eed drops a certain amount.
And so speed buffs won’t mean anything.
The required speed is just raised after the buff.
And so I have to attack while running.
The only reason that we met during the turf war was because I had been looking for a flat area where I could run around.
I won’t be able to run if the ground is uneven or if there are obstacles.”

It had such demerits…
As for running at full speed, I wouldn’t last 10 seconds…

“I was lucky then.
Because I encountered a great army that was trying to launch an attack.
So I didn’t need to be invisible and could blend in with them.
We were all strangers to each other, so no one would notice that another face had appeared.
I made sure that my emblem was covered.
And even if they did see it, I don’t think many people would attack a cute girl who was acting like one of them.
They would just assume they made a mistake or that it was actually a tattoo that happened to look similar.”

“But it seems really risky.
It’s not like you can damage your teammates in this game, so some players might have attacked you to make sure.”

“Well, even if they did, I’m good at running, right? Besides, you won’t accomplish anything if you aren’t willing to take risks.”

“You say it like it’s nothing… Well, I suppose the results speak for themselves.”

“Exactly… I’ve been doing well… Until now! It was already a difficult skill to use, but it got nerfed because it drew so much attention!”

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Ah… So she was hit by that as well.
Now she could only be invisible for 10 seconds, and the cooldown was 3 minutes.
She must have been very pissed off to even tell me such important information.

“What annoys me even more, is how inconsistent management is! They said there wouldn’t be any compensation.
I didn’t complain, as I thought it was rare for a company to have an actual spine.
But now they are giving it to us! 100 NSO medals! It’s not bad! But it makes me mad! Perhaps I should have sent in a complaint!”

“Just take it if they’re giving it to you.
Oh, you know? A long time ago, paper trading cards used to be quite popular, but once a card that was just released got banned for being too powerful, and there was no compensation.
So things have definitely improved since then.”

“Well, it’s because people complain more now.
I can understand why people complain and so management is forced to react.
But I don’t like the idea of a game that changes every time someone complains… Games that are a little irrational and unfair are always more interesting.
A lady that I really respect once said, ‘purify the water and the fish will disappear.’ And then there will be no fish for this cat to eat.”

I could tell that she was young by just talking to her.
But she had very established ideas regarding games.
She must really like them.

To be honest, I had driven her back quite terribly during the turf war, and so I thought she might be holding a grudge.
Running your fastest means taking in deep breaths.
Which meant inhaling a lot of Black Smog.
However, she didn’t really touch on that at all.
And since she was clearly the type to vent her frustrations, she was likely not that bothered by it.
I suppose she wouldn’t hold grudges as long as it was a serious, honest battle.

“Hmm… Ah! That bloody woman is coming closer…!”

“Huh? You can tell?”

“It’s the effect of a skill called ‘Immobile Extra Sensory Stance.’ As long as I am staying still, my sight, hearing and sense of smell are enhanced.
My ears can hear the sounds of dripping blood.”

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Nekoko pointed to her cat ears, not her human ones.
She really was thorough with making her character.

“Let’s get out of this room! I found the 4th card! The exit should be underground!”

She had 3 cards in her hands.
So along with mine, we now had the 4 aces.
And I could feel that the card was being pulled towards the ground.
It was telling us where we needed to go.

“We’ll cooperate until we get out of here! I don’t want to be chased by that invincible woman anymore!”

“Ah, alright.”

It wasn’t just horror games, but I also disliked blood.
I just felt weak when I looked at it.
I had turned gore off in the settings, so I couldn’t see any wounds, but the dripping blood alone was something I didn’t like to see.
And so I would accept the help of this cat…!

“Gar! Gar!”

That’s right.
I had Gar as well.
Now that we had found all 4 of the cards, ordinary enemy monsters started to appear.
And Bloody Mary was also faster as she chased after us.
We had to get to the underground as soon as possible…!

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