mething and gossiped, “A few days ago, a female celebrity was burned and disfigured. She also stayed here. These days, Ive seen her fans wandering around the hospital. That one is worse than your relatives daughter.”

Yu Donghai didnt say anything after hearing the owners words, but his eyes were filled with tears.

Seeing that Yu Donghai was sad, the owner didnt say anything else and stuffed the item into Yu Donghais arms directly. “Here, its exactly a lbs.”

“Thank you.” Yu Donghai passed the money to the owner before carrying the cherries towards the hospital.

Yu Huang turned around and looked at the figure walking forward. She had mixed feelings.

The Host was only three years old when she separated from Yu Donghai, so many memories were vague. However, Yu Huang still found some memories from the Host.

Back then, the staff had found more than a dozen good families for Yu Huang. Some of them had the surname Huang while others had the surname Xie. However, Yu Huang chose the Yu family. At that time, the staff praised her for being smart and chose a family with the best family background. Only the original owner knew that she only wanted to find a family with the same surname as her father, whose surname was Yu.

Back then, Yu Huang thought that everyone with the surname Yu was a good person.

After that, Yu Rufeng and his wife used 15 years of time to give her a lesson, letting her know that in this world, not everyone with the surname Yu was a good person, but Yu Donghai was definitely a good person.

Yu Huang hesitated for a moment before silently following him.


Yu Donghai took the elevator to the burn unit. He walked through the elevator lobby towards the ward but was stopped by a nurse. The nurse told him, “Im sorry, but thats the VIP ward area. You cant enter without the permission of the patient or his family.”

Yu Donghai was stunned.

VIP ward?

Yu Donghai was somewhat at a loss. He couldnt help but lower his head and size up his clothes.

Although the clothes on his body were clean, the fabric had been washed until it was a little faded. The size was rather large, but it was not fitting. The straw hat on his head and the walking stick under his armpit showed how poor he was.

It would be strange if he was not stopped.

Since he couldnt see that child, Yu Donghai suddenly heaved a sigh of relief. He passed the fruit bag to the nurse and asked politely, “Nurse, can you help me send this cherry to the patient?”

That child loved to eat cherries the most. When she was a child, she could eat a bowl in one go. However, because of her young age, Yu Donghai was afraid that she would choke on the cherries. Thus, Yu Donghai would always use his hands to pry open the fruit and remove the core before giving it to her.

The nurse stared at the cherries in the bag but eventually nodded. “Whats the patients name?”

Yu Donghai looked left and right, as if he was afraid that if others heard that he knew Yu Huang, he would embarrass Yu Huang. He replied softly, “Yu Huang.”

Over the past few days, the nurse had met quite a few fans of Yu Huang. Naturally, she thought that Yu Donghai was a fan of Yu Huang. She thought to herself that this little girl was quite popular. Even an old and crippled man came to comfort her.

“Are you her fan?” The nurse told him, “Yu Huang has been discharged. You should go back.”

“Shes been discharged?”

“Yes, shes been discharged.”

Yu Donghai stood in spot for a long time. In the end, he could only carry the cherries back the way they came.

There were many people in the elevator. Yu Donghai stood at the front and did not notice that Yu Huang was standing at the back of the crowd. He carried the bag of cherries and walked out of the hospital. When he passed by the fruit stall, he suddenly stopped and asked the fruit stall owner, “I have never touched these cherries before. Can I return them to you?”

The owner was speechless!

It had been a few years since he set up his stall at the entrance of the hospital.. This was the first time he had seen someone who bought 50 yuan worth of fruit and returned it without giving it away.

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