Chapter 22: Yonghui High, Yu Huang!

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Chapter 22: Untitled

Anna Tao ran off the stage and hugged Yu Huang. “Thank you, Yu Huang.” Anna Tao would remember Yu Huangs protective words for the rest of her life.

Yu Huang patted Anna Taos back and told her, “Dont listen to those people. They are just jealous that you have successfully awakened your beast form.”

The class monitor also felt indignant for Anna Tao. He said, “Ants may be small, but they are not useless. Anna, you have to treat your beast form well and activate your beast nature as soon as possible. Try to become a super-powerful person and bring glory to our school!”

Although Anna Taos beast form was just a weak ant, it was still better than the Shengdu High School and Mondu Private Academy, which had yet to awaken any bullsh*t!

Damn it, it had been more than ten years since Yong Hui High School had awakened a Beast Tamer. This time, they could finally hold their heads high!

Hearing the class monitor and Yu Huangs words, Anna Tao nodded her head vigorously. “I know, I will do my best!”

Dean Lin sat quietly in his chair. He stared at the two young ladies and said to Sheng Xiao emotionally, “Dont you think that the young people of this generation are more courageous than us old people? The world will belong to the young people eventually.”

Sheng Xiao shook his head solemnly. “Mr. Lin, Im still young. I dont know much about the life of you elders.”

He was only seven years older than Yu Huang, so he was not old.

Dean Lin was stunned for a moment. Then, he was caught between laughter and tears. “Mr. Sheng is young and promising. With you guys around, the world will be even better!”

The 18-year-old Anna Tao had successfully awakened her beast form. This was a good sign. Perhaps there would be a few more Beast Tamers among this group of older teenagers. This made the host look forward to the next test.

However, after they tested more than a thousand students, no one managed to awaken their beast form.

Although the abbot was a little disappointed, he did not despair. Beast Tamers were rare existences, but there were only a dozen or so people who could awaken their beast forms every year.

Anna Tao, who was already 18 years old, was able to successfully awaken her beast form. It was a pleasant surprise.

Seeing that it was almost her turn, Yu Huang left the class and walked towards the waiting area in a low profile.

The moment Yu Huang entered the waiting area, she was recognized by a slightly plump girl. “Were you the one who scolded that guy from Shengdu High School?”

Among the tens of thousands of people present, only Yu Huang was wearing a mask. This lady recognized Yu Huang immediately.

Before Yu Huang could reply, the girl grabbed Yu Huangs arm again enthusiastically. She stop very excitedly. “The way you scolded that jerk was so cool! Those guys from Shengdu High School are so arrogant because of their good grades. Ive always hated them!”

Yu Huang did not agree with that. She said, “Shengdu High School is still very outstanding. Its just that that persons character is not good. A rotten apple ruins the bunch.”

Yu Huang would never admit that she was mediocre, but she would never deny the excellence of others. The fact that she dared to admit that others were more outstanding than her was already a form of excellence.

The girl looked embarrassed. She wiped the sweat off her forehead and asked Yu Huang, “Hey, why do you keep wearing a mask? Arent you hot?”

Yu Huang replied indifferently, “Sorry, Im ugly and cant be seen.”

The girl was rendered speechless by her answer. Unwilling to give up, she asked again, “Whats your name? I like how cool you are. Lets add each other as friends!”

At this moment, the host on the stage called out to her.

“1832, Yong Hui High School, Yu Huang!”

When Yu Huangs name was heard, the entire plaza was in an uproar.

“Yu Huang?”

“Yu Huang actually came to participate in the test this year!”

“Where is she?”

Yu Huang lifted her mask and said to the girl beside her, “Please let go. Its my turn to go on stage.”

The girl asked, “What?”

She let go of Yu Huangs arm in a daze and watched as she walked towards the testing stage.

Under the gazes of everyone present, Yu Huangs figure appeared before the stairway at the side of the tall platform.

The girl had a high ponytail and was wearing a wide grayish-blue school uniform jacket. She was wearing a pair of flat canvas shoes at the bottom of her feet. Her height of more than 1.7 meters made her appear slender and tall.

Upon seeing her outfit, everyones eyes widened in shock. Wasnt she the masked girl who had spoken up for Anna Tao earlier?

It was actually Yu Huang!

The commotion below the stage did not affect Yu Huang. She remained calm from the start while walking up the stairs step by step. This scene reminded everyone of the scene when she was dressed up and performing on the stage.

However, things were no longer the same as before. The once beautiful young lady had now lost all her beauty and fell to rock bottom.

Yu Huang walked to the stage and bowed to the host. Just as she was about to take the test, she suddenly thought of something and looked at Sheng Xiao.

Sheng Xiao noticed her gaze and raised his eyebrows. “Whats wrong?”

Yu Huang said, “My friend worshiped you before and she successfully awakened her beast form.” The commotion below the stage hadnt subsided, so only Sheng Xiao heard Yu Huangs words clearly.

Sheng Xiao was reminded of Anna Taos actions when she went on stage. He could not help but feel his scalp go numb. He frowned and said disapprovingly, “Its all superstition. Its not advisable.”

Yu Huang continued, “But before I left, my father asked me to worship you. Perhaps its useful to worship you.”

Sheng Xiao smiled.

In front of everyone, Sheng Xiao walked to Yu Huang and touched her forehead with his right index finger.. He lowered his voice and said, “Little Yu, Ill give you all my good luck today.”

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