also growing more vicious.
Lightning struck at a faster rate, and three would fall at the same time.
Not only that, but there would be explosions of electricity after they hit.
Because of this, several of the attacks had grazed me.
Thankfully, my equipment was good with magic defense, and so they didn’t result in mortal wounds…

“Garbow! Come back!”

Now that the effect of Ocean Sphere had expired, I called Garbow back.
I usually had to do it a little earlier, since Garbow moved so slowly and it would be dangerous.
But I had been too busy dodging the lightning, and my order had been delayed.


The sound was quite close, but as long as I backed away a little, I shouldn’t be… Ah?!
Garbow was on his way back and moving straight towards me…!
At this speed, it will hit him…!

However, I could not send Garbow away like I usually could on the field.
Perhaps it was because this was the trial grounds, and they had restrictions in place.

“Garbow! Straight Dart!”

“Gar! Gar!”

It was Garbow’s charging skill that I rarely used.
If I used it repeatedly, it would be faster than just swimming.
But…Garbow was unable to dodge the lightning.
He still avoided a direct hit, but the ensuing explosion reached him.

“Are you okay!? Garbow!”

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He was clearly not in the best state.
And it had barely even touched him.
Electricity attacks really were his mortal enemy.
I quickly used a healing item to recover Garbow’s HP.

I had less than 2 minutes left now…
What I should have done was ignore Garbow, since he hadn’t been able to do that much damage, and focus on attacking now that my charge attacks had entered cooldown.
However, I had chosen to help him without really thinking about it.
It’s not as if you would lose your Unison if they were killed.
They would be the same once resurrected, but I didn’t feel like abandoning him.

“I don’t have much time left, but Zeus’s clothes are torn up.
Which is great, but also not great.
In any case, let’s do our best, Garbow!”

“Gar! Gar!”

–Beep! Your bond points with your Unison have reached a new level.
You can now use ‘Combination Charge Attack.’

Came the announcement in my brain.
What’s a ‘bond point’?
There hadn’t been any points like that in my status.
Was this…masked data?
Numbers that were hidden from players…

Just then, Garbow scattered into separate pieces.
I was dumbfounded.
But this was no time for that!

“What the hell!!”

And then the pieces of Garbow started to combine with the Windcloud Bow…!?
The bow had been a blue and white color, like the wind and clouds, but it was now covered by red and black armor!

–Beep! You have acquired the combination charge attack, ‘Meteor Bow.’

This was too much information.
I wanted to calm down and think…but I had no time.
There was less than a minute left now.
Ah! I’ll test it out then!

“Meteor Bow!”

What was unleashed then, were numerous arrows that shone red.
Bow Shower didn’t even compare when it came to the number of arrows, and with the speed of Sky Tear, they hit Zeus.
It was as if the power of Garbow’s Red Meteor was now inside of the arrows…

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A meteor…a meteor shower!

I only had a little bit of time left.
This was my only hope…!
Without thinking about the falling lightning, I just unleashed the arrows.
It was like my body wasn’t mine anymore… My arms were moving so fast that they were a blur.

5 seconds remaining.
4, 3, 2, 1…

“…It stopped?”

The timer never reached 0.
Just when I thought that Zeus was starting to squat, he kicked off the ground and disappeared into the sky.
The thunder clouds vanished and a blue sky appeared above.
Did I…win?

‘Congratulations-nyon! I didn’t think that you’d actually defeat it-nyon!’

Charin appeared with a burst of confetti.
Confetti was nice in virtual worlds, because you never ran out of it and it disappeared when it hit the ground… Such pointless thoughts went through my mind.
But there were more important things to think about.

‘I knew you would survive, but I thought that you didn’t have enough firepower to defeat it in time… But then you acquired the combination attack! What a surprise-nyon!’

That’s right.
I was able to win thanks to Garbow.
Though, was he alright? He fell apart and combined with my equipment…

“Huh? Where’s Garbow?”

I had thought that he went back in, but he wouldn’t appear after being summoned.
Co-could it be that…

‘The combination attack is the power of your bond.
After activating, the Unison uses all of its power and will be unable to do anything for a while.
Kind of like the cooldown for your charge attacks-nyon.’

In exchange for incredible power, the Unison won’t be able to help for some time after…
And so having them fight normally would probably be the better option if it’s a drawn out fight.
But it could be a good trump card when you needed a quick burst of firepower.
I would have to look into the details of it later.

Still, Garbow really helped me.
I would have to thank him when he came back.
He didn’t understand words, so it was more self-satisfaction than anything, but that was fine.

‘Well then, you will be warped back to the field you were in! And you will also get the reward-nyon!’

And so I was warped from the sunny fields of grass to the blackened crater.
Now, what reward would I get for defeating a god…?

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