coming from.
It was from a nearby door.

And so I opened it cautiously.
…There was no girl inside.
However, there was a table and a playing card.
An ace of spades.
On the back side, there was an emblem that was designed to look like a key.

I see.
That was easy to understand.
If it was the whole deck…that would be too many.
Perhaps I needed to collect all 4 aces and then they would become the key to escaping.
And the girl’s voice was the hint.
If I followed the voice to the right room, then I would find the cards.

“Hmm…? There’s something written on the book next to it.”

This was the first time I had found a readable book in this game.
There would often be bookshelves inside of buildings, but those books could not be read, let alone removed from the shelves.

“Uhh…Bloody Mary, a ghost that lives inside of the mirror…”

Was this information about enemies in this world?
No, I hadn’t seen any enemies here at all.
Perhaps it was a boss that you’d have to fight before escaping?
In any case, I would have to be very careful as I continued…


When I stepped back out into the hallway, a woman who was covered in blood was standing there.
Our eyes met, and then she slowly started to walk towards me.
So, this was Bloody Mary.
Perhaps she appeared because I had acquired the card.

In any case, that was close.

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Had I not found the information and expected an encounter, I would have likely screamed in terror.
I really hated horror games…!
And I especially hated being chased by enemies that you couldn’t attack.

However, I had a bow and Garbow with me now!
And so I could attack it!

“Bow Shower!”

I would get rid of it by using my most powerful charge attack!
I didn’t want to look at it anymore…!


However, all of my arrows went right through her.
Co-could it be…that this was an enemy that you really just had to run away from…?
You have got to be kidding me…

“Gar! Gar!”

Garbow activated Ocean Sphere and then Red Meteor.
However, both the meteor and even Garbow’s charge went right through her.

So I really do have to run… Huh?
For some reason, Bloody Mary was soaking wet.
And this was on top of being covered in blood.
At this point, the fear I felt was starting to weaken.

However, why had she been affected by Ocean Sphere?
When all of the other attacks had gone right through her.

“Could it be…!”

I switched weapons.
I went from the Windcloud Bow to the old Spider Shooter.

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Yes, its weapons skill was…

“Web Arrow!”

It could create a sticky net.
Just as I wanted, the Bloody Mary was caught in the net and could no longer advance.
While she could nullify all attacks that dealt damage, anything else, like ordinary obstruction skills still had an effect.

“Here’s our chance, Garbow.”

“Gar! Gar!”

Garbow really was a big help.
Had he not created Ocean Sphere, I would have had to run around without discovering its weakness.
And if I just ran around, I would not have been able to calmly make decisions.
And so it would have taken me even longer to escape.

That being said, it was too early to let my guard down.
The Bloody Mary was incredibly powerful, and it started to tear up the net that was wrapped around it.
It seems that it was losing its stickiness due to the blood that flowed out of her.
This meant that it was impossible to hold her in one place for long.
In that case, I needed to hurry up and find the other 3 cards.


Here’s the next one…!
I burst through the door and rolled into the room.


Someone had beat me to it.
Not only that, but it was one of the few people I knew in the game.
A certain girl I held a grudge against.
Her claws weren’t out now, and she held 2 aces in her hands.

It was Nekoko Strange.
I did not expect to meet here in a place like this…

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