Anyway, thanks, old man.
I’m sorry you had to see us like that.”

“Not at all.
I hate bugs too, so I understand how you feel.”

“I’m glad to hear that.
I knew there was something special about you during the turf war, and it seems like I wasn’t wrong.”

“Right? I told you that I had a good eye for finding people!”

“I’m not giving you credit for that! Come on, let’s do ‘it!’”

“Hmph… Right, ‘it!’”

It… What was ‘it’?
But they started to move before I could ask.
Hatake struck the ground with the end of his flag as he advanced.

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And Petta blew her trumpet as she walked.


Were they trying to make music?

“Ah, I better explain this to you, or you’ll think we’re crazy.
Don’t worry.
We’re doing this as a way of finding traps.”

According to Petta’s explanation…
The floor traps were activated by any kind of shock applied to the area.
And so hitting the floor could cause them to activate before you reached them.
As for the Hell Stingers in the walls, just like earlier, they came out when a player passed by.
However, by blasting the walls with sounds, they would come out earlier, and so you could avoid being ambushed.

So, though it may have looked strange, their actions had proper meaning.
Thanks to them, we were able to avoid several traps in the ground.
However, we weren’t attacked by any Hell Stingers after that…
But we needed to kill 5 in order to get the reward.

“They become more common the deeper you go.
There are 5 floors in this dungeon, though the last one is the boss room, so I guess there are only 4 that you can explore.”

“In other words, the 4th floor will be the best place to encounter Hell Stingers.”

So we can look for Hell Stingers after we reach the 5th floor and are ready to take on the boss.
If anything, that would be ideal.
Because it’s not like they will stop appearing after we kill 5 of them.
So it will be a waste if we kill 5 in the beginning.”

It was certainly different when you had someone with you who had already beaten it once.
Basically, it was best to be able to reach the 4th floor without fighting too much.

“Ah! Look, old man! It’s the stairs that lead to the next floor!”

At the end of the passage was a huge staircase.
Petta had also explained that the location of the stairs changed randomly every time you entered.

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And so we were quite lucky to find it after only just starting our exploration of the 1st floor.

While there weren’t many floors in this dungeon, each was quite vast.
And so if you were unlucky, you might be wandering inside for a long time.

“Now that we can see the stairs, we should just dash through instead of wasting time!”

Hatake started to run forward.
It was such a typically conceited move.
And to no one’s surprise, he was ambushed by a Hell Stinger that broke through the walls.


Somehow, I had known this would happen.
And I answered with an attack.

“Sky Tear!”

This charge attack had great piercing ability.
It easily pierced through the Hell Stinger, dealing damage and causing it to stagger back.
In the meantime, Hatake ran back towards us.

Use that skill…”

“Hehe… I wonder how long it will take me this time…for my fingers to stop shaking so that I can blow this trumpet…”

So she needed to mentally prepare each time…

“Don’t worry old man, I’m here! And I am burning with hatred for that scorpion! Now is the time for you to witness my true power!”

Hatake raised his flag.
His class was Flag Magician, and they were good with buffs.
If he cast an attack buff on me, it would make it a lot easier to face the Hell Stinger with its hard shell.
However, would Mister Hatake really be able to fulfill his role here…?!

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