Data.60 – Old Bowman, Golden Dead King

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“Old man! Take this buff!”

Hatake waved his flag and then a beautiful, blue aura surrounded me.

“Defense Enhance! Now you won’t have to worry about its attacks! So, go and defeat that horrible scorpion!”

Not quite what I had in mind.
It was true that the Hell Stingers had powerful attacks, and so enhancing my defenses seemed like a good decision.
But my defense status was low from the beginning, so raising it wouldn’t mean much.
They say that offense is the greatest defense, and it would have been better to buff my attack ability so that I could kill it quickly.
And so I would have to slow down the Hell Stinger in order to ask Hatake to cast a different buff.

“Intimidating Eyes!”

Even scorpions had eyes.
After being hit by the effect of the skill, the Hell Stinger stopped for a few seconds.
It was such a powerful skill that I couldn’t understand why more people weren’t talking about it.

“Old man, what skill was that!?”

“Uh, it’s called Intimidating Eyes, and you can freeze enemies by looking them in the eye.”

“I know that skill! After all, I have it too! But it usually doesn’t work at this range, and even when it does, they barely stop moving at all! In other words, it’s a sort of useless skill!”

“I-is that right?”

The effect of Intimidating Eyes weakened the farther away you were from the enemy.
Because it didn’t have much range… Could this be another skill that was enhanced because of my status?
Perhaps my range being so long meant that the area of effect was widened and so the effect was also stronger.
Who would have thought that increasing your range would come with such a bonus.

“Mister Hatake.
Cast an attack buff on me while there’s still time.”

“Ah, that’s right! Let’s hurry up and take this scorpion down so we can advance!”

Hatake waved his flag, and this time I was surrounded by a red aura.
And I immediately felt that my attack power had gone up.

“Drill Arrow! Rapid Fire!”

The effect of the buff was instant.
After being hit by multiple arrows, the Hell Stinger was annihilated.
This was the second one.
As long as we worked together, they were nothing to fear.
That’s why they wanted a party of 4 to go through this dungeon.

That being said, you failed the trial the moment you made a mistake and died by them.

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And so you would want to just meet the 5 you killed, and clear the dungeon…

◆ ◆ ◆

“Attack Enhance!”
“Break Melody…! Ugghhh…!”
“Bow Shower!”

We worked together to shower the monster with attacks.
It was a giant worm-like monster called a Mongolian Death Worm that broke out of the wall.
It was based on a creature that is alleged to exist in the real world.
That being said, there sure were a lot of scary monsters in the desert that evoked hell and death.

“I…really hate this dungeon… Everything is so gross… And we’ve already had to kill 10 Hell Stingers…”

Petta was covered in wounds.
As she stated, we had been unlucky enough to encounter 10 Hell Stingers, meaning we killed twice as many as we needed to.
They didn’t just come out of the walls, but would jump down from the ceiling or pop out from a corner like someone from an old romantic comedy.
You could never let your guard down.

“Still, we’ve found the stairs leading to the boss floor! Now I can finally get a Scorpio medal! And a special reward too!”

In spite of everything, Hatake seemed excited.
He was like the eye of the storm.
While everyone else was tossed about around him, he was not affected.

“Alright, let’s brace ourselves and take on the boss.”

We climbed the stairs and reached the 5th and final floor.
It was a square, well, pyramid-shaped area.
And the floor was covered in sand.
This might make it difficult to walk.

“Ah, the coffin just moved!”

There was a golden coffin in the far back, and it started to shake.
Then the lid was blown off, and out came a mummy that was wrapped in gold bandages.
The Gold Mummy.
While I usually thought of mummies as being skinny, this one was muscular and tall.
It was something more likely to appear in a thrilling action movie than a horror.

“Alright, alright! I’m completely fine when it comes to enemies like this!”

Petta said as she raised her fist into the air.
While this enemy was a mummy, it was so wrapped up that you couldn’t see what was inside.
And so it wasn’t really scary.

However, the size and golden wrappings did make it intimidating.
Surely it was powerful and tough as well…
Maybe I should find out.

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“Letter Arrow!”

It was a skill that allowed you to see information regarding enemy monsters that you hit.
You wouldn’t be able to learn everything, but you could learn what attributes they had and the names of their skills, which could lead to finding their weaknesses.
The Gold Mummy just stood there and took the arrows as they came.

◆ Gold Mummy
Attribute: Spirit/Rock
Skill: Gold Fist, Sand Blade, Bind Band
An ancient king of the desert.
A great lover of shining golden treasure.
So much so that he ordered for his body to be wrapped in golden bandages when he died.
On the other hand, he was gifted with great size and martial arts ability in battle.

That was a lot of information…
But it gave me an idea of its combat style.
It would fight us with close quarters combat.
And this Gold Fist sounded a lot like a charge attack…

“Hatake, Petta…I’ll share the information with you.”

