and floats were the same.
And it was so easy to get them mixed with other people’s!
Especially after you became distracted!
There were even times when someone thought mine was theirs.
This ‘mix up’ was another dangerous trap…

But the most dangerous trap…was myself.

“It-it’s getting harder to focus…”

Even when I tried, there were times when my mind would become dim, like a fog had come over it.
And when that happened, my timing was awful.
Getting a 2-star was fine, but once I reached 3-stars, my timing was off and I could rarely reach 4-stars.

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At that point, there was nothing I could do but put the rod down and rest for a while.

My ability to focus must have been crazy as a child…
I had lots of memories of finishing action games that were too hard or uninteresting for me now.
You can understand complex puzzles and stories as an adult, but I felt that I was definitely better at simple 2D action games when I was a kid.

I listened to the murmur of the water and thought of such things to give my mind a rest.
And then I cast the line again and stared at the float.
I repeated this over and over until I realized that it was already night time.
I had no trouble seeing the surface of the water, thanks to the lanterns by the river, but I was overcome with fatigue once I realized the time it was.

As I had made a habit of logging in during the morning and logging out during the night, my body started to feel tired at night.
Like a child who goes home when the sun comes down.
However, I intended to stay a little longer…!
If I managed to have a good streak but still failed after that, then I would give up for the day.


I kept my eyes open so I wouldn’t lose sight of the float, and took in a deep breath.
And the rest of the world seemed to fade away, and all I could see was the float, the water, and the shadow of a fish.
The float sank, I raised the rod, repeat…
The simple process was repeated with precision over and over.
How many times have I done it? I hadn’t failed yet.
And I won’t…this time!


I raised the rod without thinking, and there was a ridiculously large fish attached to it.
I fell back and nearly got crushed by the thing.

“Wh-what is this!?”

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It was huge.
Probably not a fish you would see in Japan.
And it had a giant golden medal stuck to its forehead.
Like a decoration on a general’s helmet… Just as I thought this, the fish disappeared.
Ha-had it escaped…!

‘I took the liberty of taking it since you appeared to be in pain-nyon! That was a Medallion Pirarucu! Obviously, a 5-star-nyon! And so…here you are!’

She handed me the Pisces medal.
It seemed like I hadn’t gotten one in a while, but it had a similar design to the others.
The face had the constellation made of jewels.
And the back had a picture of two fish.
Why were there two fishes? People from long ago were mysterious.

‘And here is the special reward, ‘Magic Fish Fossil’-nyon!’

Woah, what is this…
Well, it was what it sounded like.
A fossil that looked like fish bones stuck in a rock.
But how was I supposed to use it?
I couldn’t use it to learn a skill, and I couldn’t equip it.
But if it was related to fish, then perhaps it can help Garbow… I will have to ask Mister Yu.
Of course, I am tired now, so that would have to be tomorrow.

‘Hey, hey! Would you like to take a commemorative picture with the fish? Of course, there is no extra charge-nyon!’

I don’t see why not.”

And so the two of us held up the giant Medallion Pirarucu and took a photo.
It was a good photo.
But since Charin was dressed like a proper fisher and I was in beginner gear, it looked like she was the one who caught it.
It seemed like I was just the local guide who helped the pretty beast hunter catch a monster fish for her tv show.

In any case, I had cleared the greatest trial, so it was all good!

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