r you take physical damage.
Reduces physical damage by 30%.

This…it now looked like the kind of haori that a general would wear!
It continued to have the blue sky and white cloud pattern from the Windcloud Haori, but now there was gold lining and black added to the design which made it look more like you were ready for battle.

Previously, it had looked closer to ordinary clothing.
That meant it was comfortable and relaxing, but this one looked like it would help keep me motivated.
That being said, it didn’t feel any heavier than before.
So it had also inherited the lightness as well.

It had 45 Defense and 75 Magic Defense, so the evolution had greatly raised its defense ability.
And this showed in the added skill as well.

Turtle Formation… An auto-skill.
Garbow’s Metal Body had a reduction rate of 10%, so it was quite impressive.
However, unlike Garbow, who could use it as many times as needed, this one used MP.
In a way, you could say that it was my MP gauge that was taking damage.
Because it would reduce even the smallest amount of damage from attacks, it was possible that I might lose all of my MP.

But since you could turn the skill on and off, I would have the option of not using it when fighting weaker enemies.
Though, it then wouldn’t activate if I was ambushed by a powerful enemy out of nowhere.
So there were still disadvantages…

And lastly, there was the equipment for my feet.
The tabi.

◆ Sheep Cloudcrossing Tabi
Type: Feet(tabi)
Defense: 20
Speed: 90

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Weapon Skill: Floating Cloud Herd

Floating Cloud Herd
Creates 9 clouds that can be ridden at once.
Can be activated 3 times in an hour.
Disappears after 5 minutes.

At a glance, it didn’t look too different.
There was fur on the outer rim, and that was all.
The big difference was inside.
After putting them on, your feet were enveloped in its softness, and it was incredibly comfortable…!
It was like the embrace of a wooly sheep!

And it wasn’t just nice to the touch.
This wool was able to absorb impact as well.
So when I jumped, the impact to my legs was weaker than before.
And as far as its status went, the defense had also gone up.
It used to be 0 Defense and 80 Speed.
So in combination with the haori, my defenses seemed very high now.

As for the skill, this was also much better than before.
I could create 9 clouds like a real herd.
However, the rules meant they absolutely had to be close together like a herd.
You could put them in a line of varying heights in order to create stairs, for instance.
But as long as they were close together, you had freedom in how they were placed.

Up until now, I could only make 3 in one hour, so that meant I could only jump between them and dodge attacks for a very limited amount of time.
However, with 9, activating it once would be more than enough to hop around and escape.
It would be much easier to use now.

Lastly, I decided to check my status after equipping everything.

◆ Status
Name: Kyuji
Job: Archer
Lv: 28/30
HP: 105/105(+30)
MP: 145/145(+70)
Attack: 275(+245)
Defense: 171(+155)
Magic Attack: 20

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Magic Defense: 152(+140)
Speed: 112(+90)
Range: 600(+220)

◆ Equipment
Head: Windstream Scarf
Right Hand: Blackwind Dark Cloud Bow
Left Hand: (Blackwind Dark Cloud Bow)
Arms: Cloudbore Archery Gloves
Body: Windcloud Battle Haori
Legs: Windguard Hakama
Feet: Sheep Cloudcrossing Tabi
Accessories: Sea Bow Arts – Form 7, Mirror Alice Reflection

Bow Arts VII, Satisfying Shot, In fight Arrow
Bound Arrow, Clear Arrow, Burning Arrow
Trident Arrow, Drill Arrow, Letter Arrow
Multi-shot, Immobile Sniping Stance, Sniping Insight, Intimidating Eyes

Charge Attack:
Tear Sky, Warp Arrow

Combination Charge Attack:
Meteor Bow

Before I knew it, Bow Arts had risen from VI to VII.
Now my Attack was +70 and my Range was +70 when equipping the bow.
When adding up the numbers from equipment and skills, my total Range was 600 meters.
I have come a long way…

I also had a large variety of skills now, and my equipment was very powerful compared to the beginner set.
There were also weapons skills and charge attacks that didn’t appear on my status, which really made me feel how much I had grown.
That being said, I was still only a little bit higher than the middle when it came to NSO players.
I wasn’t even a 3rd.
And my history with VR games was still short.

In order to get stronger, what I needed to do now was to take on the labyrinths.
And so my next challenge was the Gemini labyrinth…!

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