oing just fine.
I had to target the boss.
This time I unleashed the arrow so that I wasn’t looking at the lion’s body.

Kiriri…Shu! Chi…!

I heard the sound of it grazing something.
Alright, I was slowly getting the hang of it.
Once I was able to hit it consistently, I would use a skill or charge attack…!

Kiririri… Shu! Zhunk!

I was now able to hit while changing the trajectory of the arrow.

“Burning Arrow!”

That being said, if I used an Arrow Storm fused charge attack, I would not be able to resist if the enemy suddenly got close to me.
And so I would chip away at its HP with an ordinary skill.
And so I decided to use Letter Arrow.
Perhaps I would find its weakness.

“Letter Arrow!”

◆ King Lion
Attribute: Wild Beast
Skill: Eyes of the Beast King, Bond Roar
King of the beasts who lives in the savannah.

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While he is strong and tough, he does not usually fight.
He will show his true strength when many of his friends are hurt.

Eyes of the Beast King definitely sounded like a stronger version of Intimidating Eyes.
And Bond Roar must be a skill to call its friends.
As far as any other information…there was ‘He will show his true strength when many of his friends are hurt.’
In other words, the lion wouldn’t move until a certain number of the others were destroyed.
And so I should deal as much damage as I could before that happens.


The boss lion roared and then jumped down from its rock.
So, Garbow had already defeated that many…!
Reliable as always!

I would have to ensure that his efforts did not go to waste.
Once the king was on the ground, it was just an ordinary beast.
I’ll hit it right as it lands…!
And so I aimed at the ground under it and closed my eyes.

“Burning Arrow Storm!”

The king of the beasts didn’t have wings.
It could not move in mid air.
And so I heard the moment that the boss lion fell to the ground and was exposed to the storm of arrows.
When the chain of arrows died down, I opened my eyes.
The boss lion and all of its friends were gone.

While I had said there were two ways to deal with these kinds of bosses, there was actually a 3rd way.
Attack all of them at the same time…
Getting rid of its friends while racking up damage on the boss.
It was the easiest way.

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‘Congratulations on defeating the boss-nyon! Hey, the savannah is burning!?’

Charin appeared and then looked surprised.
My Burning Arrow Storm had caused it to catch on fire.
Now I look like the villain…

‘Well, I can easily erase fire-nyon.’

Charin snapped her fingers and the fire disappeared and the trees and grass returned.
I didn’t want to accept the medal in a burning wasteland, so I was thankful.

‘Now that things are back to normal, here is your medal-nyon!’

The Leo medal had the coolest design of any of the medals I had acquired up until now.
The constellation was on the front, and there was a realistic lion depicted on the back.
It was no wonder that it was called the king of the beasts.
Among all wild animals, there was something regal about lions.

‘And your reward is ‘Eyes of the Lion King’-nyon!’

What she handed to me…was two eyeballs.
Well, I had an idea of what it was.
Getting parts from monsters that you defeated was normal in games, but it felt a little grim in VR games.
Don’t worry.
This is just a game.
Nothing sad happened to an animal in real life.
These eyeballs would surely help make me stronger…

‘Now, you will be warped out of the dungeon! Good work-nyon!’

The first thing I did when I was outside of the cave was stretch my back and arms.
While I had been bathed in plenty of sunlight during the boss fight, it had not been relaxing due to a certain lion staring at me.

Now, there was only one trial left! It was time for the Virgo labyrinth!

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