Chapter 8: Daddy, Are You Here to Take Me Home?

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“Sir, theres no reason to return the things that were sent to people in the hospital.” The owner refused to accept it.

Yu Donghai could understand. He didnt say anything else, and carried the bag of cherries while limping towards the bus stop under the bright sun.

The car had just left and the next bus would come 20 minutes later.

Yu Donghai sat on a stool at the bus stop while waiting for the bus. He lowered his eyes and stared at the cherries in the bag, as the memories of the time he spent with Yu Huang when she was young surfaced in his mind.

Yu Huang was taken away by social staff on her third birthday.

That day, Yu Donghai used the rice cooker to make a small cake for Yu Huang. Yu Huang knew that she was about to be taken away. When she ate the cake, she cried silently.

When the staff brought her away, the little girl could no longer hold back her emotions and burst into tears.

She threw the cake away and pushed away the staff members hands. She knelt in front of Yu Donghai with her hands tightly grabbing onto the empty half of his pants. With tears in her eyes, she cried out, “Father, Father, I wont leave! Father, I want to follow you!”

Yu Donghai was sick, and he had to rely on drinking alcohol to relieve his pain. Yu Huangs nickname wasWine. Whenever he wanted to drink, he would shoutWine, and the pain would cease.

Yu Donghai looked at the teary face of the child and his heart was filled with reluctance. He begged them not to take the child away, and promised that he would work hard to give the child a better environment to live in. However, the staff members words completely crushed all of Yu Donghais hopes.

“Youre a disabled person. You live in a rented apartment and eat rice with soup. If she follows you, shell be a girl from a poor, disabled family in the future. If she is adopted by a rich family, shell become a rich young lady in the future.”

“You love her, but youre actually hurting her.”

Yu Donghai was awakened by those words. He looked at Yu Huangs delicate little face and realized that his love and possession would ruin this childs life.

She should grow up in a better environment, receive higher education, and have a better future!

Yu Donghai pried Yu Huangs fingers off his pants one by one. Blood dripped from his heart as he said the cruelest words, “Youre just a burden. If you follow me, youll only drag me down. I dont want you anymore, so you can leave now!”

“Daddy, youre lying to me. Im not leaving!” The little girl wiped her tears and hugged his leg again.

Yu Donghai used his walking stick to push the little girl away. He stood up and walked towards the room with his back facing Yu Huang. As he walked, he said, “You can leave. I dont want to see you again! I dont want to see you ever again!”

Yu Donghai thought that after sending Yu Huang away, she would lead a better life.

However, he didnt expect Yu Rufeng and his wife to be so ruthless to actually treat Yu Huang as an ATM! In these 14 years, Yu Huang had always been very popular. The ratings of the television dramas she filmed were very high, and the movies she filmed were also very popular.

Everyone liked Yu Huang. They praised her for her good acting skills, good looks, and promising future. Only Yu Donghai would feel pain in his heart when he saw the bright and beautiful young lady on television.

She was clearly still a minor. She should be enjoying a carefree life in school, not on the set or in the recording studio, where she had to cater to other people to earn money!

He was wrong!

He was completely wrong!

Recalling the past, Yu Donghai felt deeply guilty. He immediately raised his hand and slapped himself!

“Yu Donghai! Youre truly a bastard! Youre truly useless!”

Yu Donghai hated how useless and cowardly he was back then!

He shouldnt have sent Yu Huang away! Even if he went to beg, or engage in dirty business, he should still take care of Yu Huang!

At this moment, a fair and smooth finger reached into his plastic bag and picked out the most tender cherry. Yu Donghai turned his head in surprise and saw a young girl squatting beside his left leg.

The girl held the umbrella with her left hand and wore a black scarf on her face. She held the cherry in her right hand and lifted the scarf to her mouth.

Yu Donghai stared at Yu Huang in a daze. Even though the girl was wearing a scarf that covered her face, Yu Donghai could still recognize her through her eyes. Only Yu Huang had such a beautiful pair of eyes, and there was even a small mole near her left eye.

Looking at Yu Huang, Yu Donghai could not help but burst into tears.


The name was on the tip of his tongue, but he lost the right to shout it out.

Yu Huang spat out the cherry core and held it in her hand. She pulled Yu Donghais left leg and shook it lightly, just like when she was a child. “Father, are you here to bring me home?”

“Mmm…” Yu Donghai let out a loud cry. His voice was very stifled, like a weak beast that refused to accept its fate. “I was useless. I wasnt able to protect you!”

As Yu Huang looked at this emaciated and aged man, a certain part of her heart softened completely.

Yu Donghai reminded Yu Huang of her mother on Earth. Her adoptive mother was the female chief of the Mercenary Alliance, and her father was a scientific researcher in the Doomsday World. They all loved Yu Huang very much.

Although Yu Huang was born in the first year of the apocalypse, she had grown up under the protection and love of her parents. Yu Huang, who had grown up under the protection of her parents, had also developed a kind of unconditional love for her family.

Yu Donghai was the one who the original owner truly regarded as her family. Since Yu Huang took over the body of the original owner, she would also take good care of her crippled father and send him off in his old age.

Seeing that Yu Donghai was crying sorrowfully, Yu Huang also felt sad. She took off her silk scarf and wiped away Yu Donghais tears. “Dont cry, Father. I dont blame you.”

His tears were wiped away, and his vision became clear. Only now did Yu Donghai clearly see Yu Huangs current appearance.

Staring at the burnt flesh on her right cheek, Yu Donghai felt as if a knife was stabbing his heart. “Your face…” His fingers trembled as he wanted to touch Yu Huangs face, but he was afraid that he would hurt her.

Although they had been separated for 15 years, Yu Donghai would watch Yu Huangs television dramas and advertisements every day.

Yu Donghai was well aware of how beautiful Yu Huang was. When he thought of how such a beautiful child was now disfigured into such a state, Yu Donghai regretted it!

Yu Huang smiled, and she consoled Yu Donghai instead. She said, “I have become ugly. My adoptive parents think that I wont earn money anymore and dont want me anymore. Father, I no longer have a home. Father, do you want to give me a home?”

“What?! Yu Rufeng and the others chased you out?” After finding out that Yu Rufeng and his wife had actually driven Yu Huang out, Yu Donghai was angered to the point his expression turned ashen, and he forcefully stomped his walking stick as he cursed furiously. “This family is full of bastards. Theyre simply beasts!”

Yu Donghai felt enraged.

Yu Huang patted the back of Yu Donghais hand lightly and pretended to be sad. “Father, they dont treat me well. I have long wanted to leave them. Father, will you despise me for being ugly?”

“Nonsense!” Yu Donghai squeezed Yu Huangs hand tightly. With tears in his eyes, he said, “If you dont mind, then come back with me. I will pay for your tuition. You wont be a celebrity anymore, but you can still make a name for yourself in the future!”


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