m is luck based.
But I guess it can’t be helped.
If they let us know in advance, a ridiculous amount of players would flock to the area.

19: Anonymous Runner
The old bowman was there!
And he had this black fish with him!

20: Anonymous Runner
The old bowman always appears in the shadows of big events.
Well, this time it was some guild member that drew the most attention.

21: Anonymous Runner
The ice girl and the earth guy were crazy.
They had a lot of guts to go out into the sea like that while creating platforms.

22: Anonymous Runner
It’s the guys from the Reborn Gloria Order.
They’re a group of veteran gamers.
The girl is especially well known.
Her name is Kyuka.
I don’t know the guy very well.

23: Anonymous Runner
Huh? I thought that they disbanded?

24: Anonymous Runner

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They were just quiet because their main game went offline.
But they brought some new members in and made a comeback.

25: Anonymous Runner
In the first place, they are a group who just want to enjoy the game, so they are a little different from other professional teams.

26: Anonymous Runner
There is still a leader, but everyone is equal in position.
They are quite unusual.
You might say they are all eccentric.

27: Anonymous Runner
I don’t care if they are eccentric, as long as they follow the rules.

28: Anonymous Runner
It’s good that players who can attract more attention are joining NSO.

29: Anonymous Runner
The fact that the three new additions are good should help revive the game.

30: Anonymous Runner
Are they not going to do any more events?

31: Anonymous Runner
The layout of the official website keeps changing, so it seems like they are preparing something.

32: Anonymous Runner
Well, of course, they are preparing something.
So they’ll be ready when the time comes.

33: Anonymous Runner
Perhaps they’re afraid of ruining this great atmosphere with a new event.

34: Anonymous Runner
But the beast inside of me wants it.
A heated event that burns like the sun…!!

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35: Anonymous Runner
Well, they always result in flame wars.

36: Anonymous Runner
I’ve been burned.

37: Anonymous Runner
I don’t want events like that for a while.
Bring on the lukewarm events.

38: Anonymous Runner
So you still want events!

39: Anonymous Runner
The events give players a sense of unity.
It’s something you can’t really take away from online games.

40: Anonymous Runner
Are you watching, management!?
Give us some events!!

41: Anonymous Runner
People will freak out again if they find out that management is watching this thread.
It’s better if they don’t!

◆ ◆ ◆

The message boards were excited about the new features.
And there were some players here and there who wanted new events.
Leaving the heated part aside, the moment that their prayers would be answered…was not far away.

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