hen targeted both of the kings.
I had just one order.
And just one charge attack to use…!

“Arrow Storm!”
‘Arrow Storm!’

The charge attack of my new weapon, Blackwind Dark Cloud Bow.
Dark clouds appeared around the bow, and then arrows were unleashed in the area like rain.
At the same time, I unleashed a chain of high speed arrows.
The power of one arrow was very different from Bow Shower.
That used ordinary arrows, but the weight of these were clearly different.

The two kings were pushed by the force of the arrows, and could not move forward.
And numerous arrows pierced into the hard stone bodies.
As more and more arrows hit them, they pushed the other arrows in deeper, and cracks started to appear all over the statues.
And then in the end, the two crumbled at the same time.

“That was…amazing…!”

While it was a solo dungeon, the boss was defeated so easily…
It really showed the power of my evolved bow.

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‘Congratulations on clearing the dungeon-nyon! Well, maybe it was too easy for you?’

As the two kings disappeared into light, Charin appeared as if to replace them.
I took out the Castor and Pollux medals from my inventory.
They were just as shiny as before, and I couldn’t look at them.
I quickly handed them to Charin, who put them in her pocket.

‘So you got the two medals-nyon! Now, here is your medal-nyon!’

I accepted the Gemini medal.
The constellation was on the front, and two boys were depicted on the back, shoulder to shoulder.
They carried a bow, a harp, and a club.

‘And here is the reward for getting the two medals! It is the…uh, Fusion Twin Arrow!-nyon!’

She gave me a strange object that looked like a black arrow and a white arrow that had been twisted together into one.
Like a piece of modern art.
Well, as it was an arrow, it would probably help me in some way…

‘Now, time to warp out of the dungeon! Good work-nyon!’

My body was enveloped in light.
It was goodbye for the other me.
I couldn’t say that I would miss him, as it had been a little uncomfortable.
However, he had been a reliable ally, and it was still a unique experience.
I would say that it was time well spent.
Thank you, ‘me’!

◆ ◆ ◆

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As I had returned to the field, I would see what this modern art object was capable of.
Could I ‘Use’ it… I could!
And I could use it on myself.

It’s been a while since I last figured out an item’s use so quickly.
And so I quickly selected ‘Use.’
What kind of power would this strange object give me…

–Beep! You have acquired the skill ‘Arrow Fusion.’

[Arrow Fusion]
Select two skills that are related to arrows and create a skill that fuses them together.
MP depletion is the same if you had used the two skills.
Some skills cannot be fused.

Fuse…the effect!?
I understood what it meant…but it was hard to imagine.
And so I would have to test it in some isolated area.

“Arrow Fusion!”

With Arrow Fusion, you could select the two skills with your mind, but also with your voice.
And so I picked two random skills and then activated them…!

“Burning Bound Arrow!”

I fused Burning Arrow, which exploded upon impact, and Bound Arrow, which bounded until it hit an enemy, and this created a bounding, exploding arrow.
Wh-what an interesting skill… The possibilities when it came to strategy had increased immensely!
I would have to test this skill more and think of powerful combinations…!

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