e equipment and materials.

“Ah, that’s right.
Maybe I should take Garbow out here.”

And so I summoned Garbow, as the cooldown for the combination attack had already ended.
The cooldown had actually ended while I was still traveling, but it would attract attention from other players if I summoned him then, and there was also the possibility that he would attack monsters outside of the road.
And so I had waited.

“Gar! Gar!”

“I’m glad you’re okay, Garbow.
Thanks for helping me back there.”

“Gar! Gar!”

As always, I had no idea if he actually understood me.
All Unisons understood words that were related to battle commands and skill activation, but it was unknown if they understood anything else.
However, I was relieved to see that there was no change after his body had come apart earlier.
Since I was able to use it again, I decided to check out the new skill.

◆Meteor Bow

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Unleashes numerous arrows that shine red like meteors.
Cooldown: 1 hour.

They say that with card games, the cards with short, simple text tend to be the strong ones.
And it seemed to apply here as well.
While it unleashed numerous arrows, each arrow was quite powerful, and so it would be effective even against enemies with high defense ability.
I wasn’t sure if the cooldown time was long or short.
I suppose it was the right amount of time considering its power, but it felt long when I considered the fact that I wouldn’t be able to use Garbow for a full hour.

In any case, it meant that I could basically only use it once during a battle.
After all, I doubted that I’d be fighting the same enemy for over an hour.
Even the Windcloud Dragon had not taken that long.

“I’ll continue to count on you, Garbow.”

“Gar! Gar!”

And so with Garbow in tow, I started to explore the town.
In conclusion, while we found a lot of pandas, but we did not find a skilled craftsman…
Still, there were pandas in all sorts of places here.
They leaned against the walls of buildings and ate bamboo leaves, or rolled around on the ground and nearly tripped me over.
Pandas were related to bears, so letting them roam freely seemed a little dangerous… But this was a fantasy world.

But there were still no skilled craftsmen.
There were normal ones, but they weren’t able to handle the Windcloud set.
Tsk…so it wasn’t this town then…
As it was a full mountain range, the area was quite vast.
It wouldn’t be surprising if there was another town.
Hell, there could be a town in the middle of the mountains.

“There aren’t many craftsmen who can fix your equipment.
However, perhaps the person who lives in the Phantom Fog Peak, which is at the top of the mountain…may be able to do it.”

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It was an ordinary craftsman who gave me the answer.
I felt a little bad about calling him ‘ordinary,’ but they had to be differentiated somehow.

“Can you tell me more…about this person!?”

“Sure thing.
I normally would not want to introduce you to another craftsman.
But this is someone I can’t compare to…”

Apparently, his name was Yu Shanyu.
And he lived near the top of the mountain, in an area where numerous, sharp, rocky hills stood.
And while he would occasionally come down to the town, he only accepted jobs from people who climbed up to meet him.

“As the name implies, the Phantom Fog Peak is thick with fog and gets very little light.
And there are also vicious monsters that live in the area.
And once you reach the top, you will be inside of the clouds.
No one else would live there by choice, but he is eccentric.
Well, I also live near the base of the same mountain, so I can’t talk about other people!”

According to him, there were no other towns in the area.
Furthermore, this Yu was the only person who lived at Phantom Fog Peak.

“Of course, it’s not like I’ve confirmed this with my own eyes, so I could be wrong.
And the mountain is large, so perhaps someone else is living there in secret.”

“Well, thank you.”

So Charin had told me of a craftsman that would be easier for me to find.
It would have been rather sadistic of her, if I had to wander through the entire mountain range during my search, but if there was only one town, and I could find information in that town, then you could say that it was a simple, one way road to the craftsman.

“The only problem is, this one road seems rather dangerous…”

Even though I questioned other people in town, no one could tell me what it was like in the mountain that was covered by fog.
In other words, I would be going into the unknown.
If this was real life, climbing a mountain you weren’t familiar with and without a map would be like suicide.
However, this was a game.
And such dangerous adventurers were part of the fun.

As I had recently been taking on trials with proper rules for the event, there was something quite exciting about going into uncharted territory like this…!

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