t was this? Yu Huang had just broken off her engagement with Xuanyuan Jing in the afternoon, and now, she was riding on Master Shengs coattails?

Everyone turned their heads to look in the direction of the private room. Someone couldnt help but murmur, “Yu Huang is a femme fatale. Before she was disfigured, she charmed Young Master Xuanyuan so much that he fell head over heels for her. After her disfigurement, she still managed to befriend Master Sheng.”

After knowing that Yu Huang was Sheng Xiaos friend, the way they talked about her changed again.

“As expected of Yu Huang. Her charm is boundless. She doesnt rely on her looks. She can get to know people like Master Sheng just based on her character and charm.”

“This girl is incredible. She will definitely become successful in the future!”

After Fan Sheng sent Sheng Xiao off, he returned to the restaurant. He heard their discussion and clicked his tongue. Then, he said calmly, “Everyone, if you dont eat now, the food will get cold!” He was reminding them to shut up.

When everyone heard that, they lowered their heads and ate.

After dinner, Yu Donghai brought Yu Huang to buy clothes.

The clothes that Yu Donghai usually wore were bought from the market stalls. Shirts and pants cost 15 yuan each. They were cheap and durable, but the style was old-fashioned. Thinking of how Yu Huangs body was delicate, he thought about how she couldnt wear those rough fabrics. Yu Donghai brought Yu Huang into a clothing store.

Due to her status, the original owner of the body was always dressed fashionably. She never wore cheap goods from small shopping malls. However, Yu Huang didnt mind these. She bought a few sets of clothes before riding her tricycle home with Yu Donghai.

The two of them had just arrived at their doorstep when they received a call from the furniture store delivery man. After Yu Huang hung up, Yu Donghai asked her, “What did you buy?”

“I bought you a bed.”

Yu Donghai was stunned for a moment, and felt extremely moved. He said, “I can sleep on the floor, so dont waste that money.”

Yu Huang said, “Youre my father. My heart aches when you sleep on the floor.”

Yu Donghai lowered his head and didnt speak. He looked like he was about to cry again. Yu Huang couldnt stand him looking like this and hurriedly pushed him into the courtyard. “Youre not allowed to cry. Youre my father, someone I depend on.”

Yu Donghai hurriedly held back his tears.

The delivery man moved the bed into the rented room and left after assembling it. The design of the bed was simple, but the mattress Yu Huang had prepared for Yu Donghai was the most expensive design in the store. Yu Donghai laid on the bed and let out a comfortable sigh. “This mattress is more comfortable than my beds. How much did you buy it for?”

Yu Huang lied without batting an eye. “Its complimentary for the bed I bought for you. Its not worth much.”

Yu Donghai believed her words. He sat up again and said to Yu Huang, “Lets change beds. This bed is more comfortable than mine. You can sleep on this.”

Without even thinking, Yu Huang rejected him. “No way! You should sleep on this bed. We young people are not picky about beds.”

When he heard this, Yu Donghai looked at Yu Huang with a deep gaze, and after a long time, he couldnt help but lament with emotion. “If your biological parents were still alive, how happy would they be to see you being so kind and filial?”

Yu Huang reminded Yu Donghai expressionlessly, “They abandoned me.”

Yu Donghai wanted to say something, but stopped himself.

Yu Huang went to take a shower. As she showered, she pondered.

She began to doubt her own identity.

Her father said that he had picked her up in the abyss. What kind of place was the abyss? It was the most dangerous primitive forest on the Holy Spirit Continent. There were tens of thousands of ferocious beasts living in it. It was the legendary demonic zone where one could not come out as long as they walked in!

A child who could only drink milk and cry would die wherever she was thrown, so why throw her into the abyss?

And her father was just an ordinary person. Why would he go to the abyss?

Was it really just a coincidence that her father found her?

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