Just as I unleashed the skill for the second time, the bull thrust its horns into the ground.
Thi-this movement…!
The frightful death flashed through my mind.
But by then, I was floating in the air with pieces of the ground.
This wild bull… It can even tear up the ground while you’re standing on it…!

At this point, I hadn’t taken any damage yet, but the horns were waiting right below me.
I would die if I fell on top of them.
However, if I used Warp Arrow to land somewhere else, it would just charge right at me again.
Or it would use the ground attack.
There was no safe place down there…
But I didn’t want to be killed without doing any… Aha!

“There! Warp Arrow!”

Kiririri…Shu! Petta!

I unleashed the arrow, and in the next second, I was on top of the bull’s back.
As I could see its tail, I was hugging it with my head towards its rear.
The only place in the ring where you could avoid being hit…was on the bull’s back!
After all, even this bull could not charge at its own back!

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Now that it had lost me, the bull began to run around the ring.
While it understood that there was something on its back, it was so angry that it didn’t think to get rid of me by ramming itself against the walls or rolling in the dirt.
So its anger was working to my advantage now…!

There was also the fact that the Web Cloud Arrow net was still stuck to its back.
Thanks to this, I could stay on while riding on its back like I was in a rodeo.
Well, it still…rattled…my head a lot…!
When were these five minutes going to be up…!

“That old guy is amazing!”
“I didn’t think of doing that!”
“I’m going to copy him!”
“It’s no wonder he was MVP!”

As I was shaken violently around, I could hear the people cheering.
In any case, I was impressed that anyone could watch me like this and want to copy it…!

After some time, I finally heard the count down.
Counting from 100 seemed a little long, but as I had no other way to know how much time was left, I was quite thankful.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1…!


The spectators cheered and the bull became calm.
And so I deactivated Web Cloud Arrow and fell onto the ground.
The world still seemed to be shaking around me… But I doubted that I could have beaten it any other way, and the people seemed to be entertained.
So everything was alright…

I quickly left the ring so that the next person could enter.
Other players surrounded me and wanted to shake my hand.
But then they saw how groggy I was, and stepped back.
How wonderful of them…

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‘Ah! That was some great rodeo-nyon!’

After I had caught my breath, Charin came to give me the medal.
The Taurus medal… The constellation was on the front, and a ferocious bull was on the back.
It was so lively that it looked like it would jump out of the medal and attack me.
…Damn it, I shouldn’t have said that.
Now I am starting to feel dizzy again…

‘And here is the special reward! Aura Filled Beef-nyon!’

She gave me a tough-looking block of meat.
Not only that, but it had an aura around it…
It did not look very tasty.
But how was I supposed to use it?
In any case, it was clear that it was a rare item, and so I put it away.

Now I had 8 medals.
There were 4 left.
Which meant 4 trials.
The Gemini labyrinth, Cancer labyrinth, Leo labyrinth and the Virgo labyrinth…

I knew that the Cancer one involved fighting.
Satomi had said that he had ruined his armor due to a mistake he made in the Cancer labyrinth.
And I had a feeling the other three were strong as well.
I had been lucky to finish this trial early today, so I would go around and learn about the remaining trials.

◆ ◆ ◆

“It’s time…”

The remaining 4 all involved combat or dungeons.
And so it would be reckless to take them on without proper equipment.
But if I used the Peach of Immortality, I could speed up the work of one day, meaning I could retrieve everything tomorrow afternoon.
Now that the event was almost finished, it was time for me to use the new powers of the Windcloud set…!

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