Data.88 – Old Bowman, Time of Awakening

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A class change at this timing…?
Not only had I just done it recently, but wasn’t I dead…!?
And a special class at that.
It must mean the requirements had to be very special…!

“Class Change!”

If it was possible, then I would do it!

‘Class Change approved! Bow Master is now Sagitarius!’

My body…could move!
HP, MP, and equipment have all recovered!
I didn’t understand what was happening, but it seems that the special class change has revived me…!

I wanted to check my status immediately, but the fight was still going on.
As long as there were players giving their all in this fight, I had to do the same.
But the cool down was still in effect, and so I couldn’t rely on Garbow’s help.
In that case, I would use a fused charge attack!

“Burning Arrow Storm…?!”

The numerous arrows that were unleashed were enveloped in a shining aura!
This effect hadn’t been there before I died.
I didn’t know what effect it had, but it at least seemed like it wasn’t something that made it weaker.

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After the storm of arrows rained down on the Hydra, it was defeated and disappeared into light.

Now it was just the lead in this Cancer trial, the giant crab Karkinos…!
Karkinos’s HP had also gone down considerably, but since it had such a hard shell, ordinary skills would not inflict enough damage.

“Exploding Sky Tear!”

I fused Burning Arrow and Sky Tear together.
Like this, it would pierce through the hard shell and explode once inside of the body.
However, as the arrows themselves were thin, the explosions were on a small scale.
And since Karkinos had been set to be rather tough, it was not enough to take it down.

Besides…it seemed like it was slowly healing itself?
As it was the main attraction, perhaps it had an HP regen ability.
They really were trying to get rid of the weak impression people had of crabs…

But there was no time to think about that.
If there were fewer players, that meant less fire power.
Once the HP regen started catching up with the amount of damage our attacks could inflict, it would be over.
Even before that happened, the mood would change to that of giving up, and more players would quit.
It would be best to take it down quickly…

That’s it…!
This was after a class change.
I must have acquired a new skill.
And so I quickly scanned through the list.

There were no new ones…

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Did you only acquire new skills when the number went up, like from 2nd to 3rd?
After all, this was just going from a normal 3rd to a special 3rd…

“Oh, there is a new charge attack!”

So a special class change was actually superior to a normal class change!
The charge attack was…

“I’m Arrow!”

I was so excited that I activated it without reading the description.
In NSO, you could guess the effect of most skills and charge attacks by just seeing the name.
And so it was a little odd that I couldn’t tell what this one was.
But it was a charge attack and was sure to be strong.
However, I felt a little regret over my actions.

Because I’m Arrow…literally turned me into an arrow.

My body was enveloped in a golden light as it rotated at a high speed.
My vision spun and all I could hear was the sound of myself cutting through the wind.
I could not tell which way was up or down.

And by the time I had regained my five senses, there was a great hole in Karkinos’s shell, and I had slammed into an invisible wall that surrounded the battle area.
So I flew like an arrow…
My Range had been reflected as well, as I had traveled a great distance.
And the force…was incredible.

Karkinos turned into light and disappeared.
The remaining players were all cheering and celebrating our victory.
I couldn’t join in, as I was at the far edge.
But it made me happy to see them like that.

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While there had been a lot of surprises, if victory was what awaited us at the end, then I was alright with it.

‘You really are strong-nyon! I was surprised while watching-nyon!’

Charin appeared.
There was something that I wanted to ask her.

“Isn’t it you who made me this strong? You always give me great items as rewards.
Not only that, but I get skills that suit me or items to evolve my gear.
This special class change as well.
An item you gave me was the trigger.”

Remembering this, I checked my item box and saw that Star Arrow was gone.
This was the special reward that Charin had given to me after the Sagitarius trial.
There were likely a lot of requirements to class change over to Sagitarius.
However, I was sure that having the Star Arrow was one of them.

‘I give rewards that fit each player.
So it’s not like you are getting special treatment-nyon.
Don’t worry, I’m too mature to do stuff like that now-nyon.’

“Is it because of management?”

‘Of course-nyon! After all, I was created to help support the running of another game.
But since things weren’t going very well, I started to work as an idol and help support other games-nyon! Leaving my own game aside, I wouldn’t act so freely in a client’s game-nyon! As.


‘Well, I’m not surprised you wondered that.
If an online or social game suddenly starts showering you with special items, most pros would start to get suspicious that there is some kind of catch.
After all, they aren’t doing it out of kindness or gratitude towards players-nyon! They are doing it for their own profit-nyon!’

“In other words, having players become rapidly stronger will benefit them…”

‘Exactly-nyon! Well, I can’t say anymore than that-nyon.
They will get angry at me-nyon.
But if I were to give you a hint…’

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But you just said you couldn’t say anymore….
Charin sure did talk a lot.

‘With sports, isn’t it more entertaining to watch the best compete?’

“Well…that’s true.”

‘In any case, here is your medal!’

Charin returned to her work mode.
It had the Cancer constellation on the front and a crab on the back.
Looking at it now, crabs were actually kind of scary in appearance.
Props to the ancient people who first caught them and decided to take a bite.
Not only that, but now people look at this creature and think it looks delicious.
That was how strong food culture was.

‘And your contribution gauge is full-full! Your special reward is ‘Monster Crab Shell’-nyon!’

I suppose it was something that would make me or Garbow stronger.
This system of being able to become stronger after overcoming trials really helped to motivate you.
You would play longer if you were motivated, and would spread the good word.
It seemed that would be enough reason for management, but apparently, there was something else as well.

As long as everyone was happy, then that was fine.
I would become stronger, whether management wanted me to or not.

There are now 2 trials remaining…!
Alright, I would check the stats for my special 3rd job, Sagitarius, and then continue into the final stretch.

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