Data.86 – Old Bowman, Fusing

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“Arrow Fusion! Drill Trident Arrow!”

Fusing Drill Arrow’s rock and machine attributes and Trident Arrow’s water and fish attributes resulted in Drill Trident Arrow, which had 4 attributes.
Well, I doubted there were monsters that were weak to all four, so it wasn’t the most meaningful fusion.
The really amazing one was…

“Arrow Fusion! Burning Arrow Storm!”

The arrows that came down like rain were also exploding…!
Not only was it powerful, but it was very flashy and cool.
Even in movies, it was rare to see as many explosions as this.

The thing to note was that fusing did not erase their cool down time.
During cool down, I could not activate Burning Arrow Story, or the original Arrow Storm.
As Burning Arrow was just a skill, fusing it with a charge attack didn’t mean you couldn’t use it after that.

Unfortunately, I was not able to fuse Meteor Bow with anything.
Furthermore, Multi-shot, which allowed me to shoot up to 10 enemies at once, could not be fused with Arrow Storm.
Well, unleashing Arrow Storm 10 times would mean 10 times the force and range, so it was no wonder that it wasn’t allowed…

Well, it didn’t change the fact that I had acquired a very exciting skill.
Now I would be able to enjoy thinking of different combinations every time I got a new arrow skill.
By the way, the skill names were just names that I had thought of on my own.
It was too much trouble to say both names, and it also looked bad.

I planned to do the Cancer labyrinth next.

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The remaining trials were all related to combat.
In the case of the Cancer labyrinth…it was a giant boss battle!
It was a good thing that I had acquired Arrow Fusion at this point.
With evolved gear and a fusing skill, there was no way that I would lose, even if it was against a large enemy.

Besides, there was the class change to a 3rd job.
The last dungeon had been designed for solo players, so the items were weak and you didn’t get much experience.
And so I was just shy of reaching the next level, but fighting monsters on the field a little should make me reach the max level for being a 2nd.
I could test out my new skills in combat and enjoy leveling up…!

◆ ◆ ◆

“That took more time than I was expecting.”

Even though I was taking on monsters that could be killed quickly while solo, my level took a while to go up.
Ultimately, it was probably better to engage in ferocious battles against strong enemies.
Kind of like in the world of battle manga.

Still, it was a good thing that I only needed to go up 1 level.
Now, time for the class change…!

‘Your current job level is maxed out.
It is now possible to class change to a 3rd.’

Here we go…!
I shouted excitedly.

“Class change!”

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‘Your class has been changed! Archer is now Bow Master!’

I went from a job that uses bows to a job where I was a master with bows.
It was maybe not the most memorable name, but it sounded reliable, and I didn’t hate it.
Now, to check my status…!

◆ Status
Name: Kyuji
Job: Bow Master
Lv: 1/50
HP: 130/130
MP: 120/120
Attack: 80
Defense: 40
Magic Attack: 30
Magic Defense: 20
Speed: 30
Range: 400

Bow Arts X, Satisfying Shot, Arrow Fusion, Efficient Movement
In fight Arrow, Bound Arrow, Clear Arrow
Burning Arrow, Trident Arrow, Drill Arrow
Letter Arrow, Multi-shot, Immobile Sniping Stance
Sniping Insight, Intimidating Eyes

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Charge Attack:
Sky Tear, Warp Arrow

Combination Charge Attack
Meteor Bow

This was my status without the boost from equipment or skills.

Shooter and Bowman were balanced, but could also be considered jacks of all trades, while Bow Master focused on physical damage.
The numbers were all high compared to the 2nd job, and if you added all of the numbers together, it would be 100.
It was like taking one piece of rare equipment and putting it into my body.

The Bow Arts skill had gone from VII to X.
It had gone up three levels when I rose to Bowman as well, so perhaps it happened with every class change.
With the boosts, I now had +100 in Attack and +100 in Range.
While it wasn’t like the flashy skills I used during battles, it was still an important support skill that I couldn’t live without.

The new skill that I acquired was Efficient Movement.
I had acquired Satisfying Shot the last time, so it seemed that new skills also came with a class change.

[Efficient Movement]
Reduces MP depletion for skills and charge attacks by 10%.
+50 to Speed.

However, it was definitely a skill that would benefit players of any job and in any situation.
And the small bonus that was the Speed +50 wasn’t too bad either.

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Now that I think about it, the only stat that Shooter had that was superior to the others was Speed.
Because of this, I never had any complaints concerning speed, even from the beginning.
And once I got the Windcloud gear, I even felt quite light.
Perhaps I had been best with the gift of speed from the beginning.

Furthermore, the strengthening points you get from leveling up have risen from 10 to 15.
It had been 5 to 10 when going from a beginner job to 2nd, so it made sense.
Of course, I put these points into Range.

To summarize the things that changed…it was that my defenses had been raised over all.
All of the 3rds that I knew were very unique, and I had assumed that I might be like that when I arrived there as well.
But I was still me.

Even though we were all 3rds, perhaps there was a big difference between me and Hatake or Buckler.
That difference being normal jobs and special jobs…
Clearly Heavy Armor and Flag Magician were not jobs earned through normal class change.

Especially Flag Magician, which was odd, because it was a magic job, but he only used buffs, and otherwise dealt physical attacks with a flag.
Most players would be confused if they landed on such a job while playing normally.

But I knew that if it suited you, that it could be very strong.
I guess my next goal would be to become a special 3rd.
What made me a little worried was that I couldn’t think of a special job related to bows…
There were plenty that were related to swords and magic, but bows were usually a supporting weapon, so perhaps it couldn’t be helped.
Well, NSO didn’t care about the norm, so I will just have to hope that they will do something new.

Now, I am fully ready.
It was time to go to the next trial, the Cancer labyrinth!

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