ong. Furthermore, they still had to pay off their monthly mortgage of 50,000 yuan! They still had to pay it back for 20 years!

Yu Huangs actions had completely kicked Li Pingping and the others back into the abyss!

Li Pingping wasnt willing to be tricked by Yu Huang just like that, and she wanted to get the money back no matter what.

“What do you mean?!” Yu Rufeng glared at his wife while reminding her, “Have you forgotten about the protection law for underage assets? According to our countrys laws, underage assets are earned through legal labor. Parents and family members have no right to embezzle the assets. You have to wait until the child reaches adulthood, and then let the person in question control the assets.”

“In other words, when weve been using Yu Huangs money to buy cars and houses all these years, it was illegal!”

Yu Huang was now an adult and had severed all ties with them. They would not be able to get the money back. If they were to pursue the matter, not only would they not be able to get back the 15 million yuan that Yu Huang had taken away, they would also have to return the money that Yu Huang had earned over the past 14 years to her!

Hence, Yu Rufeng and the others had to suffer this loss!

Li Pingping had been controling Yu Huang for 14 years. She was so used to this power that she had almost forgotten about the existence of an underage property protection law. Only when she heard her husbands words did she realize that Yu Huang had no way out!

“Are we just going to suffer in silence?”

Yu Rufeng couldnt come up with a solution for the time being, so he decided to remain silent.

Li Pingping tugged at the corner of her skirt. She got an idea and said, “No, I must think of a way to get this money back!”

Yu Huang held a parasol and stood at the entrance of the hospital. She stared at the bustling crowd on the side of the road and felt extremely satisfied. She finally helped the Host get rid of her adoptive parents family. Yu Huang felt relaxed all over.

The couple was like gangrene that relied on Yu Huangs flesh and blood as food. They had to be removed as soon as possible.

At that moment, her phone rang. Yu Huang opened her phone and saw a message from Lin Sha: “Your mother called the production team to collect the compensation. What happened? Didnt the money enter your account?”

Yu Huang thought about how furious they were when they found out the truth. She smiled and told Lin Sha, “Thats not my mother anymore. Weve cut ties.”

After sending the message, Yu Huang put her phone away. She wasnt afraid that Lin Sha would spread the news and cause even more trouble.

She took out a coin-sized card from her pocket and looked at it curiously. This was the bank card of this world. On the round card, there was a faintly discernible Chinese rose. The card contained her 15 million yuan.

Yu Huang put away the card and prepared to leave. However, she fell into a daze again.

Where could she go?

To Yu Huang, this was an unfamiliar world. To the original owner, she was an orphan. If she left the Yu family, she would have no home.

The world was so big, yet there was no place for her to settle down.

Yu Huang waved for a taxi and was about to leave when she saw a man with a walking stick standing on the road opposite her. The mans left calf was amputated and his empty pants swayed in the breeze.

Yu Huangs gaze froze slightly.

That person…

Yu Huang found a familiar crippled figure in the Hosts distant memories.

That was the Hosts crippled father, Yu Donghai.

Yu Huang retracted her hand and started sizing up the man across the road.

The man was wearing a loose dark gray shirt and a straw hat on his head. There was a gray beard around his mouth, and he gave off a gloomy vibe.

Upon seeing this person, Yu Huang could feel that the Hosts heart was in anguish.. Perhaps in the Hosts heart, her crippled father was her real family.

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