t talk nonsense. People will laugh if they hear it!” Since everyone was paying attention to Sheng Xiao, no one noticed them.

Although she had met Sheng Xiao once, Yu Huang was not naive enough to think that he had a deep impression of her.

She was an old monster who had lived for more than two hundred years. She lived rationally and thoroughly. She knew very well that a woman who could be remembered by such an outstanding man should also be an outstanding woman. Only a toad and a love-struck fool would dream of being remembered by a big shot that they had only met once.

And she was still a nobody.

Even if she was attracted by Sheng Xiaos outstanding qualities one day, she would not be stupid enough to think that Sheng Xiao would take the initiative to walk toward her if she just stood still.

If she really fell in love with someone who was a hundred times more outstanding than her, Yu Huang would charge forward even if she had to overcome all obstacles. She would work hard to become more outstanding and powerful. Then, she would raise her head, straighten her chest, and walk in front of him. She would confidently say to him, “I want you!”

On the other side, Fan Sheng led Sheng Xiao to the private room. When they passed by the stairs, he reminded Sheng Xiao carefully, “Master Sheng, be careful of the steps.”

Sheng Xiao was about to walk up the stairs when he felt a curious gaze on him. He paused for a moment and turned to look at the small table in the corner.

Yu Donghai felt embarrassed when he noticed that Sheng Xiao had noticed him. He quickly lowered his head to avoid Sheng Xiaos gaze.

Sheng Xiao only glanced at Yu Donghais face once before his gaze landed on Yu Huang, who was sitting opposite him. The young girl sat calmly in a corner and ate her food quietly. Compared to the feverish customers around her, her attitude was cold.

This time, she was not wearing a veil. The right side of her face, which was full of burn scars, was facing Sheng Xiao. She did look scary. However, the girls hazel eyes were calm and gentle.

Sheng Xiao felt that Yu Huang was a very interesting girl. She was arrogant and fiesty when she talked back to Xuanyuan Jing. But when she was calm, she seemed graceful and composed.

Such a girl reminded Sheng Xiao of the cactus on the window sill of his dormitory. Compared to those beautiful flowers, Sheng Xiao admired cactus more.

For a species like the cactus, as long as it was given a bit of soil, it would be able to extend its tentacles to firmly grab onto the soil and absorb every drop of water. It would be able to thrive.

Being resilient was even rarer than being beautiful.

Sheng Xiao thought for a while and walked toward Yu Huang. When he got closer, he saw that Yu Huang did not notice his approach. He took the initiative to greet her. “What a coincidence.”

The mans voice was cold to the bone, but clear as a lake.

This voice suddenly sounded beside Yu Huangs ear, stunning her. Yu Huang raised her head and looked at Master Sheng, who was standing beside her table. A hint of surprise appeared on her face.

Sheng Junshi still remembered her?

After witnessing Xuanyuan Jing breaking off their engagement, it was normal for Sheng Xiao to remember her.

Yu Huang stood up and asked respectfully, “Master Sheng, are you looking for me?”

Sheng Xiao noticed that her attitude was respectful. She was not as easygoing as she was when they met at the hospital. He thought that Yu Huang did not remember him. He reminded her, “We met at the hospital garden before.”

It was definitely not honorable for Yu Huang to be watched by Sheng Xiao. She felt awkward and explained, “I didnt know Sheng Junshis identity and it was rude of me. Im sorry.”

Sheng Xiao raised his eyebrows and said, “You did well.” Seeing that Yu Huang was in low spirits, Sheng Xiao felt that he should say something to comfort her. He thought for a while and said to Yu Huang in a serious tone, “He is stupid, blind and shallow. You should be happy that you broke off the engagement with such an idiot.”

Yu Huang: “?”

This number one genius was different from what she had imagined. Was it really appropriate to disparage someone behind his back?

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