You could share information from Letter Arrow with other party members.
Now, how would we fight, since there was no clear advance guard in this party…

“I guess I’ll just attack.”

After receiving buffs from Hatake, Garbow and I switched to attacking.
This Gold Mummy had the spirit and rock attributes.
In other words, Drill Arrow and Holy Splash would be effective.


The rotating arrow and holy water bullet shot towards the mummy.
The bandages unraveled from the mummy’s arms, and it swung them like whips, knocking my attacks out of the air.
I see.
There was no point in being effective if they couldn’t even reach it…

“Break Melody!”


She had blown so hard that the sound that resulted was horrible.
However, Petta seemed to have finally found her groove.
You could not block an attack you couldn’t see.
Even his bandages wouldn’t help now.
However, as Petta had said previously, the cost of ignoring an enemy’s defense was very low power.

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And since this was a boss, it’s HP gauge barely went down.

“Then how about a different sound! Burn Melody!”

She sounded even worse than before.
And the thing that was unleashed…was a musical note.
Those symbols that look like tadpoles.
And the black round part was blinking red like some kind of bomb.

“Most of Petta’s sound skills are like this… You can ‘see’ the sound! It’s only Break Melody and normal attacks that are special!”

Mister Hatake explained.
You could see the sound…huh.
Well, at this point, it was just a normal ranged weapon then.

“While these sounds can be seen, they still have features that are unique to ‘sound.’”

After being unleashed, the musical note moved quickly.
Even the agile Gold Mummy was unable to dodge it.
And this time, it carved a chunk out of the HP gauge.

“Not quite…the speed of sound, but it’s one of the faster ranged weapons.
Besides, ‘sound’ echoes! This skill doesn’t ignore an enemy’s defenses, but it can ignore the defense stats of equipment.
Because it echoes on the inside!”

While Break Melody ignored all defenses, Burn Melody ignored defenses of equipment and dealt damage.
Though the Gold Mummy was wrapped in tough-looking gold bandages, it was a mummy inside.
And so no matter how big it was, it should easily crumble.
And so being able to have your attack echo inside of it would do a lot of damage.

It really was interesting to watch other players fight.
Everyone had their own style and ideals.
…But there was no time to get distracted.
The Gold Mummy started to create small mummies,

“U-um… Should there really be this many?”

There were dozens of them now.
And they all attacked us at once.
It was like a scene out of a monster movie…

“Bow Shower!”

I used a rain of arrows to decrease their number.
As they were not bound in gold bandages, they were easy to kill.
However, it seemed that they would continue to spawn until you killed the actual boss.
Perhaps I should lure the small mummies away, and then use Warp Arrow to get behind the Gold Mummy and then ambush it with Sky Tear…

“Warp Arrow!”

“Full Enhance!”

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“Sky Tear!”

…Something was sandwiched in between my skill combo.

“Ah, you shouldn’t have warped! That just wasted my most powerful buff!”

Apparently, Hatake had cast Full Enhance on me, but as I had warped out of his range, it had been cast on himself instead.
Now that I thought about it, he had used Full Enhance on me once before.
And he had said that it could only be used once a day.
In exchange, it enhanced all kinds of stats, making it a very powerful buff.
But it didn’t last very long…

“Well, if it’s on me, then I might as well use it.
I’ll deal the final blow!”

And then Hatake charged at the Gold Mummy.
He was fast…! The buff was working!

“Flag Rush!”

He used the flag like a spear, and stabbed the enemy multiple times.
Even though he was attacking over the golden bandages, the boss’s HP started to drop.
That was how effective the buff was.

Thanks to my Sky Tear, Petta’s Burn Melody, and Garbow, who ignored the small mummies and continued to target the Gold Mummy, it had lost a lot of HP already.
But just as I thought Hatake could end it with his attacks… The Gold Mummy swung its great arm and slammed it into Hatake, sending him flying into the air.
Hatake crashed into the wall.
However, he wasn’t killed.
The buff had raised his defenses too.

And the Gold Mummy’s attention was still directed at him.
If I used this opportunity to shoot at its back…!

“Damage Boost!”

Hatake shouted, and the last of the Gold Mummy’s HP was carved away.
And like that, it vanished, taking the small mummies with it.
What kind of attack was that…

“I did it! I thought it would be a dud, but it was quite useful after all! It’s a special skill that allows you to increase the damage you dealt to an enemy, after the fact.
But I didn’t really understand it.
And so I didn’t use it, knowing that Petta would just laugh at me!”

Was there anything he couldn’t buff…?
I sometimes forgot that he was a 3rd, which meant he was ahead of me.
And I admired his dedication to a single talent.

The only issue was that he didn’t seem to be too aware of it himself.
It was like he wasn’t completely sure how to even use the buffs.
His style relied so much on luck…
Well, in any case, we had cleared the Scorpio Trial.
And so I felt gratitude towards my party.

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