Chapter 11: Everyone Is Hitting Her When Shes Down

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When Yu Huang carried Yu Donghai to the restaurant, it was precisely lunchtime.

The Imperial Cuisine Restaurant was a famous restaurant in the Prosperous Capital. It was rumored that three hundred years ago, the king had personally visited this restaurant to have a meal, hence the name Imperial Cuisine Restaurant. The Imperial Cuisine Restaurant had been opened in the Prosperous Capital for three hundred years. It was no longer simply a restaurant, but a symbol of status.

Which one of those who could come to the Imperial Cuisine Restaurant for a meal were not rich, powerful and capable people?

Therefore, when Yu Huangs tricycle stopped beside a row of luxurious cars, it was really like a pheasant entering a phoenixs nest. It was hard not to attract attention. However, Yu Huang did not care about the gazes of those people. She brought Yu Donghai into the restaurant and asked the manager, “Manager Zhang, are there any more private rooms?”

Yu Huang was once Xuanyuan Jings fiancee. She was also an honored guest of this restaurant and was very familiar with the manager.

Manager Zhang did not recognize her at first, but although Yu Huangs face was disfigured, her figure was still graceful and elegant, and her voice was very familiar. Manager Zhang hesitated for a moment before asking uncertainly, “You are… Miss Yu Huang?”

Yu Huang nodded.

Manager Zhang looked at Yu Huang with pity.

Yu Huangs disfigurement was a hot topic of discussion in Prosperous Capital recently. As the manager of Imperial Cuisine Restaurant, Manager Zhang naturally knew about it too. He even heard that Yu Huang and Xuanyuan Jings engagement had already been annulled.

However, since Manager Zhang was able to climb to his current position, he naturally wouldnt openly ridicule Yu Huang. A person who liked to hit others when they were down would eventually sow what they reaped. Manager Zhang was well aware of this principle.

Since Yu Huangs face was already ruined, sitting in the main hall to eat would definitely attract attention. Manager Zhang should have prepared a private room for Yu Huang.

“Miss Yu Huang, I should have reserved a private room for you, but you know the rules of our restaurant. The private rooms are always pre-ordered. Unfortunately, all the rooms are full today.”

“At this moment, theres only one empty seat in the hall. Miss Yuhuang, you see…”

Yu Donghai pulled on Yu Huangs arm and said, “Lets go to another place.” Yu Donghai didnt want to see Yu Huang being mocked and ridiculed in public.

Yu Huang then asked Manager Zhang, “Is there no room left?”

Manager Zhang didnt hide it. He said, “Theres another room thats empty, but it was reserved in advance by a distinguished guest. Theres really no other way.” When he mentioneddistinguished guest, the managers expression became more respectful.

It could be seen that he was indeed a big shot.

Yu Huang understood the principles of Imperial Cuisine Restaurants business, so she didnt force him. However, when she thought about how her father kept nagging about wanting to eat this restaurants fish skin, she couldnt bear to let her father return in disappointment, so she told Manager Zhang, “I want that table in the main hall.”

Manager Zhang looked at her in surprise and couldnt help but ask, “Miss Yu Huang, are you really going to eat in the main hall?”


“Alright, please take a seat.”

After Manager Zhang brought Yu Huang and him to the dining table, he went to entertain the other guests.

When Yu Huang sat down, the surrounding customers looked at her strangely. Wanting to see her true appearance under the veil, they stared at the scarf on Yu Huangs face.

Yu Donghai noticed the gazes of those people, and he felt somewhat unhappy. He suppressed the anger in his heart, and sized up the restaurants environment. He couldnt help but sigh with emotion. “The restaurant still has the same renovation style as before.” The poor scenery was still the same, but he didnt see anyone from the past.

Yu Huang didnt know about Yu Donghais past. She only knew that he was a cripple who liked to drink. She asked Yu Donghai, “Father, do you have any other relatives?”

Yu Donghai shook his head. “No, Im the only one left.”

Yu Huang held Yu Donghais hand. “And me.”

Yu Donghai smiled and nodded.

Yu Huang took out her phone and scrolled to an online shop that sold furniture online. She picked a bed for Yu Donghai and paid an extra 200 yuan. She asked the boss to find someone to send the bed to the rented room as soon as possible.

After she bought the bed, the dishes were served.

Yu Huang poured a cup of wine for Yu Donghai before removing her veil.

The moment Yu Huang removed her veil, the customers on her left all gasped in amazement. “How beautiful!” The customer on her right looked as if he had seen something ugly. His gaze turned aghast as he exclaimed, “How frightening!”

Two completely different cries rang out at the same time, drawing everyones attention.

Without changing her expression, Yu Huang picked up some food for Yu Donghai. “Father, eat more.”

Her calmness was admirable.

Yu Donghai glared at the people around him who had strange looks in their eyes. He really wanted to raise the walking stick beside him and hit them a few times. Yu Huang could see Yu Donghais anger. She said, “Father, dont be like this. This face will accompany me for the rest of my life. I must learn to adapt.”

Yu Donghai fell silent.


They couldnt change the way others looked at them, so Yu Huang had to change her mindset.

Yu Donghai took a bite of the food with tears in his eyes, and he heard those people discussing…

“Isnt that Yu Huang? Shes really disfigured!”

“I heard that Young Master Xuanyuan broke off his engagement with Yu Huang today. Everyone is calling him a heartless man, but if I were Young Master Xuanyuan, I would rather be a heartless man than marry such an ugly woman.”

“Sigh, Yu Huang used to be so beautiful. She was so beautiful and charming, but now…”

“I dont know what shes thinking. She actually ran out just like that. If I were her, I would definitely spend a high price to customize a mask and wear it. If a child were to see her like this, she would definitely cry from fright.”

“She is really quote bold!”

“Shes mentally resilient.”

“How can a celebrity not be mentally resilient?”

Discussions sounded. They even changed the topic.

“Today, the Yu Clan held a press conference and announced the severing of relations between the Yu Clan and Yu Huang. I heard that it was Yu Huang who initiated the severing of relations.”

“Huh? Why?”

“What else could it be? Yu Huangs face is disfigured. She knows that she wont be able to earn money in the future. Coincidentally, shes already 18 years old and can freely allocate her assets. She must be worried that the money she earns will be used by her adoptive parents, so she took her money and cut off all ties with the Yu Clan!”

“Those are her parents who have raised her for 15 years! If it wasnt for Yu Rufeng and her husbands nurturing, would she, Yu Huang, have today? Shes truly an ingrate! In terms of ruthlessness, how many people can be more ruthless than an actress?!”

Yu Donghai really couldnt bear to listen any longer.

He stomped his crutch and cursed, “F*ck you!”

Yu Donghai roared, scaring Yu Huang to the point that the fish skin on her chopsticks fell off.

She raised her head in surprise and saw that Yu Donghai had already stood up.

Yu Donghai raised his walking stick with one hand, aimed it at the men and women who were gossiping, and loudly berated, “Which one of you saw Yu Huang taking away all of her assets? Have you forgotten, Yu Rufeng went bankrupt 15 years ago. Could a bankrupt b*stard like him can buy a villa?! Buy a luxurious car?!”

“All these years, if it wasnt for Yu Huang working day and night to earn money, Yu Rufeng and her husband would have probably been so poor that they would have already resorted to robbery! You guys say that Yu Huang is an ingrate? In that case, you guys should really open your blind eyes and see the truth!”

“A bunch of ignorant b*stards spreading rumors everywhere the moment you guys open your mouths! Just based on your foul mouths alone, you can go to the front line and represent the Divine Moon Empire to conquer the world!”


The huge restaurant was silent.

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