ep inside of her.
You can say that my style is to put all my points into ‘Raku(Ease)’.”

“Raku… Do you mean Luck?”

“Very amusing, but no.
I…just want to play with ease!”


The conversation had suddenly shifted in a strange direction…!
Satomi continued with a smug expression.

“Playing with ease is a wonderful thing.
If the results are the same, then you should take the easy route.
It’s common sense.”

“Well, perhaps.”

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“For instance, during the battle royale.
I hid without fighting and still got 2nd place.
I can take it easy and still get great results.
Look, I’m not saying that your playstyle is wrong, Mister Kyuji.
In fact, deep down, we probably think in the same way.”

Indeed, my style of putting everything into Range was due to wanting to kill enemies without moving too much, or not wanting to be hit by counter attacks.
So you could say that I just wanted to take things easy.

“However, taking it easy isn’t always easy.
Well, it was simple enough with the rules during the battle royale, but the basics of MMOs involve getting stronger over time.
And so I couldn’t do much during the turf war.
However…I have found my savior!”

Satomi petted Mister Monkey…I mean, Gochu.

“It was the implementation of the Unisons! I was lucky enough to encounter Gochu, and tamed him.
And became a Unison Trainer, which is a special job! My fighting style involves leaving everything to him.
All I have to do is give orders and support with skill and items.
That is what a Unison Trainer does!”

Satomi said all of this in one breath.

“That being said, it is still not easy to take things easy.
Monster battles here are not like a sport.
In NSO, it’s more like a battle to the death.
And if a Unison dies, then the trainer will be dead meat.
It won’t go like the anime I’m inspired by.”

He straight up admitted it…!
Well, if it was a job that involved letting your Unison do all the fighting, then his own combat abilities would be very low.
And so if they died, your fate would be to follow them…
It was like you were one mind and body.

In any case, the Unisons were implemented after the turf war, so this new job, ‘Unison Trainer’ would have been implemented at the same time.
That was quite recent.
And yet he has already changed classes and seemed to be using it well.
He must really hate fighting his own battle.
Those who were able to persevere with their own style tended to be strong.

“As it is a recent job, there are more special systems and skills than the beginner ones.
Since I have the utmost respect for you, Mister Kyuji, I do want to give you some information… But I suppose now is not the time.”

“Yeah, it would seem like it…”

We had been surrounded by some thick fog.
And it wasn’t just fog.
I could hear the growling of beasts from within.

“Monster Scan.”

Something like a light was unleashed from Satomi’s hand, and he moved it through the fog.
Once this was done, a window opened up in front of him.

“These are Mist Tigers.
As they have the special ability of being able to turn into mist, magic would be more effective than physical attacks.”

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So it was a skill like my Letter Arrow, which allowed you to learn about monsters.
But as Unison Trainer was a job that specializes in dealing with Unison Monsters, perhaps his was much better in terms of ability.
In any case, while we could see the mist, we couldn’t see the tigers.
He was able to learn about monsters that were in range, even if he couldn’t see them…

“Sorry, but I’m not really good with magic… But I do have exploding arrows.”

“Yes, that’s right.
In that case…”

Satomi closed his eyes and became silent.
And then, his body…became transparent!
At the same time, Gochu’s eyes opened wide.

“I’ll be the main fighter then.
Gochu is a monster known as a Magic Monkey.
And as the name would suggest, he’s good with magic attacks.”

Satomi’s voice came from Gochu.

“Is this some kind of possession skill?”

“No, I’m just erasing my body and hitbox with a charge attack called ‘Unmoving Invisible Stance.’ It used to be treated as a skill, but it was nerfed, as it was too powerful during PvP.
The effect wears off if you move or the time limit is up.”

So he had also experienced being nerfed…
Well, it made sense.
Such a skill would be too powerful.

“I control Gochu by using a different skill, but I’ll tell you about that later.
Right now, I have to hunt down these tigers.
I want to kill all of them before the invisibility wears off.”

Through Gochu, Satomi wielded a long club-like staff.
I suppose it was like a magic staff.

“Flame Lotus!”

Flames rose up explosively in the shape of a lotus flower.
The beautiful red flowers of fire blazed through and erased the fog.
And then the Mist Tigers appeared.

“Can you get them now?”

“Yeah, leave it to me!”

And like this, I fought alongside the odd pair that was this player and his monkey.

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