allowed you to make cloud platforms in the air.
One cloud lasted for five minutes, so you would be able to clear the trial easily.

Even now, my strategy was being used in one of the bullfighting rings.
A woman who looked like a witch was riding on a broom that was suspended in the air.
If she could also stay there for five minutes, then all she needed to do was wait.
It seems like they hadn’t really thought this trial out…or not.


The bull trampled the dirt with its front legs with fury.
Then it pierced the ground with its horns before lifting them into the air.
A part of the ground came out and shot through upwards like a bullet.
Caught completely off guard, the witch was not able to dodge it.
And just like that, she fell down and was pierced by the horns of the waiting bull.


Came the final cry as she turned into light and disappeared.

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Of course, even though she died, it didn’t mean that being pierced was painful.
She had probably resurrected somewhere and was stomping her foot in the dirt with frustration.

Still, it was a good thing that I didn’t bring the Cloudcrossing Tabi…!
If I had them, I would have been over confident and immediately started the trial, which would have resulted in me meeting the same fate as her.

First, I would watch other players and put together a strategy.
Perhaps I’ll find something that will give me a hint.
There was one ring in particular that had a lot of players watching.
Surely that meant there was something impressive going on.


In the center of the ring, there was a man who stood steadfast and without dodging, blocked all of the bull’s charges with his shield.
It was Buckler, a 3rd from the Straight Knights guild…!
He was able to maintain this for the full five minutes, and won the medal and the reward.
The spectators showered him with applause and praise.

His shield and armor were different from before.
They looked thicker and more durable.
However, I would never forget the face.
It was Buckler.

“It’s been a while, Kyuji.”

Buckler said as he walked towards me.
So he hadn’t forgotten about me.

I haven’t seen you since the turf war, Mister Buckler.
I’m honored that you remember my name.”

I just said what I felt, but perhaps it came off as sarcastic…?
I was a little worried, but Buckler just laughed and replied.

“Of course, I remember it! You are a top player and one of the faces of this game.
If anyone doesn’t know you, they must live in a hole.”

“Uhahaha… Well, uh, thank you.”

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I couldn’t be too modest here.
After all, I had defeated him once.
So to lower myself would mean to take him down as well.

“Oh, I see that you knew that half-assed armor would only get in the way of this trial, and so you came in your light beginner gear! Especially since there is a risk of destroying your main set! I’d expect no less from the man who beat me!”

After being praised this much, I couldn’t say that it was a coincidence or that I had been regretting not bringing my other equipment a moment ago…

“And I hear that you’ve collected a lot of medals too! I’m sure you’ll reach the final battle soon, but I might get there first!”

“Well, I’m really no match for a professional.
Are you trying to be the first to reach the Serpent Palace?”

“Of course, I am! However, there are a lot of other strong players! So there is no guarantee that I can do it! Hahaha!”

A lot of other strong players…huh.
It was a good thing that this event didn’t have PvP.

“Well, in any case, you’ll have a chance to meet those players eventually! After all, it’s the battles between people that are the most exciting! If I ever have the opportunity of fighting you again, I will not lose! And so you better be ready!”

Buckler said before leaving.
As always, he had a tremendous presence…
If I fought him now, could I win, even with the Windcloud set?
During the turf war, I had just been helped by the event system, and could not say that I won based on my own ability.
So if I were to face players like Buckler in the future, and the conditions were completely fair…

Yes, I did need to become stronger.
And that was a good thing.
The desire to move forward becomes a great motivation to play the game.
Well, not that I lacked motivation right now…
If anything, recently I had spent a whole day on one trial, so perhaps I was getting too absorbed.

This time, it was a bullfight where you didn’t defeat the bull.
I’d keep it cool and continue to dodge the danger and clear it.
Well, I too could make no guarantees…

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