Data.63 – Old Bowman, Money Hunt

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“Windcloud Blast! Whirlwind! Floating Cloud!”

The wind hit me, pushed me up, and I rode the clouds.
I had succeeded in positioning myself right above the hunting grounds.
Now I just needed to shoot any monsters I saw on the surface.

If possible, I wanted to avoid taking any prey that other players were already fighting.
And so I would target monsters that had just spawned on the field.
With my range, I would be able to shoot them as soon as they appeared.

Kiririri…shu! Zhunk!

A lot of the monsters had body parts that shone like metal, or had jewels embedded into them.
This was Manimani Hill, and even the monsters were rich.
After all, it would normally be incredibly difficult to reach 10,000 NS by selling materials that monsters dropped.
I would occasionally sell items that I didn’t need, and even when selling dozens at a time, I never got close to 10,000.

Pon, pon, Shuppon!

The items that the monsters dropped would fly towards me automatically and be stored in my inventory.
This system made hunting on the field a lot easier.
In comparison, gathering items during the turf war had been very difficult.

At the same time, I also got items from the monsters that Garbow was killing on the ground.
As he was killing every monster in sight, it was possible that he was being a nuisance to other players…but he was a fish, and so I hoped they would forgive him…
Now, let’s look at the items that I gathered.

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They are mostly precious stones… If anything, I’m worried that I’ll exceed 10,000.”

Looking up the prices would be the safe way to go about it, but I thought that I might as well go by instinct on my first try.
And so once I had used Floating Cloud three times in an hour, which was the limit, I returned to the ground.
Floating Cloud lasted for 5 minutes, which meant I had been hunting for 15 minutes total.
Still, I had been able to get more than enough items.
As short as that time was, I had been able to concentrate, and never missed any shots.
Now I just need to select enough drop items to make 10,000 NS, and then give them to Charin.

“Yeah, I want to experience the excitement of going by instincts first.”

And so I selected 4 ‘Sapphire Fragments’ and 2 ‘Ruby Fragments’ and submitted them to Charin.

‘Ohh! While you could have gone the easy route, you decided to do it normally.
I’m impressed-nyon! As for whether the prices match up…they do not-nyon!’

That was quick…!
While there were other players waiting in line, there was no feeling of suspense at all.

‘However, there is still hope-nyon! If the difference is within 500 NS, then you will be awarded the medal-nyon! As for the price of your items, Mister Kyuji… Eighteen thousand! Way off!’

I guess precious stones really were more expensive…
And so a small miscalculation could push you way off.
My guess had been that the Sapphire Fragments were 2,000 NS each, and the Ruby Fragments were 1,000 each.
So, if it is 18,000, maybe I was right about the sapphires, and the rubies were about 5,000?

Then I wonder how much these Emerald Fragments cost?
I had thought that rubies were the cheapest, and emeralds the most expensive, but maybe it was the other way around?
Thinking that I could do it this time, I selected 4 ‘Sapphire Fragments’ and 2 ‘Emerald Fragments’ and waited in line before submitting them to Charin once again.

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‘Oh!? Ohh!? Could this be…a perfect match…!?’

Did I do it…!?
No, it can’t be.
Surely she would hold back more and…

‘It is!! A perfect match! Exactly 10,000 NS!’

As Charin was shouting, the other players started to look in our direction.
Now that I thought about it, I hadn’t heard her be so loud while I was waiting.
But since you could simply look it up, there should have been plenty of other players getting a perfect match as well…

‘I only shout when I know the person did it through pure guesswork-nyon! Otherwise, I’ll be shouting all day-nyon!’

I see.
That made sense.
Still, it was a good thing I had used precious stones.
As they were expensive, they were easy to use.
You didn’t have to worry about having 1 or 10 NS difference.

‘Now here is your Libra medal!’

It had the Libra constellation on the front and a picture of a scale on the back.
The scale was realistic and carefully depicted.
While most of the medals had living creatures on them, they did not go the lazy route because it was just an object.

‘And the special prize, ‘Wings of Judgement’-nyon!’

…What is this?
A stick with wings growing out.

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It felt like metal… And it was gold in color.
Maybe it was an item that could be sold for a high price?
You couldn’t ‘Use’ it.
Well, you would occasionally acquire items where you had no idea how to use them.

I put the reward and the medal away and started my journey to the next labyrinth.
If I continued on the same order, the next was Virgo.
It was the closest one.
In the first place, there were some people who said that the libra scale was something held by the virgo goddess of justice.
Perhaps the reason that Charin’s Libra costume had lacked fantasy elements was because it would have too many similarities with Virgo.

In any case, would this old man be able to clear the goddess’s trial…?
I was starting to get worried.
Well, this game was still mostly focused on combat.
And so it would probably involve fighting in some way.

“That’s right.
I should check our levels.
It might have gone up again.”

My level was…25.
I was nearing the end of my time as a 2nd.
All of the strengthening points went straight to Range, which resulted in a total of 350 meters.
Adding the effects of equipment and skills, I would be able to shoot incredibly far without using Immobile Sniping Stance, which had a demerit.

As for Garbow…he was at a nice level 40.
With Unisons, their points were distributed automatically upon leveling up.
And so I had to check it regularly.
But just as I opened the status window in order to see them in more detail, I felt my body lift off the ground.

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“…Woah!? Ahhhh!!”

I slid down a steep slope, and landed hard on my butt at the base.
There was fall damage… It must have been quite a drop…
One should never check their status while walking.

That being said, I had been walking in the forest.
But where was I now…?
But when I opened my map, I realized the shocking truth.

“I’ve been walking in the opposite direction of the Virgo Labyrinth…”

I had gotten the direction mixed up while I was thinking and walking.
This could easily happen when you were in a forest where the scenery never changed.
While this was fine, since I was in a game, my life would be in danger if this was real life.
Checking your map regularly was really important.

However, this terrain sure was strange.
There was something like a crater, and the ground at the bottom was burnt.
Had a huge meteor fallen here?

“Ah… So you found it-nyon.’


Charin suddenly appeared.
She was dressed like Little Red Riding Hood from the story, but the fur of a beast was also visible in certain areas.

‘Welcome to the hidden constellation labyrinth.
This is the Lupus constellation.
The Beast Trial-nyon!’

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