Chapter 21: Just because youre a bad student doesnt mean youre a bad person!

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“Theres a reaction from the crystal ball!”

Someones shout attracted everyones attention.

They stared at the black crystal ball and Anna Tao in shock and disbelief.

The crystal ball was a telekinesis ball. The color shown in the ball was the color of the beast inside the test subjects body. The black color shown in the crystal ball meant that Anna Tao had successfully awakened her beast form. Her beast form was a black creature!

Below the stage, the group of youths who had failed their awakening earlier were now filled with jealousy and unwillingness.

A slacker from Yong Hui High School had actually awakened successfully?

How unfair!

Anna Tao had her eyes closed the entire time while concentrating on fighting the crystal ball and was unaware of the changes in her body.

What Anna Tao feared the most was not some sort of beast, but her father.

Her father was a violent man. When he was drunk, he would hit her. When he was sober, he would hug her, cry and apologize. After crying, he would buy her a beautiful dress.

The girls in the class always envied Anna Tao for having beautiful clothes to wear, but they didnt know that underneath every beautiful dress she wore, there were dark green scars.

The crystal balls energy took on the form of Anna Taos father. It attacked her mentally, punching and kicking her.

Out of habit, Anna Tao ducked and hugged herself with her mouth shut as she curled up in the corner. Shed never ask for help because she knew no one could save her.

Her mother had long been unable to tolerate her fathers neurosis and secretly left home when she was four years old.

No one would help her!

No one!

Anna Tao suddenly felt indignant. Was she supposed to be trampled on like an ant just because she was weak? Was she really going to be abused by her father forever?

When being bullied, even ants knew how to bite. Why did she have to accept it!

She wanted to control her own life and future!

There was a sudden burst of astonishing power in Anna Taos body. She stood up slowly while her brown eyes turned a rich black in an instant.

Anna Tao jumped onto her father like a wild beast. She lowered her head and bit her fathers neck without letting go!

The moment Anna Taos father was bitten by her, the crystal balls tentacles suddenly pulled out of Anna Taos body. At the same time, the father in Anna Taos mind disappeared.

Anna Tao opened her eyes in confusion and found that the crystal ball was releasing a black light. She glanced at the abbot in confusion.

A smile finally appeared on the hosts face. He smiled and congratulated Anna Tao. “Congratulations. From today onwards, you will officially become a Beast Tamer.”

She had become a Beast Tamer?

The pleasant surprise stunned Anna Tao. The host reminded her, “Its time to see your beast form.”

Suppressing her feelings of excitement, she focused her attention on the crystal ball. The thick black coloured light within the ball gradually condensed together, transforming into… an ant!

Staring at the ant, the host and Dean Lins expressions became strange.

It was common knowledge that ants were known as useless beasts in the beast world!

The host looked at Anna Tao with pity and regret. This was the first student to awaken today. Why was she in a useless beast form?

After she discovered that her beast form was that of an ant, the smile that had yet to spread across her face froze on her face.

How could it be an ant?

Seeing that Anna Taos awakened beast form was actually a tiny ant, a boy who had failed to awaken could not help but mock in a low voice, “I thought it was some powerful beast form, but its actually a useless ant! Trash is trash, and the awakened beast form is also trash! Whats so great about it?!”

Even though his voice was low, the square was too quiet. His voice reached Anna Taos ears.

Hearing this, the light in Anna Taos eyes dimmed and her round and cute face was filled with defeat.

Anna Tao gave up on herself. Yes, she was never a smart and powerful person. She was just a stutterer with an ordinary IQ. It was not surprising that someone like her could awaken a useless beast like an ant.

At this moment, a cold and proud female voice suddenly sounded from Yong Hui High Schools team. “Whats the big deal?”

The moment Yu Huang opened her mouth, she received everyones attention.

Sheng Xiao heard a familiar female voice. He looked down at Yu Huang.

Yu Huang, at 173cm, was very eye-catching when she stood among a group of cute girls. Sheng Xiao easily found her position.

However, Yu Huangs attention was all on the boy. She did not notice that Sheng Xiao was secretly observing her.

Yu Huangs gaze fell on the boy who had slandered Anna Tao. Seeing that the boy was wearing the uniform of Shengdu High School, she smiled meaningfully and said, “I was wondering who was so arrogant. Turns out its the top student of Shengdu High School!”

The address of “top student” was extremely insulting, and the students of Shengdu High School could not help but blush.

The principal of Shengdu High School glared at the boy who spoke too much. He wished he could kick him out of Shengdu High School.

What a disgrace!

Yu Huang asked the boy, “Did you just ask whats so great about Anna Tao?”

The boy knew that he had said something wrong and embarrassed the school. Hence, when he heard Yu Huangs question, he felt ashamed and did not dare to look up at her.

However, Yu Huang did not intend to let him off the hook. Her clear and sharp voice spread throughout the entire square.

“The trash you spoke of successfully overcame the fear in her heart and awakened her beast form. As for you, you were so frightened by the fear in your heart that you could only kneel on the ground and beg for forgiveness.”

“Just based on that fact, when you see her in the future, you have to lower your head and respectfully call her a Scholar!”

“Just based on the fact that her name can be recorded in the Divine Moon Empires Beast Tamer Register system in the future, and your name will forever be a shame to Shengdu High School!”

Staring at the geniuses and nobles on her right, Yu Huang asked loudly, “Is this enough?”

Yu Huang was not only telling the boy this, she was also telling everyone who looked down on Anna Tao that they had no right to look down on a person who had awakened her beast form!

The entire square was silent.

Was it enough?

Of course!

Sheng Xiao stared at the aggressive Yu Huang and his lips curled up.

As expected of a small cactus, she was full of thorns.

After receiving Yu Huangs protection, Anna Tao was suddenly filled with courage. She understood that there was no trash in this world! As long as she did not admit that she was trash, no one could determine that she was trash!

Anna Tao wiped away her tears and summoned her courage to shout in the direction of Shengdu High School. “I will prove to you that I am not trash! My beast form is not trash either!”

“Ill let you know that being a bad student doesnt mean youre a bad person!”

Perhaps it was because she was filled with confidence, but at that moment, she did not even stutter.

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