uld be impossible to hit my target without it.

And though there were demerits depending on the situation, having options in terms of attacks meant that I was that much stronger.

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“Still, I have a nice selection of skills now.”

◆ Status

Name: Kyuji

Job: Archer

Lv: 7/20

HP: 50/50

MP: 50/50

Attack: 15     

Defense: 8

Magic Attack: 10     

Magic Defense: 6

Speed: 11 

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Range: 35

Skill: [Archery I] [Infight Arrow] [Bound Arrow] [Immobile Sniping Stance]

I couldn’t help but feel brought as I looked at the four skills side by side.

“Hmm? There’s a ‘!’ on the item page.”

Aside from your stats, there were pages to show your items and money.

The ‘!’ mark was on the tab you used to change pages.

And so I touched it.

“Let’s see here… You have acquired a weapon that is compatible with your current job!?”

Indeed, there was an unfamiliar bow in the weapon section.

It was called a ‘Spider Shooter.’

Judging by the name, it was probably dropped by the spider monster I had killed.

Well, might as well take a look.

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◆ Spider Shooter

Type: Bow

Attack: 20

Range: 30

Weapon Skill: ‘Web Arrow.’

[Web Arrow]

Unleash an arrow that deploys an adhesive net.

Can be activated 8 times a day without depleting MP.

That sounded pretty good?

Obviously, it was superior to the ‘beginner bow.’

That one only had a 7 in Attack.

And this also had double the range.

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