First, Ayra checked the attendant Botello, someone who has been faithful to the Solar family for generations.
The stat window appeared next to the head of the attendant,who had been placing wood into the fireplace for his cold-sensitive master.


HP: ???
MP: ???
Physical Attack: ???
Magical Attack: ???
Affection: 85 <3


      If a perfect score for affection was 100, then 85 was really high on the scale.
Perhaps the man’s affection for Ayra’s family had spilled over onto Ayra.
Actually, the young lord could appreciate Botello’s sincere service–unwavering since he was a child–without having to check his affection.

     After Botello, Sir Bloom and Sir Ginas were the young lord’s new test subjects.


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HP: ???
MP: ???
Physical Attack: ???
Magic Attack: ???
Affection: 65 <3


HP: ???
MP: ???
Physical Attack: ???
Magic Attack: ???
Affection: 3 <3


      Those values didn’t deviate significantly from what Ayra expected.
In addition, after checking the affection stat for several others in the castle, Ayra didn’t realize anything new.

     ‘It seems like the people of this castle generally don’t like me all that much.’

      Botello and Bloom were exceptions; affection for Ayra in this castle averaged at around 18.3.
However, this reality didn’t really wound the young lord.
He was only curious as to whether such low affection was caused by his status as a mage or whether such low values were common in the first place.

     He quickly rose to his feet.
As soon as he exited the castle, Ayra headed straight to the square, slightly excited.
However, today, Janus was not in his usual spot.

     “Why isn’t he here today?”

Come to think of it, wasn’t it rather strange for someone to sit in the same place all day long–he wasn’t homeless, right? Moreover, there were probably no more places for the other to introduce to the young lord within this estate.
Ayra stood still, staring at the place where Janus once sat.

     ‘Still, it’d be courtesy for him to tell me that he’s finished as my guide.’

     Feeling a little disappointed with Janus’s heartlessness, Ayra turned around.
Since he’s already here, the young lord may as well collect various test samples related to the affection value from denizens.
He checked the stat for a farmer passing by.


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    Ayra, after checking the person’s stat window, tilted his head.
He had thought that the affection would be at 0 since they weren’t acquainted, but it was, instead, unexpectedly at 24.
After contemplating for a brief while, Ayra checked the stat for a very young child; the affection value was at 0.

     ‘This… I guess this is affection for the second son of the Solar Family–the one slated to be the next Lord of the land.’

     It would also be beneficial for Ayra to be able to confirm the support of the denizens for his rule with the affection stat.

     He walked a little longer and still had some mana left.
He had been thinking about climbing the mountain to test his ability with a few animals, but, at that moment, the mercenary’s office had caught his eye.
Ayra was about to pass, but, just in case, entered.

      As soon as he opened the door, the mercenaries inside looked his way.
Strangely enough, after checking the status windows one by one; the average affection value was higher than residents of the castle.

      Nadal was the first person to acknowledge him.
Even though Ayra had only met him once that last time, his favorability for Ayra was high: 45.
“Ah, please come in.
Janus’s client! Are you here to make a request?”

     “No, I didn’t come here to make a request.
Is Janus here by any chance?”

     As soon as Ayra mentioned Janus, the mercenaries’ curious gazes swarmed to their conversation.
Nadal answered with a broad smile, “Nope, he’s not here.
Why are you searching for him?”

     “It seems that the work I’ve commissioned him for has been completed, but he’s suddenly disappeared without a word.
I just wanted to confirm that with him.”

     At Ayra’s words, Nadal nodded his head with a very understanding look.
The mercenary spoke cautiously, “Ahhh, Janus is…like that.”

      “He’s totally unpredictable and capricious.”

     “That bastard has good skills and sells them for cheap, but he has *that* kind of personality.
He doesn’t get requests often, since he often does as he pleases.”

      Nadal had only spoken a little, but voices from all over the office chimed in to help.
Listening to them all, Ayra awkwardly protested–after all, he had received help from the other mercenary.
“Still, he’s a good person…”

      As the young lord tried to take Janus’s side, giggles and chuckles poured out from every corner.
It seemed like the other mercenaries were laughing, considering his words funny nonsense; Ayra raised his eyebrows.

     “Hehe, Janus? A good guy?”

     “That’s right.
He’s a good enough person.
He’s good but…yeah.”

     “I don’t think I’d be able to call him a good guy even if he raised me from death.”

     After saying that, the meaningful gazes glanced over at Ayra and grinned.
Anyways, it seemed like Janus was definitely not here; Ayra left the mercenary’s office with a slightly uncomfortable heart.


TL: Sorry for the late chapter >.<
I’ll upload more later~ I’m a bit busy today!

However, PROGRESS! Affection stat was opened! I never want this power tbh–I don’t wanna know how much people do or do not like me >.<

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