can still do it your way if you want…”

It was quite obvious that this was related to the requirement for the reward…
Anyone could see that.
And since I realized it, I would ask him to deal the final blow.

You can do it, Mister White Goat.”

Just give me a little time!”


A magic circle appeared around the white goat’s feet.
There were 12 numbers around the circle, just like a clock.
And then the ‘1’ started to glow.
Surely…he wasn’t asking us to fend off the enemy until they were all glowing…?

“Thank you!”

W-wait a minute.
Baphomet only had a millimeter of HP left.
That meant I couldn’t attack him to slow him down…
And while his HP wouldn’t recover, he was able to regrow certain parts of his body.
New wings sprouted out, and his knees were healing.

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Furthermore, after the HP loss, a red aura had appeared around him, and he was visibly angry.
And this anger was clearly directed towards me.
Had it been directed at Garbow, I could give the order to stop attacking, and then just focus on healing him…
In-in any case, I’ll try glaring back at Baphomet.
Maybe he would recoil…

–Beep! You have acquired the skill ‘Intimidating Eyes.’

◆ Acquisition Reason
‘Shooting Glare’
Continued to glare at a hostile enemy without attacking them.

◆ Intimidating Eyes
Intimidate enemies when your eyes meet, temporarily stopping their movement.
The effect is weaker if you’re far away.

S-so it really did give me a skill…
I guess I should test it out…!

“Intimidating Eyes!”

I glared at Baphomet.


It was clearly afraid.
Now, just stay there and don’t move… I thought, but the effect didn’t last forever.
You had to look away and wait a while before activating it again.

But while I could only stop someone for a few seconds, it was still a powerful skill.
And the requirement was quite easy, and would be something that people with other jobs could acquire as well.
And yet I hadn’t seen anyone else use it.
And it wasn’t something difficult to use, like a bow…

In any case, I focused on using this new skill, Intimidating Eyes, while using Web Arrow and Warp Arrow.
And with Garbow covering me, we were able to buy enough time.

“Now I’m finished! White magic, Saint Goat!”

The white goat unleashed a powerful shining light.
My vision turned white for a second, and when I could see again, the Baphomet had returned to a black goat.


The two goats jumped around happily.
I tried not to think about how it had suddenly stopped talking.
We had made it through…this dungeon.

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‘Congratulations-nyon! You’ve conquered the Capricorn trial-nyon! And you even fulfilled the requirements for the reward-nyon! As I’m sure you already know, the requirement was having Mister White Goat use his magic to defeat Baphomet! And so your reward is… ‘Mister White Goat’s Letter Paper’-nyon!’

Charin handed me some paper that had the two goats depicted on it.
As NSO didn’t have an actual mail system, it was likely a crafting material.
…Ah, just like the Sacred Mountain Water, it had a ‘Use’ option.
And it could be used on me.
Without hesitation, I selected ‘Use.’

—Beep! You have acquired the skill ‘Letter Arrow.’

◆ Letter Arrow
This skill has two effects.
① Enter a text or voice message into the arrow before shooting.
Players will be able to see the message through inspecting the arrow.
② Unleashes an arrow that analyzes information on monsters.
Finds out and records information such as ‘attributes’ and ‘skills’ after hitting an enemy.

①’s effect was simple to understand.
It was a letter fixed to an arrow.
It would probably be useful for sending messages to the advance guard if I was in a party.
Because if I wanted to make use of my range, I would definitely find myself moving away from the others.

②’s effect was an ‘investigate’ type skill.
It would display information about monsters.
Since I was starting to acquire more skills with special attributes, it was perfect.
Being able to know an enemy’s skills beforehand was also great.
Even if I didn’t know what effect their skill had, the name alone would be a hint.

‘And here is the Capricorn medal-nyon!’

The Capricorn medal looked a lot like the Aquarius medal.
There were jewels on the front side that were in the shape of the actual constellation, and on the back, there was a realistic depiction of a goat.
Yes, it looked so cool that you’d want to collect them…
Still, there were 10 left.
So the road ahead was long.

I had cleared two trials today, and it would be evening soon.
And so I wanted to return to town and logout.
Both trials were very interesting, but I also felt quite tired…

I hadn’t even decided which labyrinth I would take on next.
I suppose it would be natural to go to the closest one, which was the Sagittarius Labyrinth…
Of course, Sagittarius meant…archery.
And because that was my field of expertise, it also made me a little tense.

People recognized me now.
And so they would expect me to do well with that trial…
In a way, it was the most intimidating one.
So, what should I do…
Well, I will decide on that tomorrow!

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