I preferred to take things slow.


I could hear something.

It was definitely a new monster.

But I didn’t see anything on the ground…

“Ah, woaaahhh!!!”

It was just what I had been afraid of!

A spider monster had been living at the top of this tree!

And it was already quite close to me!

Damn it, I hate bugs!

You could turn down the gore in this game, but there was nothing you could do when it came to arachnophobia.

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They weren’t going to swap the character models for you or anything.

Tsk…and this one was incredibly detailed!

The hairs and the eyes were so realistic!

“Don’t come any closer…! Ah, ah…!”

I lost my balance and fell from the tree branch!

But then again, it allowed me to create some distance between us!

“Infight Arrow!”

Giririri…byuu! Zhunk!


The arrow pierced the spider just as I hit the ground.

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The one saving grace seemed to be that bugs didn’t have the highest endurance.

While I had hit my hip, I also took some damage.
But as long as I was alive, it was nothing that some items couldn’t fix.

—Beep! You have acquired the skill, ‘Archery I.’

◆ Reason for acquiring

‘The first step in the way of the bow’

Have a moderate amount of experience with the bow.

[Archery I]

+10 for attacks and range when using a bow.

Apparently, I had been rewarded for going against something I hated.

This one was a passive skill.

It was simple, but also useful.

Not the flashiest skill, but I was glad to have it.

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