Data.45 – Old Bowman, The Mirrorstone Cave

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Of course, I would head to the Mirrorstone Cave on foot.
It was very convenient to be able to look at the map while walking.
Not only was my destination indicated on it, but so was the direction that I was facing.
And so there was no way that I could get lost.

As I walked leisurely and with nothing to worry about, I recalled something that was important.
What is…going on with my level, anyway?
I quickly opened up my status window in order to check.
I was Level 12 before going to the sea, but now it has gone up to 20…!
So it went up 8 levels…
Besides that, my skill ‘Bow Arts V’ was now ‘Bow Arts VI.’

Well, perhaps it wasn’t really a surprise.
I had fought a lot of monsters during my Sea Bow Arts training, and I even fought against Garbow before he joined me.
And Garbow is a very rare monster.
So I would have gained a lot of experience from it.
On top of that, we had gotten through the underwater temple, and even fought the Poseidon Kraken.
Yes, all of that stuff would have resulted in me gaining 8 levels.
And my skills would also advance one step.

Now the 30 level max of the 2nd job didn’t seem too far away.
If I raise it to the highest level, will I be able to get to 3rd, just like how it was with my beginner job?
It would be easiest if I had an opportunity to talk to players who were on their 3rd job, but it also felt right to just find out myself.
In any case, I had 80 strengthening points from those 8 levels, and so I would put them into Range.

Now my base Range is 300 meters.
Combined with my equipment and skills…it was around 480 meters.

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When equipping the bow while ‘Bow Arts VI’ is active, I had Attack +60 and Range +60.
Then there was Windcloud Bow’s 80 and Cloudpiercer Archer’s Glove’s 50… Yes, the numbers were right.

I didn’t like making calculations, but it helped me walk faster, and I reached my destination in no time.
When I looked at the map, I could see that my current location was on top of my destination.
There was no doubt about it.
This was the ‘Mirrorstone Cave.’

“It’s pretty…and just very shiny.”

There were stones everywhere that reflected the light, just like mirrors.
And if you weren’t careful, the light would hit you directly in the eye…!

“Maybe I should have brought a pair of sunglasses…”

Though, I didn’t know if sunglasses existed as equipment here.
However, NSO had plenty of items that didn’t fit the aesthetic of the world, but were still useful.
And so they probably did have them.
Even the fishing rod I had used was rather realistic.

“…And now the enemy has come to greet us.”

A tattered robe was floating in the air with a pale light.
I believed they were called Hollow Ghosts.
When you think of ghost-type monsters, you assume that physical attacks won’t work on them.
But with Hollow Ghosts, the robes were their main body, and so you could hit them with ordinary attacks.

That being said, it would be difficult to hit flowing cloth with an arrow.
If you just hit the edge, it would push the cloth away without piercing it.

“Burning Arrow!”

I hadn’t used Burning Arrow in awhile.

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It was because it had no use in the sea or the rain…
And so it would make up for that lost time now.

Kiririri… Shubo! Bang!

An explosive wind greeted the enemy that floated in the air.
But as it was light, I had a feeling that it was being pushed instead of damaged.
However, the fire was effective.
The fire spread through the robes of the Hollow Ghost, and it disappeared.

“But it took so long to take down one, that I’m now surrounded.”

There were several Hollow Ghosts around me now.
If I continue to deal with them one at a time with Burning Arrow, a few of them will get close to me.
And so I used a certain skill in order to prevent them from getting closer.

“Seabow Arts – Form Two…Jellyfish!”

…Nothing happened.
Oh, right… This isn’t the sea.
While all of the skills were powerful and unique, the bad thing about the Seabow Arts was that they were limited in terms of location.
If only I could create a sea at will.
But such a thing isn’t…it is possible.

“Garbow! Ocean Sphere!”

“Gar! Gar!”

And like that, a sphere of sea water appeared around Garbow.
I dove inside and then activated the skill.

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It came out…!
A jellyfish was swimming inside of the sphere of water.
While it was still inside, Garbow charged into the group of Hollow Ghosts.
As the robes were their bodies, they did not like moisture.
Once they had absorbed the water and become heavy, the Hollow Ghosts were stuck to Ocean Sphere and could not escape.
And then the Jellyfish’s tentacles wrapped around them and poisoned them.

Once Garbow had all of the enemies inside of the sphere.
I activated Red Meteor.
And the entire group of Hollow Ghosts were wiped out.

It would probably be best to have Garbow equip the Seabow Arts Grow Card.
There was some equipment that players and Unisons had in common.
And if the Grow Card was one of them, then I would have Garbow carry ‘Seabow Art – Form Seven.’

“Alright, you can equip it…!”

I took the thing that the sea sage had given me, and then gave it to Garbow, who was a sea monster and a fish.
It was rather moving… Or maybe not?
But if we ever went adventuring in the water again, I might have to equip it.
I would keep things flexible in that regard.
Equipment could be changed easily.

Now, time to go farther into the cave.
The map would automatically fill-in for any area that you had been to.
This made me want to walk around until the whole map was completed.

There were several places that were so slippery that I fell.
Still, I continued to explore the cave.
It wasn’t too big, nor did it extend far underground.

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Perhaps…it was only created as a spot to take screenshots, because it was so shiny and pretty?
In other open worlds games that I played, there were areas that had no function outside of providing a nice view.
It was possible that this was such a place…

Eventually, my map was neatly finished.
I walked through all of the paths and missed nothing.
I even touched the walls, wondering if there were hidden doors.
But there was no way to tell.
And so I had no choice but to head back.

“…Oh, I can see the entrance from here.”

The layout of the cave was not particularly complicated, and it was mostly flat.
So even from the back, I could see the light shining in from the entrance.
If I shot Warp Arrow from here, I could go outside in a second.
While I was feeling a little disappointed, I used Warp Arrow to bridge the gap that wasn’t even that far.

Just then, a new monster appeared in the line of fire.
It looked just like a Hollow Ghost, but it was holding a large oval-shaped mirror in its center.
And my Warp Arrow was sucked right into the mirror.
As if it was falling into water…

“So it absorbs projectiles… I’ll have to wait for 3 minutes before I can use it again.
So it will be faster if I just walk… Garbow.
Go and kill that…”

Suddenly, the scenery around me changed.
I was in a fairy tale-like world with lots of white and red.
And the sensation just now… It meant that the warp effect had been activated.
But I thought the Warp Arrow had been absorbed and nullified by the mirror…

“Could it be…that I’m inside of the mirror?”

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