Chapter 4: Sheng Xiaos First Show

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After Yu Huang heard Xuanyuan Jings words, she gradually loosened her fists.

After staring at Xuanyuan Jing quietly for a moment, Yu Huang suddenly gave a short laugh. “Is it very impressive to get into Divine Realm Academy? Xuanyuan Jing, if I can get into Divine Realm Academy too, will you apologize for your actions today?”

Hearing that, Xuanyuan Jing only felt that it was ridiculous. He looked at Yu Huang as if he was looking at an idiot. “With just you? A commoner who hasnt awakened her beast form even when she was 18 years old wants to get into Divine Realm Academy? Yu Huang, what kind of place do you think Divine Realm Academy is? Is that something you can get into just because you want to?”

“Even I was lucky enough to be accepted into the Divine Realm Academy only after many rounds of competition. You saying these words is simply asking to be humiliated.”

Yu Huang interrupted Xuanyuan Jing. “Xuanyuan Jing, I agree to break off the engagement!”

If married couples could still divorce, Xuanyuan Jing could naturally break off the engagement with her.

But he shouldnt have used such a humiliating method to forcefully end the engagement!

Seeing that Yu Huang was finally willing to agree to break off the engagement, Xuanyuan Jing let out a huge sigh of relief.

Before he could rejoice, he heard Yu Huang say again, “However, Xuanyuan Jing, your actions today are a little too outrageous. If I really manage to get into Divine Realm Academy and defeat you, you have to kneel down and apologize for your actions today in front of all the teachers and students!”

The Host had given her heart to Xuanyuan Jing, but in the end, she was humiliated by Xuanyuan Jing like this. Yu Huang felt indignant for the Host.


A shattered worthless flower vase.

Was this what a man should say to his fiancée?

Since Yu Huang had the original owners body, she definitely couldnt let the original owner suffer such humiliation from Xuanyuan Jing!

Xuanyuan Jing looked at Yu Huang with a complicated gaze. He didnt understand where Yu Huang got this confidence from. She actually shamelessly said that she wanted to enter the Divine Realm Academy and even said that she wanted to defeat him. However, he wouldnt be the one who would suffer humiliation anyway, so Xuanyuan Jing agreed.

“Its up to you. I want to see if Yu Huangs name will be on the freshman roster next year!” With that, Xuanyuan Jing turned to leave.

Yu Huang thought of something and hurriedly shouted, “Wait!”

Xuanyuan Jing, his tone filled with impatience, turned around to look at her. “Why? Are you going back on your words already?”

Yu Huang didnt want to go back on her words, but she was afraid that Xuanyuan Jing would! “Wait a moment, Ill write a letter and you can sign it before leaving.”

Xuanyuan Jings expression darkened.

Yu Huang rummaged through her pockets but couldnt find any paper. She took out the handkerchief she used to cover her face earlier.

There was only a handkerchief, but no pen.

Yu Huang planned to go to the nurses desk to borrow a pen. However, she was afraid that her appearance would scare others, so she wore a handkerchief on her face and borrowed a pen from the nurses desk at the reception hall on the first floor.

Yu Huang walked past Xuanyuan Jing towards the long corridor, only to see a man in a black shirt walking out from the corner.

The setting sun after the rain shone on his dark clothes, making his tall and slender figure appear even more slender. His shadow landed diagonally on the ground and extended all the way to Yu Huangs toes.

She didnt know if he happened to pass by or if he had arrived early.

Xuanyuan Jing naturally saw that man as well. When he saw the mans face clearly, his jaw dropped.

Why was he here?!

Yu Huang did not take a close look at the mans appearance. When she saw a fountain pen on the mans chest, she stepped on the long shadow in front of her and gracefully walked towards the man.

As they got closer, Yu Huang realized that this person was really tall. She had to look up at him before she could look into his eyes and speak. “Sir, can you lend me your fountain pen?”

Sheng Xiao looked down at Yu Huang coldly.

Through the handkerchief, he could see the terrifying face of the young lady under the scarf. Sheng Xiao did not show any other emotions on his face. He just took the fountain pen from his chest and passed it to Yu Huang.

Yu Huang took the pen and sized it up.

