Chapter 26: Spirit Restraining Parasite

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After returning home, Yu Huang went to the kitchen to wash the lunch box.

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed that Yu Donghai had been peeping at her. His eyes were clearly filled with confusion and concern, yet he didnt dare to open his mouth to ask her.

Yu Huang sighed.

She placed the lunch box into the cupboard and walked to the dining table before snatching the wine pot from Yu Donghais hands. She said, “Dont drink too much wine. If your body hurts too much, Ill massage it for you.”

Yu Donghai was missing a leg. When he walked, most of his strength was placed on his left leg. After being outside for an entire day, the muscles on Yu Donghais left leg had already become stiff. He hammered his calf and said, “Its so painful here that its a bit numb.”

“Let me give you a massage.” Yu Huang squatted down and massaged Yu Donghais legs. As she massaged, she said, “Father, Ive become a laughingstock again today.”

Yu Huang was not truly invincible. The things that happened during the day had given Yu Huang a heavy blow. Yu Huang was indeed unreconciled, but so what? Would she be able to successfully awaken her beast form if she was unreconciled?

The most useless word in this world was unreconciled.

However, she had lived for more than two hundred years after all. Sorrow, joy, separation, reunion, deception, betrayal, disappointment, and despair, she had experienced them all in her previous life. What happened today was not enough to truly stump her.

Yu Donghai only knew that Yu Huangs awakening had failed, but he didnt know what exactly happened to her. When he heard Yu Huang say this, Yu Donghai guessed that something unusual must have happened today.

His heart ached a little for Yu Huang. He asked gently, “What exactly happened? You can tell me. I will face it with you.”

Yu Huang nodded and sorted out her thoughts before she told Yu Donghai about everything that happened in the Purifying Spirit Academy.

When Yu Donghai heard Yu Huang say that every time her beast heart was about to form, an invisible force would deliberately scatter them and he would unconsciously sit up straight.

“Youre saying that theres an invisible force stopping you from condensing your beast heart?”

Yu Huang nodded. “Yes. I tried it twice. It happened both times.”

When he heard this, Yu Donghai looked at Yu Huang with eyes filled with curiosity and suspicion. He sized her up from head to toe, and finally stared at her left eye without moving.

Yu Huang felt her hair stand on end from Yu Donghais gaze. She stopped massaging his legs and curiously asked, “Whats wrong, Father?”

Yu Donghai lowered his head and observed Yu Huangs left eye at a close distance. After a long while, he said uncertainly, “Why do I remember that when you were born, you didnt have this mole in your eye?”

Could he have remembered wrongly?

Yu Huangs eyelids twitched when she heard this.

That mole in her eyes?

“Father, just a few days ago, the mole in my eye suddenly changed. I saw it emitting black gas with my own eyes. Do you think its some ominous thing?”

After he heard Yu Huangs words, Yu Donghais expression became even more serious. “Black steam was seeping out…” He frowned deeply while trying to figure out what was going on.

Yu Huang had her own guesses. She said, “Father, do you think this mole of mine is some kind of restriction? Perhaps as long as the mole is removed, I can be reborn?”

This was what was written in novels and television. The Host had even filmed this kind of fantasy movie before.

Yu Huangs joke had enlightened Yu Donghai.

Yu Donghai suddenly opened his eyes wide, saying with a shocked expression, “Spirit Restraining Parasite!”

Upon hearing these words from Yu Donghai, Yu Huang narrowed her eyes.

This thing sounded very evil and mighty.. It didnt seem like something ordinary people could come into contact with. How did a lame man who sold alms bowls and chickens know something like the Spirit Restraining Art?

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