he bookshelf slid to the side and a hidden door appeared…!

“While it’s a classic, it’s quite exciting to do it in person!”

I put my hand on the doorknob and then the familiar warning appeared.

—The Mirror Puzzle area is behind this door.
—You cannot take your Unison with you.
—Furthermore, skills, charge attacks and items are banned.
—Keep this in mind when opening the door.

I had been expecting it…but still.
Well, I now have a bow staff, so it shouldn’t be a problem.
I opened the door and was enveloped in light.
And before I knew it…I was in a corridor again.

This time…there was no bottomless pit waiting there for me.
Well, there actually was.
Only there was a narrow sort of platform that would allow you to walk across.
Not so narrow that you would have to keep perfect balance on it.
It was wide enough for an adult man to walk without trouble.

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There was no wind here and the ground didn’t shake.
And since you could see the platform, you wouldn’t step in the wrong place and fall off.
It seemed easy enough… But I didn’t move.
I would inspect things carefully first.

This time, there were also mirrors all over the right side of the wall.
And I could see the other me in them.
However, this time, the floors were exactly the same.
And since the mirrors were supposed to show the truth, this platform couldn’t be fake.
That was nice.
But then where was the challenge…?

I had questions, but I wouldn’t learn anything unless I tried.
And so I started walking on the platform that was in front of me.
And then the ‘me’ in the mirror did the same.
So far so good.

I continued to walk.
The change happened right when I was a third of the way across.
A monster appeared in the mirror.
It was a bat-type monster that looked rather weak.
And so I took aim…and unleashed the arrow!

Kiririri…shu! Cling!

The arrow bounced off.
Not the bat…but the mirror.
The enemies in the mirror could only be defeated by the other me in the mirror!

Uhh…since left and right are reversed, and the bat is on the right side of my reflection, I aimed with my bow to the left…and rapid fire!
1, 2, 3 shots… And then 4.
I finally hit the bat.
It really was weak, as it went down in one hit.

However, this was difficult…
It wasn’t just that left and right were reversed, but I had to find the right angle so that the other me would be able to hit the enemy.
It was very confusing…!

But I couldn’t just ignore the enemy and keep moving.
Because both I and the other me were synchronized.
If he was hit by a bat and stumbled, then I would stumble as well.

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If he slipped then I would slip…

Even as I thought of such things, more bats appeared.
This time there were two at once.
At the same time, the platform started to crumble behind me.
Oh, so they were bringing that back…

In any case, I can move forward as long as I defeat the enemies.
And this time, I could see the platform.
As skills were banned, I took down the bats with ordinary arrows.
The bats didn’t come close immediately, and they would sometimes just hover in the same place for a while.
And so I kept aiming and shooting and didn’t worry too much about missing.

Kiririri…shu! Zakku!

One of the arrows hit it
Alright, I can do this…!
I took care of the last remaining one and then rushed ahead.

A giant bat appeared next, but this might have been an attempt at raising the difficulty, it was just a bonus for me.
Every time I defeated them, the bats became bigger as if growing more desperate.
But even if they had more health, a larger hitbox was a weakness.
Besides, arrows did more damage against flying enemies.
I was good at defeating large enemies that flew towards me.

Still, this would be scary for someone who fought in the vanguard…
Having to fight something in close-quarters that you couldn’t directly see was horrifying.
If you let your guard down and got hit, you would be knocked off and sent into the abyss.
In other words, bows were the best because you could kill them before they got close.

The combat element in this puzzle was strong, but that ended up being to my advantage.
And so I was able to reach the treasure chest before the platform collapsed completely.
As for what was inside… It was the Pollux medal!
It was the brightest star in the Gemini constellation, and was therefore so bright that I could barely look at it…!
I quickly put it away in my item box.

Now I had finished the requirements for the special reward, and could clear the dungeon without regrets.
I would go straight to the final floor!

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