Data.52 – Old Bowman, Water Carrier Trial

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As I started on my way back to the spot where the water flowed from, I checked the glass to see if there were any cracks in it.
If there were no cracks in it, then I could just fill it with water and use it again.
However, she had explained that if it was destroyed, I would have to return to the fountain and get a new one.

While walking up the mountain, I noticed that there were several sparrows waiting in the trees.
They were the same as the one that had taken and discarded my Warp Arrow.
Sparrows were something that you never really thought about, but it felt like there was no getting past them now.
And I doubted they were there only to block Warp Arrows.
There must be other players who had skills that would allow them to warp.

In any case, I suppose walking on your two feet was the best way… As I was thinking about this, I arrived at the holy water spot once again.

“Huh? Is this…the same spot?”

The water that was coming out was definitely holy water.
While I had wondered if I could use lake water earlier, there was actually a difference.
The clarity was noticeable at a glance.
You didn’t even need an AI to make the distinction.
I had mostly been joking when considering it.

The shape of the rock is different from the previous one.
I guess I might have reached a different area, even though I thought I was going in the same direction.”

There were no actual paths on this mountain.
If an amateur started climbing a mountain without thinking, then it would be no surprise if they ended up at a different spot every time.
Well, as long as I got holy water, it didn’t matter.
I just needed to take it and keep climbing back down until I found a sign that would direct me back to the fountain where Charin was.

“Now, time for my second attempt.”

And so with very careful steps, I started my descent.
This time, I came out into a grassy field.
The grass was long and came up to my knees.

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As I could see other players walking up ahead, I at least knew that it wasn’t some kind of swamp that you could sink in.
While the wind would create rustling sounds in the grass, there was no signs of anything lurking within it.
Time to make my way through it.

“Slowly, slowly… But going too slow feels unnatural, and might cause me to fall.

My foot got caught on something and I fell forward.
Of course, all of the holy water was spilled.
Tsk…a trap…
Not only that, but it was a ‘grass knot’…!

An old-fashioned trap where you created a loop by tying blades of grass together.
To think that I would be caught in such an old trap while playing in a new world that was created by the futuristic technology that is VR games…
It was definitely a rare type of experience.

However, I have to try again!
Thanks to the fact that I was both lighter and had better reflexes in the game than in real life, I had been able to catch myself as I fell, and so the glass on my stomach hadn’t shattered.

Still, the process was bound to become painful the longer it took.
And so I would have to recover quickly.
It was back to filling it with water…!

◆ ◆ ◆

I’ve had a decent amount of experience fighting great monsters and skilled players up until now, but it seemed that I wasn’t very good at finding and avoiding traps.
With monsters and players, there were move sets, and my instincts helped in predicting their movements to a degree.

However, traps had no will.
They just lay there.
Quiet and motionless.
Even if you are on your guard, they are still difficult to detect.

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Ultimately, I got caught on all sorts of traps.
Sometimes it would be a net tripping up my feet, or a pitfall, and even a log dropped from behind me.
It was terrible.

The worst one of all was when some little bird came and drank half of my water.
I was just at the last brief stretch before reaching the fountain with Charin, when a small bird came down for a drink.
Normally, you should drive it away so that you’d have as much water as you could.
However, not only was the bird so cute, but I had more than enough holy water at that time.

And so I allowed the bird to drink.
However, in spite of its tiny size, the bird took half of my water with its first sip.
That amount of water should not have been able to fit inside of it…
And that’s when I realized that the cute bird was just another trap.

I quickly shooed it away and prayed with desperation while offering the remaining water to Charin.
But Charin shook her head mercilessly.

‘Toooo bad… You are just a little short of the passing line-nyon.
AI do not make mistakes when measuring-nyon! Do your best and try again-nyon!’

So it was with a feeling of desperation that I started to climb the mountain again.
And after filling the glass with water, I went back down, this time without being too cautious.
The unlevel ground, monsters and traps.
I was used to it all now.
I made use of all of my experience up until now to make a calm descent.
And so I was able to go back to Charin without any accidents.

That being said, it didn’t mean that I hadn’t spilled anything at all.
Water just spilled without you even realizing it.
Still, I was sure that it was enough to reach the passing line.
I hope…

Glug-glug…the holy water was poured from one glass to the next.
It passed the red line in Charin’s glass.
And then…it passed the gold line as well.

‘Oh! Amazing-nyon! You not only reached the passing line, but the reward line as well! Congratulations-nyon!’

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While I didn’t shout with joy, a quiet, shaking feeling of happiness filled me.
Just like water…!

‘As for your special prize…here! ‘Sacred Mountain Water’-nyon!’

What she gave me wasn’t equipment or a healing item.
Was it…crafting material?
It seemed to be an item that could be combined with other items or simply sold for money.

So it shouldn’t have been an item where you could select ‘Use’ on the field, but I was able to do it here.
Not only that, but it was something I could use on Garbow.

“Gar! Gar!”

…And so I tested it.
I used Sacred Mountain Water on Garbow.

–Beep! Unison Garbow has acquired the new skill ‘Holy Splash.’

◆ Holy Splash
Unleashed bullets of holy water.
Effective against ghost and demon type monsters.

I see.
Using the item allowed them to learn a new skill…!
These kinds of skills would always be useful in the future.
After all, there were plenty of ghost and demon type monsters out there.
And so Garbow had become even more reliable.

“Now, I’ve got my reward, so I suppose I can go to the next…”

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‘Wait a minute-nyon! I still haven’t given you the all important proof that you beat the trial.
The Aquarius medal-nyon!’


I can’t believe that I almost…well, no.
It was very like me to forget.
And so I accepted the medal gratefully and inspected it.

‘This…is the Aquarius medal!’

There were small star-like jewels in the center that shone as they made up the constellation.
And on the back, there was an engraving of a goddess holding a pitcher.

This…looks so cool.
Regardless of the event, I wanted to collect all 12 and put them on display.
Why don’t they sell these in the real world?

“Now… Time to think about which labyrinth I should go to next.”

The most obvious choice was to go to the one that was the closest to Sacred Mountain Kikuri.
It would mean less time taken traveling.
Though, this meant going out into an area where my map wasn’t filled in.
But that wasn’t really a problem.

During the event, the locations of the labyrinths were indicated with glowing pins, even if they were in unfilled parts of your map.
And you could see your current location, as well as an arrow that showed you where to go.
So even if you weren’t familiar with the terrain, you could still just travel to the labyrinth in a straight line.

“And the closest labyrinths are Pisces and Capricorn… I think I’ll go to Capricorn then.”

Pisces was sure to be a trial related to fish, and have water.
I just went to the sea recently, and had been dealing with water a moment ago.
And so I would get away from water for now, and challenge the Capricorn Labyrinth…!

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