e womb dry on your heads yet.
I’ve come here after living to see my granddaughter and grandson.’

     ‘Be quiet, little ones.
This master 4 has seen over 300 years pass by.’

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     ‘What a fucking mess.
If one’s born again, then the number of years you’ve lived should need to start accumulating again.’

     ‘You punk, don’t speak informally to your elders.’

     ‘You want to fight right now?’

     Amidst the childish magicians who insisted that their adult age should garner them esteem, Ayra remained calmly silent.

     In reality, none of these people were given any special destinies.
The reason why so many reincarnators and transmigrators crowded there was because an insane dragon must have poked a hole through the dimensional wall.5 To summarize, a considerable number of these now-mages and Ayra passed through that dimensional hole.

     As there was an overflow of transmigrated or reincarnated people in this world, traces of different dimensions could be found here and there.
It was clear that even this city’s name, “Labyrinth” was named by a reincarnator or transmigrator.

     In that respect, the status window in front of Ayra wasn’t entirely incomprehensible or out of place.

     The transparent pebble that had been continuously flashing ‘Hi,’ like an electronic panel or the status window floating beside Shinjae’s, my comrade’s, head had clearly adopted some cultural elements that could be found on Earth.
However, he had no idea why these things had appeared.
Ayra grabbed his throbbing head and traced his scattered memories.


     The city of magicians–literally a labyrinth.
It was a notorious place where it was rumored that those who entered would never leave again, but the city was like paradise on earth for magicians.
Ayra shared those opinions; he had lived there for over 20 years (ever since he was six years old).

     Had it not been for the urgent news that all of his family members died in a wagon accident, he would have lived there until he died.

     Upon hearing the news that was like a bolt from the blue, Ayra stopped his research in a hurry and ran off to his estate with his classmate, Shinjae.
Since they were his second family, and further he had been separated from his family for so long, Ayra thought that his grief wouldn’t be so consuming.
Was it a subconscious shock? Throughout the funeral, his condition worsened, and he collapsed on the last day of the ceremony while watching over the family tomb’s construction.

     And then, after waking up, he was met with an abnormal phenomenon.

     “As soon as the funeral finished, you collapsed and fell deathly ill.” Shinjae, worried, put his hand on Ayra’s forehead and was reassured that the fever had finally gone down.
Ayra sat up with a hoarse moan; the strange thing on his chest rolled down and started floating in the air like a soap bubble.

     Shinjae, pointing with a finger, asked, “By the way, what’s that?”

     Ayra had wondered if it was some apparition that only his eyes could see, but if Shinje could also perceive it–it must be more real than an apparition.
‘WoW’ was emblazoned over the body of the unidentified object; Shinje was curious at the unfamiliar symbols he had never seen before.

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     Ayra glanced quickly at the status window that still floated by his head.
In that short time, he quickly made a decision and began to speak calmly, “It’s an artificial spirit I made as an experiment.”

     “Now that you say it, the craftsmanship–how round it is…even the way magic is interwoven in its make is totally your style.”

     At Shinje’s words, Ayra looked closely at the spirit’s body floating in front of him.
Those words were definitely true.
The appearance was to his taste, and the interwoven magic method was similar to his crafting style.
And the way it used English such as ‘Hi’ or ‘WoW.’ Wasn’t the status window UI (user interface) the same as the game he checked 365 days a year without fail in his previous life?

     However, no matter how hard he thought, Ayra had no memories of making this thing? Ayra held his throbbing forehead.
Even if he tried to retrace his memories, all that was there were vaguely negative recollections that were painful, tiresome, disgusting, unpleasant, and despairing…

     At that moment, a new window appeared in front of him.

Hello Master.
Pleased to meet you! ^o^ 6

I am the cute GM spirit who will help with Master’s overflowing dreams: and .
I’m very happy to be with Master from now on.

First, could you please give me a name before we begin?

  Enter name ____________ 

     What’s this? An introduction screen…that wouldn’t seem out of place…if this were  a video game?


TL: I’m here with another game (ish) novel! If you check my other novels, you can probably see that these are my guilty pleasures.
Thanks for joining me! I’m planning on releasing a lot of chapters at first and then evening out the schedule as I go.

Also: Janus Rehzedt — I had a horrible time choosing how to romanize this.

Some choice suggestions from the translator chat: Janus Rejected/Janus Lecher.


  홍염 actually is Solar prominence (aka red gaseous explosions into the solar corona) but solar flare is more layman.  뒈진다 = informal way of saying “die”  Hyung = what younger dudes call older dudes.
It means “brother” but the two don’t have to be related.
Often used to show intimacy and respect.
-nim is a suffix used to show respect.
Hyung-nim, therefore, is a pretty formal way to show an older guy respect.  본좌 = A word used on the Internet to elevate oneself.
You can think of it as the Korean version of the Chinese saying ‘this laoshi’  This could mean an actual dragon, or, in line with folklore, a god.  This thing is unfalteringly polite 

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