On the pitch-black pen shaft, there was only the word “Xiao” engraved in gold. The simple design gave off a domineering aura, just like the owner of the pen.

“Thank you.” After thanking him, Yu Huang turned her back to the man and squatted on the stone bench under the long corridor.

She took off her handkerchief and placed it on the stone bench. She quickly wrote on it—

[In the battle of the divine realm, if Jing wins, Huang will stay away from him. If Huang wins, Jing will have to kneel down and admit defeat.


It must be three lifetimes of accumulated bad luck to meet you. I want to kick you.

When we meet again in the Divine Realm next year, I will definitely beat you up.

After she finished writing, Yu Huang signed her name and waved at Xuanyuan Jing, who was standing in a daze. “Come over and sign it. Dont try to shirk it!”

Xuanyuan Jing didnt seem to have heard Yu Huangs words and only stared blankly at the young man who had suddenly appeared.

Only when the man in black gave Xuanyuan Jing a look did Xuanyuan Jing run over in shock. He took Yu Huangs pen and signed his name on the handkerchief.

Yu Huang folded the handkerchief and returned the pen to the man. She thanked him again, “Thank you.”

Sheng Xiao looked at her ugly face. His eyes were like an ancient well, calm and impassive. He took the pen and said coldly, “Youre welcome.” He watched as the girl left with the umbrella. Then, he turned to look at Xuanyuan Jing.

At this moment, Xuanyuan Jing had already stood up and was staring blankly in the direction where Yu Huang had left. This marriage had gone through many twists and turns, and he had finally gotten rid of Yu Huang. Xuanyuan Jing let out a sigh of relief.

At this moment, Xuanyuan Jing suddenly heard the man beside him ask, “Fiancée?”

As a young master from a cultivation family, Sheng Xiao naturally knew Xuanyuan Jing. A year ago, Sheng Xiao even represented the Sheng family to attend Xuanyuan Jing and Yu Huangs engagement banquet.

Everyone in the country knew that Yu Huang was disfigured. Even Sheng Xiao, who did not care about gossip, heard about it.

Sheng Xiao was tall. He did not need to peek at the document. He could read Yu Huangs words clearly with his eyes lowered. He smiled when he thought of the contents of the document.


Xuanyuan Jing was afraid that Sheng Xiao would misunderstand that he was still entangled with an ugly monster, so he quickly disassociated himself. “The engagement has been broken. Shes my ex-fiancée.”

Sheng Xiao stroked the fountain pen in his hand and pressed his thumb on the wordXiao. He did not know if it was an illusion or not, but he felt that there was still the warmth of a stranger on the pen.

Sheng Xiao put the pen in his pocket and praised softly, “Thats quite good.”

Xuanyuan Jing thought that Sheng Xiao was praising him for doing a good job today. He felt happy.

Sheng Xiao was not only the heir of the Sheng family, but he was also the youngest beast-type Metahuman in the history of the kingdom. He was also the youngest student in the history of Divine Realm Academy.

Beast Tamers were generally between 10 and 13 years old when they were awakened. On the other hand, Sheng Xiao was only 9 years old when it was awakened. He was only 13 years old when he was accepted into Divine Realm Academy!

He was the best among the sons of cultivation families and also the number one genius of the Divine Realm Academy. He was responsible for the discipline of the entire school. No one could escape his eyes if they made a mistake.

That was why Xuanyuan Jing felt that he was quite impressive to be praised by Sheng Xiao.

Xuanyuan Jing hurriedly said respectfully, “In the past, I was ignorant and shallow when I judged people. I almost made a huge mistake and made a fool of myself in front of Mr. Sheng. In the future, I will definitely judge people with more prudence.”

Sheng Xiao glanced at him meaningfully. His lips moved a little. He seemed to have said something. Then, he turned around and left.

Xuanyuan Jing stood on the spot and tried to imitate Sheng Xiaos lip movements. He uttered a word.


Xuanyuan Jing felt that he must have misunderstood Sheng Xiaos words. A gentleman like Sheng Xiao would never say such a vulgar word. One must know that the first rule of the school was that students must dress properly and be mindful of what they say.

As a disciplinary officer, Mr. Sheng would never swear!

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