waist; this man who had no home–was confident that he could fulfill whatever Ayra desired.
However, from the very moment they first met, Janus held and did not lose the confidence of a man who grasped the world between his hands.

     “Then, what if I lose?” Ayra asked.

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     “Well, I guess I’ll have you play on the instrument you took previously.”

     If he’s talking about the instrument Ayra had previously taken, then he must be referring to the Lyre Janus had so carelessly thrown away.
There was no point in returning it to the mercenary, so Ayra had temporarily placed it in his dimensional inventory.
Ayra nodded, since there was nothing to lose if he lost and would only benefit if he won.
He was rather curious about how in the world the mercenary would navigate with his eyes covered.

     As soon as Ayra accepted, Janus grabbed the hem of his shirt and roughly tore it apart.
He had so refreshingly and calmly made a tear–his top now looked akin to the slit on a qipao. 1 Once could catch glimpses of his sculpted abs; they were instinctively eye-catchingly sexy.

     While Ayra had opened his mouth dumbly, Janus covered his eyes with the torn scrap of cloth.
Now that the most memorable aspect of his face was covered, the mercenary’s sharp nose bridge and the red line of his lips could be seen clearly.

     Ayra bit his lips almost involuntarily.
Though they were the same gender, he couldn’t deny facts.
This man was definitely…sexy and handsome.
In his past or present life, Ayra had never been so quickly attracted to someone.
Though he’d seen all sorts of extraordinary and beautiful beings in the Labyrinth, it’s never been like this for him before.

     “Then, shall we stop by the mercenary camp today?” After smiling refreshingly, Janus walked forward without hesitation.
Ayra nervously chased after him, but, surprisingly, he had avoided all obstacles as if he could see ahead.
When someone else approached, Janus moved to the side; he easily bounded over protruding stone fragments or fences.
He had even avoided someone’s wastewater that was discarded out of the window.

     Janus asked calmly, “Do you know what the mercenary’s headquarters does


     Territories claimed by dragons were almost invincible against foreign invasions.
Except for a few, most humans couldn’t handle dragons, even if they flocked in armies of millions.

     However, since dragons were only invested in protecting their land and didn’t care to feed the humans that populated the territory, a portion of the military troops would be dispatched to other lands as mercenaries to earn money.
The mercenary’s headquarters was where the mercenaries who wandered the world, circling around like the rising and ebbing tides, would stay.
Though there might be barren lands not owned by any lord, there were no landed territories without a mercenary’s headquarters.

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      “They’re quite useful friends to have.
Though they may cost a lot of money, they’re able to fulfill miscellaneous tasks since they’re so talented,” Janus said.

     Even as he was listening to such useful information, Ayra stared at Janus disbelievingly.
How could he travel so well with his eyes covered? It was hard to believe even though he was witnessing it with his own two eyes.
The mercenary wasn’t a mage, so it wasn’t as if he was using magic.
No, even with the use of magic, navigating blindfolded without hesitation would still be difficult.
So terribly curious, Ayra circled around Janus and purposefully blocked his way forward.

     Rather than avoiding the mage, Janus precisely caught Ayra’s hand and lightly wrapped his free arm around Ayra’s waist.

     “Ack!” As soon as the hot hand held him, Ayra’s lips turned into a tight red downturned crescent.
Try as he might, the mage couldn’t free his body; the other’s sheer physical capability was such that the grip was as strong as a beast’s bite.

     Momentarily unguarded, Ayra followed Janus.
The crowd turned their gazes towards the two men sticking close to each other while walking.
Feeling the attention, Ayra belatedly struggled to pull himself out once again, but, as expected, his effort was futile.

     As if he were dancing in a ballroom, Janus moved cheerfully, humming off-tune.

     “Stop this…” Ayra struggled, worried that his identity would be in danger of being revealed after being made a spectacle.
Janus lifted Ayra up entirely.
As he spun the mage around, the crazy man’s strength throttled Ayra’s back and made him distressed.
The mage could feel the stinging gazes of the passersby stopping to observe something so strange happening in broad daylight.

     “I said, let me go!”

     Whether or not Janus had heard Ayra’s protest, the mercenary dipped the mage back in an elegant curve.
Though a dance like the waltz didn’t officially exist in this world, Ayra had no other way to address what was happening without calling this dance a waltz.
Now that he was closer to the mercenary, Ayra felt Janus’s hard muscular planes with the entirety of his own body.
Though the other might look slim from the outside, his pectorals were quite taut and thick.

     Inevitably, the hem of Ayra’s robe and his silvery hair fluttered in the wind every time Janus mischievously twirled him around.
Janus grabbed onto the young lord’s waist hard enough for the young lord’s chest to be flush against the mercenary’s.
Compared to Ayra’s heartbeat–which beat as fast as the flaps of a hummingbird’s wing in spring–Janus’s heart, right next to Ayra’s, thumped calmly and slowly.

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