o, I don’t think so.”

I unleashed an arrow at a Cloud Spider.
It was a long spider who was perched quietly on a tree that was still far away from us.
They couldn’t run if they hadn’t even seen us enter the white forest yet, and they wouldn’t be able to enter their defense form.
In other words, ranged attacks made hunting them easy.
Not only that, but there was no need to see the bugs up close…!

“I see.
Yes, this long Range is like your essence, Mister Kyuji.”

“Well, there are times where it’s not much use to me.
But that’s life.”

I was starting to sound like a weary old man…
While I was thinking of such things, the items that the Cloud Spiders dropped started to fly towards me and go into my inventory.
So there were 2 Cloud Strands and 1 Cloud Spider Leg…
A spider leg… Uh, I’d try not to think about it.
It wasn’t even a material that I needed.
Right now, I need 25 Cloud Strands.
That’s how much I needed to repair the entire Windcloud set.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been able to hunt so calmly…”

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And so I searched for Cloud Spiders with my vision that was enhanced through Sniping Insight, and repeatedly shot them down.

◆ ◆ ◆

“It’s a surprisingly small island.”

I changed my sniping position while walking through the island.
And then we reached the other side in no time.
From there, we made a full circle of the coastline and reached the starting point again.
It really was a small island.
There were only a few types of monsters, and they weren’t very strong.
Thanks to that, I was able to gather all of the Spider Strands that I needed.
Though, it also meant getting a lot of legs…

“Well, since we both accomplished our goal, let’s go back.
There is still night time above the clouds, and I don’t want to be out at sea when it gets dark.”

And so we returned to the spot where we left the boat.

“Huh? It’s gone…”

We had pulled it up onto land, so the waves shouldn’t have been able to take it…
But after exploring the area, just to be sure, we found scattered fragments of the boat.
It had been destroyed by someone.

“…I suppose it means that we have an enemy lurking on this island.”

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We sounded like detectives who had just realized that the culprit was close by.
However, this was then immediately rejected.
There was no enemy hiding.
The island itself was the enemy.

Without making a sound, a giant head with a great jaw and long neck emerged from the sea…
And then it slowly turned around to look at us.
And glared.

“Monster Scan…! To think that I would be tricked like this… This island itself is a monster! Seacloud Turtle Dragon… We’re on its back.
On the shell!”

The ground under our feet shook.
If we were on top of the monster, that meant the distance between us was 0…!
That would mean my long range was pointless… No, that was not the case.

“How should we fight it, Mister Kyuji?”

“I have an idea.
But for now, let’s get away from its head!”


And so we dashed to the other side of the island, which we now knew to be the shell of a turtle dragon.

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