Data.66 – Old Bowman, AI’s Advice

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‘As I said before the fight, there are 2 rewards! Here they are-nyon! The first is… ‘Dark Wolf Fang’-nyon!’

The Lupus constellation… As it was a Beast Trial, the reward was a wolf fang.
It was black like its name, and much larger and sharper than that of an ordinary wolf.
As I had just heard stories about Lycaon, I wondered if this fang was burnt after being struck by lightning.

Now that I thought about it, those friendly wolves…had not been very useful during the fight against Zeus.
Well, I suppose it was ridiculous to expect wolves to defeat a god.

As for this item…I had no idea how to use it.
There was no ‘Use’ prompt, and so it didn’t seem to be an item that gave you a new skill.
It was just a plain fang, so it wasn’t an equipable or consumable item.
I suppose it was another crafting material then.
These sorts of items were starting to pile up in my inventory, so perhaps it was time that I seriously looked into what I was supposed to do with them.
And so I put the Dark Wolf Fang away and asked Charin for the next item.

‘And the second one is… Judgement Lightning-nyon! While it looks like it will shock you, it won’t do anything.
So don’t worry-nyon!’

The thing she gave me…was some kind of ore that was filled with electric energy?
It was a mysterious item that could possibly be described as solidified lightning.
And while it didn’t electrocute me, my body was likely to misunderstand, seeing as how much it buzzed with electricity.

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In any case, I would see if I could use it.
As it really just looked like a mass of electricity, I had thought that maybe I would get a lightning-related skill, but it was not the case.
I could not use it on Garbow or myself.
And it couldn’t be equipped either.
In other words…it was also a crafting material.

While I was sure that it would come in handy eventually, it was quite annoying to have something and not know what it’s for.
Perhaps Charin could tell me, but since she was with management, she was probably not allowed to give me such information.
And so I would continue my adventure in order to find the answers on my own.

“This one was quite fun as well, Charin.
Thanks for the items.
And the hint.”

‘You are welcome-nyon!’

I thanked her and left.
My destination was the same as before.
I would go to the Virgo Labyrinth.

‘Could it be…that you are going directly to the next labyrinth?’

Charin’s voice called out from behind me.
I turned around in surprise.

“That’s the plan…”

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‘Your equipment…looks like it’s taken a lot of damage-nyon!’


I looked at my body carefully.
Indeed, there were burnt spots all over the Windcloud set, as well as places where it was torn.
I hadn’t realized that it had taken so much damage over time…!
There had been times when Zeus’s lightning singed me, but I hadn’t realized how much of an effect it had.

‘The damage to your equipment isn’t just about how powerful an enemy’s attack is, but what type it is as well-nyon! There are attacks that can one-shot you but have almost no effect on your equipment-nyon!’

I recalled the Blue Sea Dragon that I had fought…well, been killed by.
Its ‘Tide Breath’ had sent me to my grave in one hit, but it hadn’t affected my equipment.
In other words, Zeus’s lightning just happened to be an attack that did have an effect.

‘If it’s just a little damage, then it’s not reflected on your outfit.
This isn’t because it would be too much of a hassle to make it look tattered…but that players would feel bad if every little mistake made their equipment look worse-nyon.’

I had heard that showing damage was a lot of work in both 3D games and animation.
These days, even robot cartoons were in 3D, and I felt that they lacked impact in terms of damage compared to 2D.
Considering all of that, the damage in NSO was actually quite impressive.
It made me want to hurry up and repair it once I realized it.

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‘Your equipment is in danger! It will break if you don’t repair it-nyon! Broken equipment can be prepared by craftsmen with the right materials, but it’s much more expensive-nyon! You should have them fixed before they break! That is part of the basics-nyon!’

While she was an AI from a different game, she sure knew a lot about this one.
However, I too had some knowledge about repairing equipment.
The thing was, due to my combat style of using ranged attacks, I had been able to avoid taking damage for the most part.
And so there had been no need to repair anything.
But…even though it was necessary now, I still couldn’t do it.

“I understand how to fix your equipment.
However, this Windcloud set can’t be repaired in the first town or the port town.
I think it’s probably because I lack the right materials…”

‘That’s 50% right-nyon.’


‘Of course, materials are important-nyon.
The Windcloud set is very rare! That means you need rare materials as well-nyon! At the same time, you’ll need the help of a skilled craftsman as well-nyon!’

“A skilled craftsman…? It can’t just be someone from the first town?”

It must be one of the brilliant craftsmen who live hidden in various lands across this world.
Without them, rare equipment cannot be repaired, restored, evolved or enhanced-nyon!’

“I-I see…”

Up until now I had just assumed that I lacked the necessary materials, but it was really that I hadn’t met anyone who could handle the items.

‘Well, since I’ve told you this much already, you should know that you can combine crafting materials to create new items-nyon.
Of course, if they are rare items, then you must go to a special craftsman to have them combined-nyon!’

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“So these items that I don’t know how to use.
They might also be reborn into powerful items under the right hands… Are you really allowed to tell me that?”

‘Well, I can’t be giving you any special items, but this amount of information is fine-nyon! In the first place, quite a lot of people know about the special craftsmen already-nyon.
However, they just don’t have rare enough materials or equipment to go to them-nyon.
But you had the opposite problem!’

“Thankfully, I seem to have pretty good luck.
On the other hand, I tend to encounter some insane enemies…”

And here is some information, since you’re so lucky-nyon! If you want to look for a good craftsman, try going to the western Foggy Mountains.
You are sure to find an amazing craftsman in mountains that are covered in fog-nyon!’

“That’s really good information… Uh, you’re sure about it?”

‘Yes, most likely! Of course, it’s up to you if you believe it or not! Bye-bye!’

Charin disappeared.
The loud forest suddenly grew quiet.
At the very end, she had cast some doubt on the information.
Either it was mischief, or she didn’t want to make it too obvious…
In any case, I would believe her words.

I would go to the Foggy Mountains.
Otherwise, my Windcloud set might get destroyed in the other trials.
This Zodiac event was going to be a long one.
So there would be no problem in taking a slight detour.
After all, the host of the event had given me some advice…

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