e like friends.
Or a fatal attachment?

Normally, I felt that you added people as friends if you knew them in real life, or if you met someone in the game and became close.
It might be an outdated way of thinking, but instead of just adding everyone and having shallow connections, I would rather build relationships with a few people who I didn’t have to worry about offending.
After all, I wasn’t the kind of person who would coldly organize their friends list and remove people because it was getting too crowded.

“Well, I’m still figuring it out, so it’s not like I’ve actually set up a guild within the game.
I may have sent the invite to you as if I’m going around and scouting for players, but you’re actually the first person I talked to about it.
In the first place, we can’t really predict what the NSO management will do next.
But I have a feeling they’re going to shove something into the game out of nowhere.”

“That’s true.
They’re really quiet right now, but that’s why I feel like something is coming.
So, about the friend thing…”

We did have similar play styles, and had an odd connection.
And I even related to some of her views on games.
And so I didn’t mind changing a little and accepting.

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“I’ll gladly accept it.
And I’ve never accepted a friend request before.”

“I see.
Alright, I’m going now.
I still hate that it’s based on that invincible woman, but I want to go and test this new Grow Card.”

“Yeah, thanks.
You really helped me.”

“Well, until we meet again on some battlefield…bye!”

Nekoko started to run…and then disappeared.
Judging by what she said, if we were on opposite sides, she would seriously try and kill me just as before.
Well, I preferred it that way.

And so I would have to train so that the next time we met, she wouldn’t be able to kill me instantly.
This was Nekoko.
She would not continue to rely on a skill that had been nerfed.
She would surely find a new strategy that no one would expect.

“Well, I better go too then.”

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I opened the map window.
And then I heard a ‘beep!’ and a ‘!’ icon appeared in the corner.
It was a notification that appeared when you received a message.
Surely she wasn’t inviting me already, so maybe it was a message from management?
I quickly touched the ‘!’ icon in order to check.

“Let’s see.
Information on a new event will be announced in three days on the official site, popular video sites, and on stage within the game…? And it will be live?”

This…was a recent and terrible habit within the game industry.
Announcing an announcement.
Well, I guess it’s not too bad if it’s in three days.
But sometimes it would be months in advance…
That being said, this was unusual for NSO.
Perhaps they wanted to get the word out quickly and attract attention because there hadn’t been an event in awhile.

And if they want to attract so much attention, they must be confident that they can deliver.
So they hadn’t become shy after the reaction to the previous one.
Yes, they were coming.
I would definitely check the official site on the day of the announcement.

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