, as they were now made of metal, they were even heavier.
And so I was sure that Sky Tear’s cooldown time would end before they could reach me.
There was enough distance between us…


“Huh? It’s going to charge at this distance!?”

Mister White Goat began to run towards the Metal Golems.
But these were two Golems were much stronger than the previous ones.
Surely it would be killed if attacked by both…!

“Garbow! Help him!”

“Gar! Gar!”

Garbow activated Ocean Sphere, shot past the white goat, and then unleashed Red Meteor at the Metal Golem.
The sharp ringing of metal hitting metal echoed through the ruins.
But the Golems were tough.
While they took damage, it was not enough to sink them.
However, one of them now had its core exposed!

“Burning Arrow! Rapid Fire!”

I aimed at the core and shot a series of explosive arrows.
While destroying the cores meant killing the Golems, they were not necessarily brittle.
If anything, they may be harder than the rest of the body…
I continued to shoot arrow after arrow and somehow managed to take down another one.
There was only one left now…

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Garbow had been blown away.
While it had good physical defense, it wasn’t high enough to resist the impact of a punch.
And then the Golem started to swing at the goat.
It would be crushed if I didn’t do something…!

—Beep! You have acquired the skill ‘Drill Arrow.’

◆ Acquisition Reason
‘The arrow that stands on stone.’
Killing multiple stone-type enemies with arrows.

◆ Drill Arrow
Unleash an arrow with an arrowhead that spins like a drill.
Effective against rock and machine type monsters.

It’s been a while since I last acquired a skill like this.
And just in time!

“Drill Arrow!”

Kiririri…Shu! Kyuuiiin!!

The arrowhead rotated rapidly as it pierced into the right side of the Metal Golem’s chest.
And then it dug deeper and deeper in.
And in just a few seconds, the Drill Arrow shot out the other side.
So it had easily pierced through that steel body…
Now all of the Metal Golems were defeated, and no one stood in our path to the 10th floor.

“Couldn’t they just make those three Golems the boss…?”


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The white goat replied energetically.
Well, maybe they were.
Maybe the only thing on the 10th floor is the black goat? And just taking the white goat there means I finished the labyrinth?
But if that’s the case, then what is the requirement for getting the reward?

As I wondered about this, we reached the 10th floor…which was a great hall.
It looked like it could be a boss arena…


The white goat started to run towards something.
A black goat…



…A black goat’s head was on a human body.
It was a Baphomet demon.
Mister Black Goat had fallen to the dark side…!
Was this…a surprisingly cruel end to the story?

“It looks like Old Black Goat has studied black magic too much, and he himself has turned into a demon…! But he might return to normal if knocked unconscious! Please help me fight!”

“Okay… You can talk!? Mister White Goat? Why didn’t you talk before…”

“He has the demon and beast attributes.
If you have skills that are effective against them, use them!”

He ignored me…!
My honest question…!

C-calm down… These kinds of surprises were common enough in this game.
Besides, Baphomet was a famous demon.
But if it was put here as a boss, it won’t be weak.
And this was a great hall.
There were no obstacles to hide behind or high platforms to shoot from.
Perhaps I could use Floating Cloud, but Baphomet had wings.

While I wasn’t sure if this story made any sense, I wouldn’t let my guard down during this fight…

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