After hearing Yu Donghais explanation, Yu Huang had a deeper understanding of the Spirit Restraining Parasite. She said, “Father, so you suspect that there is also a Spirit Restraining Parasite in my body?”

Yu Donghai wasnt certain, but the abnormality that appeared on Yu Huangs body was exactly the same as the reaction toward Spirit Restraining Parasite, so he could not help but think that way.

“Those with beast nature can definitely awaken their beast form! You have a strong beast nature, but you are unable to awaken your beast form. This does not make sense! If someone secretly planted a Spirit Restraining Parasite in your body, that would explain the abnormality in your body.”

Yu Donghais words were logical and well-founded, and Yu Huang almost believed him. However, she remained calm throughout, and reminded Yu Donghai, “Father, Im just an ordinary person. Im not worthy of others scheming to harm me.”

When he heard these words, Yu Donghais expression looked shifty.

Yu Huang had been observing Yu Donghais reaction the entire time. When she saw that Yu Donghais gaze was shifty, as if he was hiding some secret, she knew that her father was definitely hiding something from her.

Yu Huang deliberately put on a deflated look and said dejectedly, “Maybe Im just unlucky and destined not to become a Beast Tamer. Father, Ive accepted my fate.”

When Yu Donghai heard Yu Huang say that she had accepted her fate, he seemed to have suffered a huge blow. He raised his voice and berated her, “Nonsense! You can accept anything, but you cant resign yourself to fate!”

Yu Huang was shocked.

This reaction was too unusual!

Yu Donghai forcefully placed the wine pot on the dining table. He rubbed his face, and made an important decision.

“You have to listen carefully to what Im going to tell you next. After you hear it, you have to keep it to yourself. Before you have absolute strength, you cannot reveal it to anyone!”

Yu Donghais expression was too serious, so Yu Huang could only nod her head solemnly. “Father, I will definitely keep this secret.”

Nodding his head, Yu Donghai opened the lid of the wine jar and drank a mouthful of wine. After that, not knowing where to start, he fell into silence.

Yu Huang knew that Yu Donghai was organizing his words, so she didnt disturb him.

After a quarter of an hour, Yu Donghai suddenly opened his mouth and said, “You said earlier that youre just an ordinary person, and that youre not worthy of someone scheming to harm you. Youre gravely mistaken.”

Yu Huang only looked at him quietly. She didnt urge him or ask him any questions.

Yu Donghai asked Yu Huang a question, “Have you ever thought about your birth fathers identity?”

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