whenever I wanted.
That is…not that I filled in the blue sea map…

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