ade for complaining about the goat.
But it can’t be helped.

30: Anonymous Runner
The area was so crowded with the Libra trial…
The hunting grounds were the real challenge.

31: Anonymous Runner
And yet they had increased the monster spawn rate just for the event.
Of course, it was pretty low around Manimani Hills to begin with.
But it was known as a good spot to hunt for monsters who dropped expensive materials.

32: Anonymous Runner
My friend was so mad that the place has become well-known now.
But I was just angry that he knew of such a place and hadn’t told me.

33: Anonymous Runner

34: Anonymous Runner

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Poor thing.

35: Anonymous Runner
I guess you weren’t real friends…heh.

36: Anonymous Runner
The Gemini trial is also quite stressful.
You really need to use your head.

37: Anonymous Runner
It’s confusing…
It’s closer to a puzzle game.

38: Anonymous Runner
The Aquarius trial was also quite challenging.
I was having so much trouble that I added a little lake water into the glass and showed it to Charin, but she knew immediately.
I’ll never forget her exasperated expression.
It sent chills down my spine…

39: Anonymous Runner
Charin is so busy already.
Don’t make her job any harder.

40: Anonymous Runner
So, I guess Scorpio, Virgo, and Leo are the relatively normal trials?

41: Anonymous Runner
Cancer was also pretty normal.
Just ignore the crab part.

42: Anonymous Runner
It’s based on mythology!

43: Anonymous Runner
Yeah, the Cancer one was a simple trial.
Maybe too simple.

44: Anonymous Runner
I thought it was pretty challenging

45: Anonymous Runner
The Scorpio trial was great, wasn’t it?

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The atmosphere of the dungeon was amazing, and while the Hell Stingers have hard shells, they are pretty weak to magic.
Though, rip to those who didn’t have magic.

46: Anonymous Runner
Are you talking about me!?

47: Anonymous Runner
Look what you did.

48: Anonymous Runner
It’s been a while since we had a nice, calm thread.
And it seems like there are more new people recently.
It’s a good trend.

49: Anonymous Runner
Having new people come into these threads is a bad trend.

50: Anonymous Runner
Everyone just focuses on the game when it’s fun.
People only post here when something bad happens.

51: Anonymous Runner
I meant new people within the game.

52: Anonymous Runner
Thanks to the event period being so long, you could join the game now and still have time to clear all of the trials.

53: Anonymous Runner
I’m impressed that each trial is actually related to the Zodiac.

54: Anonymous Runner
It’s because they are seriously thinking about it while making them that they’ve turned out so well…

55: Anonymous Runner
Management and Charin are doing a good job.

◆ ◆ ◆

While many players enjoyed the early parts of the event, Kyuji finished 5 trials.
Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio and Libra, and so he acquired 5 medals.
He also cleared the hidden Lupus ‘Beast’ trial as well.
But his Windcloud set was damaged during the battle.
In order to repair his equipment, Kyuji put the event on hold and decided to go and search for the craftsman who lived in the western mountains, as Charin had suggested.

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