Chapter 18: Youre Right

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Upon hearing Yu Huangs reply, Li Shi frowned. He angrily scolded, “Whats wrong with your adoptive parents? Dont they know that youths under the age of 20 still have the chance to awaken their beast form? Beast Tamers concern the future of the country. They are obstructing the development of the country!”

Facing Li Shis anger, Yu Huang appeared extremely calm.

He was the homeroom teacher, so he was right about everything.

Seeing that Yu Huang did not say a word, Li Shi instantly felt that he was too harsh. He shifted his gaze away from Yu Huang and stared at the entire class. He instructed, “All of you, go take the test on time. I look forward to seeing a Beast Tamer in our class this year.”

In fact, it had been many years since any student in Yong Hui High School had awakened their beast form.

Those who were able to awaken their beast form were mostly smart and determined youths. These kinds of students had excellent results and all of them went to Shengdu High School and the Almon Noble School.

Yong Hui High School was only an average high school in Shengdu City. It was rare for their school to have excellent students.

Once Li Shi left, the classroom became lively again.

“Whats the point of testing? Weve been testing since we were 10 years old. Weve been testing for eight years. If we could awaken our beast form, we would have done so long ago!”

“You cant say that. Didnt the Mayor only awaken his beast form when he was almost 20 years old? Moreover, hes already a Beast Tamer at the level of Supreme Master. Who knows, there might be someone like the Mayor in our school?”

“Theres only one case like the Mayor in the entire country. How small is the probability?”

Everyone chatted and laughed. When they saw Yu Huang standing in a daze, someone shouted at her, “Yu Huang, lets go and eat alms bowl chicken at your house!”


The hour after school was the most profitable time of Yu Donghais day.

At this moment, the sun was scorching in the square, and it would be cooler under the shade of the trees. However, Yu Donghai was unable to seize that position. Yu Donghais tricycle was parked at the entrance of the square, and there was a parasol propped up by the side of the tricycle. There was only a broken fan spinning on the tricycle.

The business of his stall was not bad because his alms bowl chicken tasted pure and the food was also fresh.

Yu Huang and her classmates arrived at the Lotus Plaza. From afar, they could see Yu Donghais rickshaw.

Upon hearing the worddaddy, Yu Donghai subconsciously raised his head and looked in the direction of Yu Huang. When he saw the large group of students behind Yu Huang, he was immediately stunned. “Youre…”

Yu Huang said, “I brought my classmates here to eat alms bowl chicken.” After she finished speaking, Yu Huang rolled up her sleeves and walked to Yu Donghais side to start working.

She picked up a bowl and swiftly put a sterile lunch bag on it. She opened her mouth and said, “8 cents for a fine stick, 1 yuan for a rough stick. Take it yourself. After youre done eating, bring a bamboo stick over to settle the bill! This is your first day patroning my familys business. If you buy 10 sticks, youll get 1 stick for free. Its only for today!”


The class monitor took the lead in choosing food from the alms bowl. He was almost 1.9 meters tall and could eat a lot. He took 30 skewers in one go and even got three free. After taking the food, everyone stood at the side and ate.

Yu Donghai came back to his senses, and a kind smile appeared on his face. His daughter was really amazing. In just one day, she managed to form a good relationship with her classmates.

The father-daughter pair only drove home after nine oclock in the evening.

On the way, Yu Huang said, “Father, I still have some money in my hands. Lets rent a storefront at the school gate. With the storefront, we can install air conditioning and set up a few tables. Your restaurants environment will be better, so there will naturally be more customers. Besides, your alms bowl chickens ingredients are fresh and delicious, so your business will definitely be booming. It wont be long before you can earn back the rent.”

Yu Donghai didnt even think about it. He shook his head directly and refused, “No, no, the storefront is too expensive.”

When Yu Huang saw that Yu Donghai couldnt get it, she took out her trump card and said, “Our rental apartment is too far from the school, and it takes more than half an hour to drive. Look, there are so many cars on the road, if theres a traffic accident on the way to school…”

Yu Huang did not say what the consequences would be, but Yu Donghai definitely understood the severity of the situation.

When he heard this, Yu Donghai really wavered.

Prosperous Capital was close to the capital. The economy was prosperous and there were many cars. People lost their lives every day due to traffic accidents. If there was really a car accident, it was fine if he died, but nothing could happen to her!

Seeing that Yu Donghai had wavered, Yu Huang hurriedly struck while the iron was hot, and continued to deceive Yu Donghai. “I have missed too many lessons, and I dont even understand the contents of the teachers lecture now. If I want to enter university, I have to stay up late to catch up on lessons. If I sleep late, and the next morning, I have to wake up early to rush to school, Father, arent you afraid that I will be exhausted?”

When Yu Donghai heard Yu Huangs words, the last bit of hesitation in his heart disappeared. All these years, he had been a bachelor, and had earned quite a bit from selling alms bowls and chickens. Other than daily necessities and alcohol, he had saved up the rest of the money. In the future, he would prepare dowry and tuition for Yu Huang.

However, the prerequisite was that she could get into university!

If she collapsed from exhaustion from preparing for the exam, it would be useless no matter how much money he saved.

Yu Donghai instantly thought it through. “Alright! Lets rent a storefront and change houses!”

After returning home, Yu Donghai took out a coin-sized card from his pillow and handed it over to Yu Huang. He told Yu Huang, “There is a total of 560,000 in here. It was saved by me after all these years of doing business. I will give you the card. In the future, you will be in charge of our familys finances.”

Yu Huang held onto the card tightly. She had a feeling that she was not holding onto a card, but Yu Donghais life.

Yu Huangs eyes welled up with tears, and she almost burst into tears. She held back her tears, and only then did Yu Huang nod her head vigorously while saying, “Okay, in the future, I will help our familly attain riches. I will let you live in the most luxurious house, and drink the most expensive wine!”

“Ill be waiting!” Noticing that there was a hard shell card in Yu Huangs bag, Yu Donghai asked, “What is that? Can you show it to me?”

Yu Huang took out the list and handed it over to Yu Donghai. She explained, “This is my number plate. The annual Beast Tamer Awakening Ceremony will be held tomorrow at the Purifying Spirit Academy. All the 10 to 20 year old students in the city will be given three days of leave to go to the Purifying Spirit Academy for the test.”

Yu Donghais eyes lit up. “Are you going too?”

“Im not even 20 yet. Of course, I have to go.” Yu Huang was very calm because she knew that it was impossible for her to become a Beast Tamer.

“Good! Good!” Yu Donghai exclaimed twice in succession. He was so excited that his face turned red.

Yu Donghais excitement was somewhat baffling in Yu Huangs eyes. She told Yu Donghai very calmly, “Father, if I could awaken my beast form, I would have awakened it five years ago. Dont have any fantasies.”

However, Yu Donghai grabbed onto Yu Huangs hand, and he was unable to conceal his excitement as he said, “As long as youre not twenty years old, you have a chance! I believe in you!”

Yu Huang did not believe herself, but she said perfunctorily, “Alright, maybe Ill be the next Divine Master.”

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